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Conveniently timed weeks ahead of the expected iPhone 7 launch next month, U.S. carrier AT&T on Wednesday unveiled modest data upgrades at reduced prices while dropping overage charges for exceeding monthly cellular data caps. The new data plans, available beginning August 21, include the 1GB/$30, 3GB/$40, 6GB/$60, 10GB/$80, 16GB/$90, 25GB/$110 and 30GB/$135 tiers.

Overage charges will become a thing of the past as the carrier will no longer slap you with a $15 per 1GB charge after using rollover data. Instead, your data speeds will decrease to the sluggish 2G (128 kbps) after all of the cellular data in your monthly bucket has been used up.

AT&T provided the following example of the savings:

If you have two smartphone lines on a current Mobile Share Value 5GB plan for $100 per month, you can now get the new Mobile Share Advantage 6GB plan—1 additional GB of data for the same price, plus no overages. If you need more data, for $20 more a month, you can get 10GB of data.

As for the carrier’s revised 25GB+ plans, they now give you 25 gigabytes of data per month in exchange for $190 per month for four smartphone lines. Previously, the same amount of data would set you back $235 per month. The 30GB plan is now $215 per month for four smartphone lines (previously $285 per month).

You can add up to ten lines on both plans.

Unlike some other carriers (I’m looking at you, Verizon!), AT&T won’t require you to pay a monthly fee for the privilege of not being charged for exceeding your monthly data allotment.

You can learn more about the new plans, which go into effect on August 21, in AT&T stores.

In other AT&T news, the company said that it’s partnered with major network leaders in the space to enable faster 5G deployment once 3GPP completes the first release of the official specifications.

5G is a next-generation wireless technology that promises between ten to hundred times speedier data transfer than the currently available fourth-generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) radio technology.

However, 5G technology is all hype at this point and may never take off in a big way as its marketing moniker would have you believe, as succinctly explained by Susan Crawford in this Medium post.

Source: AT&T

  • Jared

    1GB for 30 bucks? C’mon 1GB should be no more that $15 max!

    • Bugs Bunnay

      Freedompop got 700 megabytes a month at no charge!

      • Thats not even a Gb though, not muhc to do with that they better not charge for it lol.. $30 is too much, way too much for just 1Gb too..

      • Bugs Bunnay

        I know it’s not much but it’s free data a month and i got spare phones that can use those! They wont charge unless you go over. Can be for those who don’t use their phone much or as backups

      • Blip dude

        But then one would either have decide with free 700MB a month or Pay $30/mo for the extra 324MB?? I’d go for the free 700MB.

      • Well No with Att $30 is not for the entire plan.. thats just the data price not including you talk and text nor taxes.. The Bill will cost around 100 a month for single line on At&t..

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        well, 30 is for the entire plan… talk and text is included, but then you’re paying 20 per line to access. one phone will call $50 plus tax and then the cost of the phone.

  • TwinSon

    Such a ripoff. So Glad I Left. I’ve got 4 Lines with Unlimited Talk,Text, and Data(10GB 4G LTE Cap on 3 of them, 20GB cap on mine for an extra $10) for $120 a month with T-Mobile.

    • Julio Hernandez

      T-Mobile? Or what carrier are you on now?

      • TwinSon

        I’m still with T-Mobile on that plan I mentioned. I doubt they still have that exact plan because it was a steal when I got it but I’m sure any of their current plans are better than AT&T rates. My plan even includes a 20GB Data Stash so if anyone were to go hit their 4G LTE soft cap then they would just use the Data Stash so they wouldn’t lose high speed data.

      • John Smith

        Yeah T Mobile’s original Simple Choice plan a few years back was the biggest steal in Carrier history. Unlike the new plans the original is $10 cheaper per line (which adds up if you have many people on the account), and unlike the 20GB throttling of the new Unlimited plans, the original Simple Choice plan throttles at 9,006GB. Every upgrade I’ve gotten since has been bought outright so they can’t touch my plan.

