At iDB we strive to offer a comprehensive and deep catalogue of tutorials for readers of all skill levels, which is the reason why a brief workshop on pairing your wireless earbuds or external Bluetooth speakers is still in order. If you are already well-versed in this procedure, more power to you. You can probably sit this exercise out.

However if you are new to Apple Watch or have recently managed to grab your first cord free headset, these are the steps that get you ready to jam out to the music stored right on your wrist:

How to pair your Bluetooth headphones or external speaker with your Apple Watch

1) Get your Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker in range and make sure they can be discovered by other devices.

2) Click your Digital Crown and open Settings on your watch.

Settings app on Watch

3) Inside Settings, tap Bluetooth.

Bluetooth settings on watch

4) When your headset or speaker is switched on and set to be paired, it is going to show up in the list of Bluetooth devices reading Not Paired. Devices already registered with your watch will say Not Connected. Touch the new device once to pair.

Tap device to pair with watch

5) Both Apple Watch and your device will start communicating and link up. When successful, the text field will shift from Not Paired to Connected.

You’re good to go!

Bluetooth device connected with Apple Watch

Note that in the future, you do not have to return to the Bluetooth settings every time you pick up your wireless headset again. If your device has been paired with Apple Watch before, you simply switch it on and initiate the music on your watch. Just before the selected track starts rolling, a pretty straightforward pop-up is going to ask you to select a device from your list of previously paired speakers. Click the desired gadget and the connection is going to be re-established:

Choose which bluetooth device to stream music to

And that’s a wrap! If you are uncertain about the technicalities in sending music over to your watch, take a minute to learn all about it.

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    …your Digital Crown…


  • Cerberus The Wise

    They really need to improve the bluetooth connectivity on the Apple Watch because it is just so awful right now. I try with my speakers and earbuds on many occasions and it always fails to connect. I sometimes have to go back in settings, forget the device, and even then it still doesn’t reconnect. My last resort is usually to just restart the watch, but it has such a painfully slow boot time of about a minute and a half… I even upgraded to the latest watchOS betas to see if they’re fixed and they’re not… This almost completely kills the practicality of using bluetooth anything. Apple really needs to clamp down on this and make any non W1 chip enabled devices actually usable.

    • Gary

      I have been trying for weeks to pair my apple watch2 to several different bluetooth speakers and a bluetooth earbud. I tried most of the suggestions listed hear and elsewhere. I always got a message indicating I should either move the bluetooth speaker or earbuds closer to the apple watch or make sure it was turned on in discoverable mode.

      I finally found an answer:

      Without deleting anything, un-pairing anything or doing any of the many other suggestions.

      I put my apple watch in airplane mode by swiping up on the apple watch screen and selecting the airplane icon.

      I then started the bluetooth device in discoverable mode, then on the apple watch went to setttings>bluetooth and turned on the bluetooth.

      When the bluetooth device appeared on the apple phone bluetooth screen I selected it and voila it paired.

      I then took the apple watch off airplane mode. It then paired w/o putting the apple watch in airplane mode..

      This method worked with all of my bluetooth devices.

      I hope this helps others..

  • Blip dude

    Great, just learned that in addition to crappy Bluetooth issues on my iPhone, now the watch also has them as well -_-.

  • I can’t pair my Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 2.0s with the Apple Watch, it always says “could not pair, make sure the device is turned on and in paring mode”