AirPods are a hot commodity among iPhone users these days. In fact, they’re so popular that Apple can’t even keep up with the incredible demand they’re receiving from consumers.

That aside, users will soon have the ability to use their jailbreak to customize the way their AirPods work. iOS developer LaughingQuoll is currently working on a new jailbreak tweak called Siliqua that’s specifically designed for using your AirPods in a bevy of new ways.

At this point in time, Siliqua lets you change what happens when you tap on your AirPods while they’re in your ear. The following gestures and actions are supported:

  • Double-tap on either of your AirPods to skip to the next song
  • Quadruple-tap on either of your AirPods to pause/play your music

Siliqua adds a preferences pane to the Settings app where the tweak and its duo of new gestures can be toggled on or off on demand (check out the detail in the Siliqua settings icon too):

While the feature set may seem limited at this point in time, that’s because the tweak is currently in its early beta stages. In the near future, you can expect more features to be added. Rapid update releases should bring a bevy of new features to Siliqua before it comes out of beta, including the following:

  • Assign Activator actions to AirPods
  • Assign multiple actions to a single AirPods gesture
  • View distance meter along with other AirPods information in Control Center
  • Add more action options for double-tap gestures
    • Shuffling music
    • Rewinding song
    • Restart song
    • Skip 15 seconds
  • Enable successive double-tap gesture for performing one action after another

It’s worth noting that Siliqua will work with a number of Bluetooth audio devices, so long as they have a dedicated Siri button, but not all are supported and it works best with Apple’s AirPods. Moreover, the tweak works on both jailbroken iOS 9 or 10 devices.

Siliqua is a free download from LaughingQuoll’s beta repository at this point in time. To grab it, and to stay up to date with the latest betas up until its final release, you can add the following repository to Cydia:

When it’s out of beta, you’ll be able to look for it in Cydia’s BigBoss repository. Fortunately, the tweak is expected to remain free following its official release. Moreover, Siliqua will be made open source on GitHub when the final release is pushed to Cydia.

Are you excited to use your jailbreak to customize the way your AirPods work? Share in the comments below!

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    The last paragraphs sound like you made this tweak!

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    Share in the comments below!

    Shouldn’t it be “Share in the comments section below!”?

    • Timothy

      Both are English.

  • jailbreaker99

    This tweak sounds really useful. If this will work on more than just airpods I can use it for those Bluetooth one ear headphones as well. In addition, I think this is exactly what the guys wanted a couple of weeks ago on let’s talk ios.

  • William Melendez

    Developers like these earn respect. Definitely donating for his hard work. And this ladies and gentlemen why jailbake community is awesome! Been waiting for something like this since I jail broke iPhone 7 plus !

    • andrei endriu

      Is it stable did you have any problems . I can’t wait anymore I’m thinking to use Yalu for i7 10.1.1….

  • JR

    Just the fact that this is a possibility points to Apple themselves being able to push an update to bring extra functionality. How ever I highly doubt that will happen any time soon if at all with gen 1

  • Chang in Charge

    Having the ability to have different gestures for the left and right airpod was the first thing i thought of as soon as I started using the airpods. Really wish I was jailbroken right now.

    • Steve Jobs

      It’s what I originally had in mind, but turns out it’s impossible because of the way Apple made the software for the AirPods. No information is sent in regard to which AirPod was tapped as well as how many times it was tapped. The best that can be done until Apple manually changes things is to add a buffer when you double-tap so the phone can wait for another double-tap to turn it into a quadruple-tap. Your best bet is to email Apple’s engineering team or send feature feedback on their site.

  • Nathan Peterson

    I’d love to be able to turn up the volume with a double tap and turn down the volume with a triple tap or something.

  • Can do the same thing in Xcode if you know how to code it. Of course sideloading has its own complications. Still, Apple can easily add these features and more but they’ll wait for gen 2 like others have said. Sadly they could do it right now with a simple firmware update.

  • ravi

    Apart from gestures & actions, “If in case Airpods has capability to work as Hearing aid”, can we enable real-time audio processing of outside sound from its microphone to the headphone speaker and also give microphone a boost if necessary. Because the sound quality of Airpods is great.