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Nearly two months since it began testing iOS 10.2 with its registered developers, Apple today released the software update for public consumption. To update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to iOS 10.2, go to Settings → General → Software Update. iOS 10.2 has a build number “14C92” and is recommended for all users. Also released today: tvOS 10.1 for Apple TV with the new “TV” app and support for Single Sign-On, plus watchOS 3.1.1 for Apple Watch owners with 100+ new Unicode 9.0 emoji and the ability to change emoji skin tone.

iOS 10.2 brings out more than two-dozen new features, including new wallpapers, widgets and emoji, Apple’s dedicated channel guide app, the Emergency SOS feature from the Apple Watch, the option to preserve camera settings, a pair of brand new screen effects for Messages and much more.

As a commenter pointed out, the public release of iOS 10.2 comes with the exact same “14C92” build number of the last 10.2 public beta. Needless to say, folks who are jailbroken are wholeheartedly recommended to hold off upgrading to iOS 10.2 until we have more information on the update.

How to install iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad

You can install iOS 10.2 over the air in Settings → General → Software Update on your device or via iTunes: connect your device to a computer via a USB cable, launch desktop iTunes and select the device, click the Summary tab, then click Check for Update.

You can also download the full iOS 10.2 installer through our Downloads webpage or, if you’re enrolled in the Apple Developer Program, via Apple’s portal for developers.

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Here’s a quick rundown on the changes in iOS 10.2.

What’s new in iOS 10.2


  • 3 new droplets wallpapers for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Bluetooth headphones and other wireless audio devices now display a headphone icon in the iOS status bar.
  • Unicode 9.0 emoji, such as clown face, drooling face, selfie, face palm, fox face, owl, shark, butterfly, avocado, pancakes, croissant and more. There are also profession emoji in male and female genders like firefighter, mechanic, lawyer, doctor, scientist and others. There are 100+ new emoji to choose from and some of the older emoji have been redrawn in Apple’s new style.
  • Emergency SOS feature from Apple Watch can now be invoked when the Power button is pressed five times in a quick succession. You can set up or disable Emergency SOS, choose your emergency contacts and adjust other features like the countdown sound in Settings → General → Emergency SOS. A new splash screen in iOS 10.2’s Health app reminds you to pick your emergency contacts. The feature works in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, UK and US.
  • Smoother animations throughout iOS, but still not 100 percent perfect.


  • “Preserve Settings” section in Settings → Photos & Camera for remembering the last-used Camera Mode, Photo Filter or Live Photo setting. The last option prompts Camera to remember your last-used Live Photo mode rather than automatically reset to Live Photo turned on, like before.


  • “Love” and “Celebration” fullscreen effects in Messages.
  • Quick Reply text is now saved. This lets you start typing a message in the Quick Reply interface and continue right where you left off after launching the full Messages app.
  • “Show Contact Photos” in Settings → Messages, when disabled, now also removes profile images from the top of conversation threads. Previously, this toggle removed contact photos from Messages’ main conversation view only.


  • Music app has more prominent Shuffle and Repeat buttons.
  • “Show Star Ratings” section in Settings → Music to turn on displaying your star ratings in the action sheets within the Music app. When this is on, you can also rate a song by pressing it in Music with 3D Touch.
  • Sorting options for your music have been removed from Settings → Music because they’re now accessible directly in the Music app. Options to sort playlists by Type, Title or Recently Added can now be found in Music as well.

Notification Center

  • Notification Center now remembers the place where you left off, including your position on the widgets screen. This lets you jump directly to your favorite widgets when invoking Notification Center from the Lock/Home screen.

Single Sign-On

  • Single Sign-On support in Settings → TV Provider.


  • “Press and Hold to Speak” section in Settings → General → Accessibility → Home Button to disable or replace Siri with Voice Control when holding the Home button. When enabling Siri from a disabled state, a new splash screen pops up.

TV app

  • “TV”, Apple’s new channel guide app, lets you see your TV subscriptions along with iTunes purchases and rentals in one convenient place. The app supports Single Sign-On and Siri Live Tune-In and features a built-in store to discover new releases, premium movies and popular TV shows.
  • “TV“ widget for the TV app.
  • Videos app and its accompanying widget have been removed.

