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watchOS 3 released alongside iOS 10 with a bunch of new features, core technologies and user interface enhancements. With watchOS 3, navigating your watch is now intuitive, as it should have been from the onset. A new Dock feature lets you access your frequently used apps with a press of the Side button and they load way faster, even on the original watch.

Apps can also take advantage of Background App Refresh technology to stay up to date, Messages now supports stickers, enhanced Digital Touch features and even fullscreen and bubble effects, like in iOS 10, plus tons more.

Glances are gone, Control Center has been revamped and there’s a new Scribble feature where you can send messages by drawing letters one at a time. You can now unlock you Mac running Sierra just by wearing your watch and there’s a new life-saving Emergency SOS feature that we hope you’ll never ever have to use.

All told, there are plenty of features in stock apps to be excited about. My colleague Andrew O’Harra has taken it upon himself to put together a nice video hands-on to show you guys all of the new features in watchOS 3.

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A few other newsworthy new features in watchOS 3: all-new Breathe and Reminders apps, disabling screenshot taking, sharing of Activity rings with friends and family, the ability for Find my iPhone app to locate your watch, numerous health and fitness improvements such as Smart Replies for quick smack talk, wheelchair user support, automatically pausing/resuming your runs and much more.

What’s your favorite watchOS 3 feature so far?

  • 5723alex .

    Still no alert on Watch on BT disconnecting from iPhone.

  • rain rocket

    nice stuff

  • Brandon Higgins

    The only thing I’ve found useful is the dock and scribble feature.

  • Smanny

    Still cannot change watch faces. I think it’s ridiculous that you have to buy a Nike Apple watch in order to its watch faces.

    • Scott Curry

      Really? You find it ridiculous that a certain feature is specific to only one model? Have you never owned a video game system, a computer, a television, or any automobile ever? This is nothing new in commerce. You’re just pissed because you want them and can’t have them unless you pony up. Welcome to a free market society, Sparky…

      • Smanny

        When other smart watches, like Pebble, Android Wear and Tizen. Not to mention others give you the ability to change or add watches of your choosing, then it is ridiculous that Apple does not give it’s users the capability yet, especially since this is now up to watchOS 3. All the Apple watches (series 1) have the same electronics. Just like all the newer series 2 Apple watches have the same electronics. So they could easily have the same watch faces.

        The other thing is since there is a bigger battery, then Apple could have added an option to allow users to keep the watch face on as well, but they don’t. The Apples watch face is off for most of its life.

      • Scott Curry

        This must be your very first Apple device. Welcome to the Apple ecosystem.

      • Warren L Shafor

        Winter is coming

  • Jay Dee

    Is watchOS 3 compatible with iOS 9.3.3?

    • TDCroPower


  • CtKiDd78

    I have an issue, maybe you guys can help me out. I have the original apple watch stainless steel and for some reason the music complication doesn’t work on any watch face. It shows up on the watch app but not on the watch itself. Any ideas?

  • Rajeev J Sebastian

    Lots of bugs in watchOS 3 For e.g., when configuring the complications, sometimes ghost icons/text shows up. Overall it’s a much improved experience from the previous versions.

    I don’t understand why people say that glances went away. They didn’t. Glances and watch faces merged into much more useful single feature.

    Stupidly though, Apple did not keep the customizability of glances. I hope they open up watch faces for 3rd party developers soon.

  • eigenlaut

    it does not work with all languages – at least for german it doesn’t i had to switch to english (US) keyboard on the watch