Apple stops signing iOS 10.1.1

By , Dec 20, 2016

iOS 10-1-1 firmware

Apple has stopped signing iOS 10.1 and 10.1.1 on Tuesday in a move that’s sure to choke the jailbreak community a little bit further. It’s typical of Apple to follow this kind of behavior after a new firmware release, so it’s not surprising this would happen as iOS 10.2 was released just over a week ago.

With the firmware no longer being signed, downgrades to iOS 10.1.1 are currently no longer possible, so if you’ve upgraded to iOS 10.2 recently or need to do a fresh restore of iOS 10.1.1 in iTunes, then you’re out of luck.

Anyone who’s been following the recent jailbreak hubbub knows iOS 10.2 is quite secure in comparison to iOS 10.1.x, as indicated by iOS hacker Luca Todesco in recent Tweets.

Rumors have been circulating that an iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak is imminent, however there have not yet been any leads on who will be releasing such a jailbreak or when it may see the light.

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As a result of these rumors, it was advised throughout the past week that avid jailbreakers make the hard decision between keeping their iOS 9 jailbreak or upgrading to iOS 10.1.1 in the hopes of a future jailbreak release. Many did make the faithful jump, but now many others are forced to stay at iOS 9 if they want to keep their jailbreaks.

We also shared a way to downgrade from iOS 10.2 to iOS 10.1.1 when it was still possible to prepare for a possible jailbreak release, but because of Apple no longer signing iOS 10.1.1 as of today, it can no longer be accomplished.

Fortunately, a new solution regarding .shsh2 blobs might hold the key to future firmware downgrades, whether Apple is signing the firmware or not. The tool that lets you save them is up and running, however there’s not yet a way to utilize them at this point in time. An upcoming tool dubbed Promethius may be the key to working this kind of magic on your iOS devices, but it’s not out yet.

The likelihood that iOS 10.2 will be jailbroken along with iOS 10.1.1 isn’t very high, but even it were, Apple is already working on iOS 10.2.1 and future firmware versions, which would likely thwart additional efforts with additional security fixes.

Hopefully everyone that was anticipating an iOS 10 jailbreak jumped aboard the iOS 10.1.1 ship while they had the chance, because that’s appearing to be the best hope for a jailbreak on iOS 10 right now.

If you missed your chance… well, better luck next time!

Were you able to downgrade or upgrade to iOS 10.1.1 in time before Apple stopped signing it? Share in the comments below!

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  • Nathan

    I’m hoping the jailbreak tool (with the 10.1.x exploit) is released sometime around Christmas.

  • Troy

    Fuck…no jailbreak for me

  • Scott Curry

    Is this really a surprise? You think Apple doesn’t know how to read tweets or articles about JB’ing?

    • I don’t see what’s so surprising about it, as Apple always closes signing windows some time after a new iOS release.

      • Scott Curry

        There’s nothing surprising about it. That’s my point.

      • I don’t remember calling it surprising, that’s MY point. lol

      • Scott Curry

        lol no YOU didn’t. But watch as the comments start rolling in….

      • Inevitable! lol

      • Bill

        Like yours? lol

    • nonchalont

      You know Apple has employees that read idb & other blog sites. That’s how apples knows about bad apps (or emulator apps) in the App Store and they remove them quickly.

      ….ps. I miss my jailbreak. I miss “SwipeSelection.”

  • mandocan

    what the hell is jailbtreak?

    • Where do you see that in the post?

      • mandocan

        The thread is all about jailbreak.

      • :D

        He thinks you were saying that a typo was made in the article

      • It’s about “jailbreak” yes, but you said “jailbtreak,” so I thought you were pointing out some kind of typo.

      • Diego Milano

        Unless we were jailtricked.

      • :D

        He was either just pretending he doesn’t know as a joke or he really doesn’t know
        He made a typo in the process

      • Ah i see. Anthony and I were just reading the post over and over again, using Control F to figure out what the problem was.

  • Daniel Moura

    uff I got 10.1.1 on time 😀 but cudnt save blobs…
    no jailbreak 🙁 why its taking to long?
    maybe they manage to jailbreak the iOS 10.2.1 beta 2

    • Scott Curry

      Maybe you should pick up a dictionary every now and then…

      • Newgunnerr

        Who even reads books anymore

      • Digitalfeind

        Literate people.

      • Diego Milano

        Judging by what one gets to read, nobody.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        what the hell are books?!

    • Diego Milano

      Make sure you don’t upgrade and stay on iOS 10.1.1 for as long as you can, unless there’s any new light shed for newer firmwares.

  • exintrovert

    Well son-of-a-diddly. I have a 7 coming in the mail I planned to downgrade asap. Fingers crossed 10.2 JB comes. Sigh.

    • pegger1

      You probably won’t even have 10.2 on it.