It’s worth mentioning that iOS 10.2’s new emoji are available on macOS 10.12.2 and watchOS 3.1.1 as well. And with the new “Celebration” and “Love” screen effects in Messages, you’re all set to spice up your messaging game even more than before.

iOS 10.2 Messages Celebration screen effect iPhone screenshot 001

Apple’s release notes

Here are full iOS 10.2 release notes from Apple:

iOS 10.2 introduces new features including the TV app (US Only), a new and unified experience for accessing your TV shows and movies across multiple video apps. Emoji have been beautifully redesigned to reveal even more detail and over 100 new emoji have been added including new faces, food, animals, sports, and professions. This update also includes stability improvements and bug fixes.


  • Use Up Next to see the movies and shows you’re currently watching and pick up where you left off
  • Get recommendations for new movies and TV shows in Watch Now
  • Discover new apps and the latest iTunes releases in the Store
  • Access the Library for your iTunes purchases and rentals


  • Beautifully redesigned emoji that reveal even more detail
  • Over 100 new emoji including new faces, food, animals, sports, and professions


  • Improves stabilization and delivers faster frame rate for Live Photos
  • Improves accuracy of groupings of similar photos of the same person in the People album
  • Fixes an issue where Memories might generate a memory from photos of screenshots, whiteboards or receipts
  • Fixes an issue where the camera would stay zoomed in after switching back from the Camera Roll on iPhone 7 Plus
  • Additional support for RAW digital cameras


  • Adds new love and celebration full screen effects in Messages
  • Fixes an issue that sometimes prevented the keyboard from displaying in Messages


  • Swipe up the Now Playing screen to more easily access Shuffle, Repeat and Up Next
  • Choose how to sort Playlists, Albums, and Songs in Library


  • Stories you’ve saved for later now appear the new Saved section
  • The best paid stories from channels you subscribe to will now appear in a dedicated section in For You
  • It’s now easier than ever to get to the next story, just swipe left or tap Next Story while reading


  • Fixes an issue that caused the Move sheet to persist after filing a Mail message
  • Addresses an issue with long press activating copy and paste in Mail
  • Fixes an issue in which the wrong message would be selected after deleting a Mail conversation


  • Adds BraillePen14 support to VoiceOver
  • Fixes an issue where the braille table could switch unexpectedly with VoiceOver
  • Fixes an issue where sometimes Siri enhanced voices were unavailable to VoiceOver
  • Fixes an issue where VoiceOver users could not re-order items in lists
  • Fixes an issue where Switch Control was sometimes unable to delete Voicemails

Other improvements and fixes

  • Adds notification support for HomeKit accessories including window coverings, occupancy, motion, door/window, smoke, carbon monoxide, and water leak sensors
  • Adds notification support for HomeKit accessories when software updates are available to HomeKit accessories
  • Improves Bluetooth performance and connectivity with 3rd party accessories
  • Fixes an issue that could cause FaceTime participants to appear out of focus
  • Fixes an issue that could cause FaceTime calls to appear with incorrect aspect ratio and orientation
  • Fixes an issue that prevented some Visual Voicemail from completing playback
  • Fixes a Safari Reader issue that could cause articles to open as empty pages
  • Fixes an issue that could cause Safari to quit unexpectedly after marking an item as read in Reading List

Apple’s support document details all the bug fixes and security patches in iOS 10.2.

What’s your favorite new feature in iOS 10.2?

As you can see from our laundry list of new features, enhancements and improvements, iOS 10.2 looks to be another feature-packed release for Apple following iOS 10.1’s release on October 24.

What’s your favorite new feature in iOS 10.2, and why? Are you jailbroken or not and will you be upgrading your iOS hardware to iOS 10.2?

  • Nathan

    Something worth noting in the article: This is the exact build of the last 10.2 public beta. (14C92 was also public beta number)

    • added, thanks!

    • Wilber Alexander Flores

      So I shouldn’t remove the certificate to get this update?

      • Nathan

        Correct. It should be on your device already if you are on the public beta program.

  • Zack Morris

    not available yet for me. iphone 7 arizona.

    • iltas

      Wait for it it will Av…under 24h

      • Zack Morris

        i checked again, its there.

  • iltas

    Still I have no update
    Can we update use Ota or Must Fresh restore

    • Restore is not necessary. If not appearing in the OTA settings, try rebooting your device or connecting to iTunes to update.

  • Byambaa

    Thats the update, we should avoid as todesco said?

    • If the jailbreak means anything to you, you may want to hold off.

  • Endriu Andrei

    Jailbreak !!

