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As spotlighted by French blog based on Pingie’s discovery, Apple’s latest MacBook Pro no longer plays the classic F-sharp major chime when the computer has been powered on (you can bring it back with a simple Terminal command).

The iconic boot sound’s been part of the Mac since 1999, but Apple’s apparently decided to break with the tradition beginning with the new MacBook Pro, perhaps because it turns on automatically as soon as you open the lid.

Good-bye, boot chime!

Hidden in a tech note for the new MacBook Pro is a death notice of the Mac startup chime. In an excerpt explaining how to reset the new MacBook Pro’s NVRAM, Apple states one should press and hold the Command (⌘)-Option (⌥)-P-R keys immediately after the computer turns on and continue holding them “for at least 20 seconds to ensure that your Mac completes the process correctly”.

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For prior Mac notebooks and desktops, the instructions specifically mention that the keys must be pressed until you hear two startup chimes.

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There’s a reasonable explanation for this

So, why would Apple get rid of the iconic boot chime?

This is pure speculation, but the new Pro turns on automatically when you open the lid without requiring you to press the Power button at the rightmost side of the Touch Bar.

If the MacBook Pro played the familiar startup chime like other Mac notebook and desktop computers have in years past, a mere act of opening the lid would play the boot tone which could get pretty annoying.

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Aside from the boot sound, here are other features missing from the new notebook:

  • There’s no glowing logo on the back of the lid. Instead, the new MacBook Pro gets the same logo inset like the twelve-inch MacBook and iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.
  • MagSafe connector is nowhere to be found because the machine relies on USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports for charging, data, video and other things.

By the way, the new MacBook Pro also turns on automatically when it’s connected to a power source or an external display and the lid happens to be open.

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Are you saddened that Apple seems to be abandoning the Mac’s iconic boot chime?

Source: (Google Translate) via Pingie

  • malhal

    does it still play it if you restart?

  • Rolf Bause

    Great, can this please be an update for every other Mac too? I have to disable it with OnyX – but it turns itself on again, after a security update or sth. similar.

  • Hotrod

    MagSafe RIP

    • :|Alain|:

      more like Mac RIP

    • techfreak23

      Cue the stories of people walking by their laptops that are charging and getting yanked off the desk when they trip over the cable…

  • Jose Rivera

    I’ve encountered times where my current Macs don’t play the boot chime, even with the volume all the way up. I personally can’t be done with that iconic sound. It would’ve been another story had they just changed the sound. That would’ve been cool. A lot of us don’t want that sound to go away.

  • therealjjohnson

    Emotional creatures.

  • techfreak23

    So do they play the same tone when you plug into power like the 12″ MacBook/iOS devices?

    It also doesn’t make any make any sense about why they might have taken out the chime because it always made the noise when you powered on anyway. Unless it also shuts down every time you close the lid, you wouldn’t hear the chime any more times than before so that theory doesn’t quite work out.

  • truth

    i was thinkin so dumb and picayune to remove the chime, but then i saw that they got rid of the stupid light on the back, wich is more than a good trade off. It was real annoyin in a dark room.

    but then i had to rethink how to type this when i realized they got rid of the magsafe. i guess “other thins” means more broken macs?