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Super Mario Run has cleared fifty million downloads in only seven days following its December 15 debut on the App Store, Nintendo Japan announced on Twitter Friday. In celebration of the latest achievement, Nintendo is giving all Super Mario Run players ten Rally Tickets for free.

Nintendo advises us to use the free tickets to “enjoy all the fun of the Toad Rally mode”.

If you’d rather not spend the tickets on Toad Rallies, you should try out the newly added Friendly Run mode which lets you challenge friends to a Friendly Run without using Rally Tickets or worrying about losing toads in your Kingdom. On the downside, coins, toads and the number of enemies defeated don’t increase in this mode.

Super Mario Run 50 million downloads iPhone screenshot 001

You will be promoted within the game when your free Rally Tickets are available.

You will need to restart the game when you receive your gift, according to the in-game prompt. Just tap the Gift Box in your Kingdom to unwrap and claim your gift when it becomes available. If you don’t see your free tickets yet, force-quitting then re-launching the game should do the trick.

Super Mario Run free Rally Tickets gift iPhone screenshot 001

Nintendo says Super Mario Run is officially “the fastest in App Store history” to hit fifty million downloads. The game dominates App Store charts in 140 different countries.

Just two days ago, the game passed 40 million downloads and gained the aforementioned Friendly Run mode and a few other perks.

What’s unclear is how much revenue Nintendo has made so far from the game and how many people actually purchased the full $9.99 game upgrade. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out what Super Mario Run would look like as a free-to-play game.

Source: Nintendo Japan

  • Dilir Daiyan Aranna


  • White nigga from the 6

    Still don’t want it for 10$

  • Steve Harold

    I’d pay 3 bucks.

  • ck125

    I see them trying to tie onto the Mario hype, but for essentially a rebranded temple run, not worth $10 IMO.

  • Rowan09

    I’m sorry but Nintendo is one of the dumbest companies of late. First they actually thought they could compete with the PS4 and Xbox One price wise and the same customer base, they still won’t release an official Mario game for another platform (imagine Mario All-Stars on IOS/Android) and they are messing up with the NES Classic availability. The CEO should be fired because he’s not paying attention to what’s going on.

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    Well, again, make it a 4.99$ game and I’m sold, actually most people will be

  • SohrabR

    50 million downloads. Even if 10% paid they have a revenue of 35 million for Nintendo and 15 for apple. I say they are satisfied. If you complain about the 10 bugs you’re probably not their target. however I think more than 10% paid. Also they follow a top down price strategy where they know a large group of people are willing to pay the 10 usd dollar so they take a higher margin now and in 3-6 months they’ll drop the price and take your money as well. Stop complaining.