    • Husam Hamed

      Let’s hope it comes with 10.1.1 preinstalled

    • Diego Milano

      When did you buy it? I think you may be safe though; make sure you don’t upgrade it when you plug it to the Internet. Most likely the next jailbreak will work for any iOS 10 version below 10.2.

  • Rick Hart

    Got the blobs just in time! Could never get the 14b150 build to work manually through terminal. But I did get them though 1conan

  • Scott Curry

    So many people forgetting that just as much as there’s a chance for a 10.1.x jailbreak, there’s also a chance that you will be able to load unsigned iOS builds…

    • Diego Milano

      Or not.

  • Javiers

    Would I be able to restore from back up and keep iOS 10.1.1?

    • 7000rpm

      Not possible to downgrade whatsoever at this point, mate.

    • Firedomain

      If you are already on 10.1.1 then yes, you can restore a backup without updating iOS.

      • Johnson Noel

        so wait, we are not able to update manually using a downloaded build. We cant just update offline so apple doesn’t force you to get the latest firmware?

      • pegger1

        Whether you’re updating directly from Apple or using a downloaded build, you can only ever install a build that’s currently being signed by Apple.

      • Firedomain

        Nope, you can use a downloaded ipsw but you can only restore firmware that your currently on or that’s signed by Apple. Offline restore isn’t possible. There use to be a way to build custom firmware using shsh blobs that let you restore to any iOS version, but Apple patched that with hardware changes in the 4S.

    • :D


    • pegger1

      Yes, as long as it wasn’t a 10.2 backup.

  • Jayy

    Looks like I’ll never be Jailbroken on iOS 10 or ever be on iOS 10. Getting rid of my unthethered Jailbreak because of anticipation is just something I can’t do!

    • Newgunnerr

      Good. Wish i still had 9.3.3

      • Jayy

        I’m actually on 9.0.2 I didn’t want to update to 9.3.3

      • Diego Milano

        Ah, the semitethered works like a charm, no need for any computer to run it, even after restarting the device.

      • Jayy

        I was going to but that the time I didn’t want to deal with profile certificates ect that at the time were expiring like once a week.

      • Diego Milano

        Yeah, that was discouraging. I think I did it only cause Pangu was using the original enterprise certificates still; now we don’t need any of it with the latest JailbreakMe.
        And now we have these unsigned iOS firmwares we have to deal with; it’s truly discouraging the more time goes by, honestly. Hackers should focus more on bypassing or tricking the signing process with the same or similar effort as they hack into iOS to develop the jailbreaks, otherwise there’s a significant amount of people that are left out because of it.

      • Jayy

        Yeah I miss the simpler times, jailbreaking isn’t dying it’s just that people don’t feel like jumping through hoops to get a jailbreak.

      • Bill

        Still easier than trying to root any HTC device using a Mac lol. We have it pretty good.

      • Jayy

        Lol you have a point.

      • askep3

        And the hoops are getting smaller

      • pegger1

        I’m still jailbroken on 8.4.
        I was on holidays when all the 9 stuff went down. So I missed that window lol

      • Jayy

        Lol it happens!

    • Diego Milano

      Untethered or SEMItethered?

    • Jon20

      Im with you. I’m JB on 9.0.2 and I was debating on moving up to iOS 10 but some of these methods for the new JB looked a little sketchy and over my head so I didn’t want to take a chance and lose a reasonably stable JB. The only way I will update is if I get AirPods for Christmas since it only works in iOS 10 from what I understand.

      • Jayy

        Exactly, if I were to get a Apple Watch for Christmas only then would I consider updating lol. Being untethered is the way to go!

  • 电天堂

    omg i was just restoring my phone to ios 10.1.1 and the error occured so i quickly opened iDB to see if Apple stopped signing and they did OMFG FML

    • Diego Milano
    • :D

      At least you saved the blobs, right?

  • Firedomain

    It was a sad sad day when I updated my iPad to iOS 10… already missing my jailbreak… & the next day I saw the Prometheus news 🙁 on top of that I had to update my iPhone when my replacement watch had WatchOS 3 on it which required iOS 10! I’m now jailbreak free for the 1st time in my iOS life! :'( fingers crossed I don’t have to wait too long…

    • Diego Milano

      Ready for rehab?

    • burge

      I’ve been jailbreak free for around 18 months and at no point have I regretted it. Up until then every device I had got jailbroken. I don’t know why I just stopped I just did.

      • Firedomain

        I do find myself missing it less on iOS 10, but I do miss a couple of little things like themes & swipeselect…

      • burge

        Themes are only eye candy. If you not using tweaks or something that make everyday use better is just not worth it.

      • Firedomain

        I love eye candy! Lol

  • Keep 10.0.3 and see what happens

  • Diego Milano

    Damn! I saved mines for iOS 10.1.1 but I’m not sure if they may help cause I’m not sure it got the nonce thingy (whatever that is).