    • websyndicate

      I travel often enough to not care for T-mobile. If you are an At&t or Verizon customer you will notice the difference. How I know. My Personal phone is At&t, my work phone is Verizon and my daughter has T-mobile sim that was given to me. T-mobile by far the worst coverage. Even in the city its not that great all the places we went this summer East coast and Arizona and California. Only good thing is when we went to mexico she had coverage that was no extra charge but was pretty spotty.

  • mdrglz

    Damn this is insane! Just go to eBay and buy a AT&T unlimited data plan for $400+.

    • TwinSon

      When I left AT&T, this is exactly what I did. Sold my plan for $300 and got out of paying any ETF.

    • Digitalfeind

      I might sell mine on eBay if this is the going rate. And they sell.

  • No they won’t slap you with a fee anymore.. they just took away their most popular 50.00 level.. added a gig and called it 60.00 level.. so for 10.00 more a month now, you get the same as before with the built in 1gb overage.. now it’s automatically billed and they gain 10.00 more a month. Not switching my current price plan over to that nonsense, I never go over anyway so it works for me but i can see others being upset.

    And not only is 5G all hype but even their current lab testing with rats are proving to cause more cancer growth and tumors.. so it’s not looking good at the moment.

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      they don’t gain $10. at most they gain $5. the line access fees went down $5. so, for one line they gain five, for two they break even, and for 3 or more they are losing $5 for each line.

      2 lines on old 5gb $50 plan — $50 +$25(line access for line 1) + $25 (line access for line 2) = $100
      2 lines on new 6gb plan. $60 plan — $60 +$20(line access, line 1) + $20 (lines access line 2) = $100

      as you see, each line access is $5 less, ergo, the more lines, the better pricing for the customer, in comparison.

      • Nicholas Oldroyd

        The new plan is terrible and more expensive!

        Right now we have 15GB with 6 lines. Currently that’s $100 + ($15 * 6) = $190

        New plan for 16GB is $90 + ($20 * 6) = $210.

        So now it’s $30 more for an extra 1GB that we don’t even need…

        Damn ATT price hikes.

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        yes, for that one i agree; i was referring to the 5gb –> 6gb plan change that the original person spoke on.

      • Not with the per line FCC charges of 2.88 a line plus tax, plus their normal fees, in the end you’ll end up paying 10.00 more.

  • Adrian

    Misleading title… These offers are terrible!! I’m holding on to my grandfathered att unlimited for $30…. Lmfao @ $30 for 1 gig.

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      well, it isn’t misleading when you are comparing these plans to their currently existing Mobile Share plans. Also, for each line, you’re paying $30 for your data and $20 for your texting; then your base plan pricing. With all that being said, its still not unlimited, so I can understand staying. (side note they do offer an unlimited everything plan for DirecTV customers for $60 plus $40 per line)

  • Funny. I left them last month due to the overage charges.. Oh well cricket is a better deal for the same Service. Im happy with the switch.. Two lines one unlimited everything the other has 5gb all for $85 a month.. No taxes or hidden fees..

    • Nathan

      You get what you pay for… AT&T has faster data and covers more areas.

      • Cricket uses At&t towers. Owned by them now thus having the same coverage, LTE, and visual voicemail..

      • White Michael Jackson

        Yup same reason why I switched

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        its definitely not the SAME. they use different spectrum, ergo slower speed.

      • Ive used contract At&t for 4 years and you will not notice the difference.. Its still faster than T-mobile lol..

  • MikeDeezy100

    I am open to leaving T-Mobile ($80/month with unlimited data) but with every small step AT&T and VZW makes to become more appealing to users like myself they manage to ruin any potential of savings. Not to mention there is still nothing comparable to T-Mobile’s free international data roaming and Music Freedom/Binge On.

    Line Access fee??? Go F yourself, AT&T.

  • Samuel L. Jackson


    • Bugs Bunnay

      There are snakes in the sky!… Wait what.

  • George

    I have the 30gb family share plan so that means I can go over 30gb and not be charged?