  • DD™

    Now that iOS 10.2 is publicly released, we will find out if there really is an iOS 10.x jailbreak. This is the best time to release if 10.2 is stable and/or patches 10.1.1. We shall see soon I think.

  • Ninja Ass

    I am here singing song for Cydia “hello it’s me I am wating for you to come back to me”

  • Rak S

    Any news on if the battery issues have been resoled? my iPhone 6 has had awful battery life since updating to iOS 10. On occasion, it switches of with anything from 30-75% battery left. It’s a bit of a joke, really.

    • Scott Curry

      I believe they’ve posted many articles about fixes for this behavior…

    • Billy Nealon

      if you have iPhone 6 check if serial number is on free battery replacement list, happened to me.

  • pnh

    Installed this but do not have an Emergency SOS setting under Settings>General.

    • It’s only available in certain markets, as the article states.

      • pnh

        The article states it works in the US which is where I am.

      • John Wickham

        Ditto. It’s not available in the US.

    • DT

      Don’t worry. I don’t have it either and I’m in the US

    • Hektōr

      It’s only available for India at this moment. It’s a governamental requirement.

    • Robert Mathews

      I don’t have it either and I’m in the US. I had it in one of the first betas and then it dissapeared.

  • Hmm how weird, I’ve been on 10.2 since its first beta release but I still have the Videos app and no such mention of TV providers in Settings. Is it location specific?

    • Single Sign-On is U.S. only, that’s why you don’t have TV Providers in Settings

      • Ahh that would make sense. Thanks!

      • Wilber Alexander Flores

        The USA gets everything first

      • Y2J: Keeper of the List

        It’s a US company…

      • Wilber Alexander Flores


  • Samuel L. Jackson

    Anddddddddddd now we await word from Pangu…

  • TechnoBuff

    Apple really make it hard for jailbreaking these days…

  • Gethro

    I was running the last developer beta that came out last week I’m not seeing the update. Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing this?

    • liamcarbin

      It’s the same build so you are on the latest

      • Gethro

        Oh aight

  • avd98

    Why did my new TV app transformes itself into the old Videos app? Does anyone know why?

  • avd98

    Can someone please upload the new wallpapers please?

  • JOhn

    Weird home screen behaviour when Reduce Motion is enabled stll isnt fixed for my iPhone 6. Under 10.1 I had to touch the screen multiple times to open a folder or launch an app. Disabling RM fixed that. Problem still exists with 10.2 but now additionally the folder animations look worse when opening and closing different folders one after another when RM is enabled.It really look silly. Anyone else have these issues on the iphone 6+?

    • Anonymouse

      They left that out as a reason to offer it in 10.2.1. should a jailbreak be released, 🙂

  • Andres Torres

    Has anyone had the chance to see if there was an improvement with battery life?

  • Blip dude

    Will wait a few days and then update, if a jailbreak were to be released that isn’t compatible with 10.2 then there should’ve already been some sort of announcement as it would be pointless now to still keep it a secret.

    • Diego Milano

      Well, unless of course the hackers are still working on it, which is possible. I am fairly confident there will be an iOS 10.2 jailbreak though.

  • machdraught

    Do not update if you want your apps to continue functioning! DO NOT UPDATE!!

    • Wilber Alexander Flores


  • Rahimo

    @dujkan:disqus thank you so much for this great article and awesome news! but I’ll ask you the most silly question in the world 😛 “Any news about jailbreak??” hahaha

  • Farid Ahmed

    So no one noticed the new option to show preview option of text message
    2.When Unlocked

    previously it could only be turned on or off

  • M_Hawke

    Favorite feature is Notification Center now remembering where I left off. I hated it always defaulting to notifications. Didn’t want that. Wanted my widgets to be default. Also fixing the bug about the keyboard sometimes not showing in Messages. That was annoying.

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      Yes, your comment matches my scenario…

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    My region and language is set to USA, why do I see Emergency SOS and why don’t I see the TV app?

  • Justin

    Missing the contact photos in messages.. Running an iPhone SE and since I updated to 10.2 the little previews above the messages are gone..
    I also don’t have the option to enable or disable it in the messages settings 🙁
    Does anyone have the same experience so Apple might have killed it on smaller screens ?

  • GrandMasterB

    iPhone 7+ on 10.1 still holding out for a Jailbreak. Any opinions on rather I should stay put on 10.1 or hurry and install 10.1.1 while its still being signed? And if so 10.1.1 14B150 or 14B100? (not sure what the difference is but they are both still being signed.