  • Diego Milano

    Stay on iOS 10.0.3.

  • David Nowicki

    WTF, no iPhone for me then. Was gonna purchase an iPhone 7 Plus outright with part of my Christmas bonus. But with this news of no downgrading a new iPhone now, looks like I missed the boat.

    This whole Jailbreak stuff with iPhone’s is alien to me, so strange the way it goes.

    I’m a Nexus guy, always root and ROM Android phones. They never have weird stuff like this, neededing to downgrade and only having a short 2 week period to do so, otherwise you miss out, WTF that’s strange. And then never knowing if or when a JB may possibly maybe might come out some time.

    Guess I’m sticking with my Nexus 6P, and will have to pick up a Pixel XL now.

    • Firedomain

      Downgrading has been impossible for ages (years?). Apple runs a tight ship with their security which is why jailbreaks are spread out (& quickly patched). I believe android is a much more open system making it easier to root.

    • mickey

      Always a chance the phone doesn’t have 10.2 installed if it’s already on shelves.

      • David Nowicki

        Sweet, is there a way to tell ? Like before the T-Mobile rep gives me the phone, make sure they don’t run any updates on it ?

        What would a new iPhone 7 Plus bought this week have preinstalled ?

      • mickey

        I’m guessing there’s a good chance it won’t have 10.2 since it’s only been out a week. The phone on the shelf would literally need to have been made in the past week. I don’t think there’s a way to tell without opening the box except maybe for deciphering the serial to see when the phone was manufactured.

      • Just go to Settings → General → About when you get the phone to confirm it’s not on iOS 10.2. Request that they do not update any software when they take it out of the box. If they say it’s a store policy to update, threaten to take your business elsewhere.

  • fatursayid

    less 2 week to close that, apple know jailbreak would be release

  • Francesco Suarez

    Thanks for the shsh2 saved 🙂

  • RafaelMelo

    I stayed at 9.0.2, but saved my Shsh2 blobs

  • igobythisname

    “If you missed your chance… well, better luck next time!”

  • Joey

    The iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak that never was.

  • White Michael Jackson

    Welp. 9.0.2 for the long haul.

  • Johnny

    I downgraded straight after work yesterday
    Success with my ipad pro iphone 6s and SE

  • iltas

    So iOS 10.1.1window gone wat abut jb releasing date any latest news plz

  • Harry

    Jailbreak is gone

  • Favna

    iPhone 7+ owner and I’m faithfully sticking on 10.1.1 for now.. Sure 10.2 gives some nice additions but still… jailbreak *-*

  • Johnson Noel

    What makes jailbreak a must for you guys? And don’t say themes.
    For me it was the convenience of having tweaks like
    *Activator -mostly used to map shortcuts for music without pulling the phone out of my pocket.
    *YouTube tweak – for saving videos online and a ton of other functions.
    *File manager- for access to files
    *Action Menu- for additional copy/paste functions
    *A few other small tweaks

    • Francesco Suarez

      F.lux man …

      • askep3

        But night shift

      • Arjan Vlek

        But Night Shift does not support 32-bit devices!

    • Rick Hart

      Swipe selection and TetherMe is a must since i won’t sell out of my unlimited data

    • Bugs Bunnay

      changing that plain ass white battery to blue (or any color of your choice) and showing it off to people.

  • Corey B

    No I wasn’t able to. Got the IP7+ and on a beta with the 6S+ And forced to go to 10.2. So hopefully 10.2 is there other wise I’m screwed

  • 5723alex .

    Yes, security…

  • Diego Milano

    Surely there must be, however whether those justify you to jump into a non-jailbreakable iOS version or not is debatable; some of those include bug and security fixes, as well as more iMessage gimmicks and better emoji support with Unicode 9.

  • What if I am on 10.1.1 and I want to RESTORE the phone via “Phone Settings” mode or via iTunes, will I still be able to get back to 10.1.1 or it will already force me to update to latest firmware because “Apple stops signing iOS 10.1.1”. (Sorry for this newbie question tho!)

    • askep3

      When you restore it downloads the latest update and then updates your phone along with wiping it.
      I’m pretty sure even if you restore to a backup it updates and restores the data from the it.

  • nvog

    I took the leap of faith and left 9.0.2 jb for 10.1.1 ios in view of recent rumors.

    Just hoping I won’t regret it….

    Come on, someone from China or Italy or elsewhere !!!!!

  • Macy Palacio

    still at 8.3 jb

  • Corey B

    Been on beta with my 6s+. When I got the 7 I had to start as a refresh or update to beta to get everything over. Praying to the gods 10.2 can be done because I tried hard to fresh start and sync up and lost everything.

    If I knew what I knew now I would of said screw it