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Citing a report in the Chinese-language Economic Daily News, Asian trade publication DigiTimes reported this morning that Taiwanese supplier Primax Electronics will manufacture some of the dual-lens camera modules for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 Plus flagship smartphone model.

The supplier recently increased its camera module capacity by ten percent, boosting output to twelve million CMOS units per month, of which seventy percent are thirteen-megapixel models that the iPhone 7 Plus might use.

Primal has other clients so this news shouldn’t be interpreted as a signal that the next iPhone will increase the iSight camera resolution from twelve to thirteen megapixels.

At any rate, Primax expects its revenues to hit a new high in August buoyed in no small part thanks to lucrative Apple orders.

In June, a Korean business publication claimed LG Innotek would be the sole supplier of dual-lens modules for the iPhone 7 Plus, but it now seems the Cupertino firm could be using Primax as well as LG-made dual-lens modules.

Sony was previously mentioned as a potential dual-camera supplier for Apple until announcing it was pulling out of the high-end camera module business.

Source: DigiTimes

  • Bill

    Why mirror the image? I notice this happens with a lot of products, even on the actual packaging of some. (I’ve seen a mirrored image on the box of a hydraulic bottle jack, for instance.) Seems to happen a lot with images of computers and of people using computers. Quite annoying, really.

  • Harsh Sethia

    Could Cowell Electronics be also contributing to dual camera modules, given they have been manufacturing rear CCM for iPhone SE and 6?