iOS 10 Public Beta

Apple has released the golden master of iOS 10 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad to public beta testers on Thursday.

The iOS 10 golden master is the version of iOS 10 that will most-closely resemble the final public release on September 13th. In many cases, where no last-minute bugs have been found, the golden master is often the exact same build.

It was originally released to developers yesterday, but now all public beta testers can download it on their iOS devices ahead of the official public release.

iOS 10 includes a lengthy list of new features for Apple’s mobile operating system, including:

  • New visual effects for iMessages
  • A sticker system for the Messages app
  • Tap to replace Emoji
  • Improvements to Siri functionality
  • A more informative Maps app
  • A dedicated Home app for Homekit accessories
  • Raise to wake
  • A new Apple Music experience
  • More 3D Touch gestures
  • Contextual predictions
  • Improvements to search in the Photos app
  • Apple Pay on the web
  • Multilingual typing
  • All-new SDKs
  • And more…

If you’re a public beta tester, then the update should appear for you under the Settings > General > Software Update section as an OTA download on your registered OS device(s).

iOS 10 runs on all of the following devices:

  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch
  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad 4th generation
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPod touch 6th generation

Are you installing the golden master ahead of the official public release? Share in the comments!

  • Mike M. Powell

    referring to both dev n public gm beta has anyones “parked car” feature stopped working, r/apple claims to not have working since b2

    • I’ve not been able to get it to work since one of the early betas.. still doesn’t work for me on GM either.

      • Rehny

        oddly… it works fine for me. I pull up ‘maps’ and “parked car” appears below the search bar.

      • I’ll have to completely reinstall everything then and see what happens. It could be my device at this point… haven’t opened my replacement from Apple yet. Was waiting to see how the “7” announcements played out.

      • Aaron de Silva

        Mine has been working throughout. I use a Bluetooth car stereo perhaps maybe that’s why?

    • ericesque

      I actually forgot about this feature!

      • Mike M. Powell

        Shows that hasn’t been working then lol

    • therealjjohnson

      Never worked for me.

    • Narg

      Have not yet seen the voicemail transcription thing either….

      • Mike M. Powell

        Holy Shit I forgot that was like a epic feature I was waiting to try out o.o

      • Don Walker II

        They probably decided to save it for the “flagship” devices.

      • Dennis Ho

        Mine has been working on an iphone 6S, so I don’t think that’s the case. Probably a slow rollout.

    • Dennis Ho

      Mine has been working great throughout the beta. I do not have a bluetooth connection with my car.

  • Rondog

    If and when we get a jailbreak for ios 10, we would still have to do a clean restore from itunes am I correct? I remember the TaiG and Pangu wouldn’t work on over the air updates, does this still hold true for ios 10?

    • The jailbreak for 9.3.3 worked with over the air updates. I guess it probably depends on how the break itself is achieved.

  • Landon Bakken

    Gold master can be installed without the need to reformat, correct

    • edwilk55

      What reformatting have you been doing? Less this is a dev only thing.

      • Landon Bakken

        In general, when installing an earlier beta, they encourage you to do a clean install as opposed to installing over the previous version of iOS.

  • TwinSon

    5 more days until I can finally “slam” poop emoji’s too all of my friends. Been slamming eggplants on my girlfriends messages for a good while.

    • edwilk55

      LOL! #truth

  • Tommy Gumbs

    To bad the GM won’t let you update the Apple watch. Does anyone have an idea how I would do that ahead of time?

    • iFlasher

      I updated my Apple Watch yesterday with the GM update.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Were you on the Public or Developer version of iOS? I am on the GM now and I do not have an update for my watch. I was on the public.

      • iFlasher

        I’m in the developer one, but I think that GM version is the same for both developer and public version. Do you have installed the certificate that let you get Apple Watch beta updates?

      • Tommy Gumbs

        I have the certificate on my watch, but no update.

        I read somewhere that its because I am on the public iOS beta. I wonder if I can just change the profile or do I have to reinstall with iOS 10 GM non public beta??

      • iFlasher

        Try installing the developer beta certificate and see what happens.

        In my case I get no problems yesterday. I installed first the GM version and then checked in the Apple Watch app and the GM update was there.

  • k j

    Downloading now 🙂 Ready for the revolution 🙂

  • SMP

    Really don’t understand why they call this “the biggest iOS release ever”… I mean… stickers? Confetes? Tap to replace emojis? Really? Not a single great improvement over the iOS 9 imo.

    • jakeopp

      They’re just trying to hype it. It’s an extremely boring update imo.

  • Adele Narcotics

    How to install MacOS Sierra GM?

  • :D

    To exit the beta do I just delete the profile?

  • jgibson02

    Just updated to 10.0.1 and I still don’t have the ability to send the iMessage effects like invisible ink or slam…. anyone expericing this? Thanks.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    How is that big of a file though? What changed since the betas?

  • Brian

    I’m in an endless loop. I go to the beta page and sign in. Then I click enroll my devices and it brings me back to the main page. Anyone?

  • Budz Camacho

    I will, after iLex rat deleted my cydia