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A special edition of the Apple Watch Series 2 that Apple has created in partnership with Nike, will be going on sale two weeks from today, on Friday, October 28, according to an updated Apple Watch Nike+ webpage first spotted by French blog WatchGeneration. It’s what I wanted to hear as I’m in the market for the Nike+ edition of the new watch.

Apple has said that the $369 Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ will have the same design, price and hardware features as the regular edition of the smartwatch, with the exception of special fluoroelastomer bands (available in a choice of four colors) that have perforations to reduce weight and improve ventilation.

Advertised as your “perfect running partner,” Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ comes preloaded with Nike’s app which enables an elevated running experience. There are also Nike-branded watch faces and complications.

The Nike app has basic and advanced mode, Siri integration, running reminders every Sunday and invitations to let you know you’re falling behind your workout regime.

Owners of the device will be automatically enrolled in Nike+ Run Club, giving them access to live runs around the world.

Apple’s boss Tim Cook has been a director at Nike since 2005. He is the Lead Independent Director of the Board of Directors of Nike.

Source: WatchGeneration (Google Translate)

  • philip Mills

    I still haven’t had a confirmation email from Apple will I get it

  • askep3

    This seems to be in line with the MacBook announcement date, maybe they will release multiple products at once?

  • At least this time around it’s a cheap watch with special features. I still feel sorry for people who bought the Hermes bands because the only way to upgrade and keep those nice watch faces (which are the best in my opinion) is to buy another Hermes watch. Sadly you can’t get the band once and then get a cheaper watch the next time and reuse your band or you loose all your watch faces.

    At least this way it won’t be ultra expensive to keep your features if you want them.

  • Amid Abdul

    Does that mean that if I preordered it, I’m going to get it on 28th of Oct? It would be important, because its a gift.

  • LivinArealWorld

    Dont plan on running without your iphone. Currently the nike app does not and cannot use the watch’s gps. Out of all the running apps out, ‘Pear’ is the only one that uses the watch’s gps. (Of course apples canned workout app utilizes the gps, but you cannot export that data to anything…aka strava).
    Ive used pear a couple times…after struggling to get it to recognize my sweaty finger tips, Ive sadly went back to using my Garmin with the big red stop/start button. Still like the watch though…wear it for everything but running.

    • nova voter

      really? that seems directly opposed to the entire idea behind the Nike plus version of the watch.

      • LivinArealWorld

        I know, Right?!
        My only guess and hope is maybe that’s why they delayed the release of the watch… to work out the kinks of the software.
        But I’m an avid runner and I tried all the apps and researched all the forums. PEAR is the only app you can run and collect gps without your iPhone.
        I’m confident it will only he a matter of time…I’ve read forums of people calling Nike and or strava directly and there basic response is that they are working on it. But honestly for me… until I can stop my run with 1 of the side buttons I cannot use it cause it just can’t recognize a sweaty finger.

  • Cheatanano