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The iOS 9.2-9.3.3 jailbreak debuted over the weekend, and soon after, jailbreak developers managed to make a Safari web browser-based jailbreak that doesn’t even require you to hook up to a computer to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3.

Of course, it’s a semi-untethered jailbreak, and there are a lot of caveats to it, so if you’re having jailbreaker’s remorse and you want to know how to put your device back to a stock device, don’t fret because we’re going to talk about that in this tutorial.

Removing the jailbreak from your device

Unfortunately, Cydia Impactor, which is now known as Cydia Eraser, does not support iOS 9.3.3. This means you can’t use it to remove Cydia and all traces of jailbreak from your device like you were previously able to.

If you don’t want the jailbreak that you’ve installed on your device anymore, then you will have to restore your device through iTunes. Hopefully you followed the recommended procedure before jailbreaking, and backed your device up before jailbreaking.

We know this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but this is the only way to un-jailbreak your device at this point in time.

To do this, you’ll follow these steps:

1) Plug your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad into your Mac or PC with a Lightning cable.

2) Next, put your device into Recovery Mode. To do that, you can follow our write-up for entering Recovery Mode, and then move on to the next step.

3) Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC, and you should then see a prompt from within the app. Click on the OK button.

iTunes OK Restore Recovery Mode

4) Next, click on the Restore button:

Restore iPad Prompt iTunes

5) A prompt will now pop up, so click on the Restore and Update button.

iTunes Restore and Update

6) iTunes will now begin restoring your device. Do not disconnect it during this process:

iTunes Restore Process

7) After everything is all done, you should see this screen:

iTunes app continue restore

Congratulations! Your device is now fully restored to a stock installation of iOS. Now follow the on-screen instructions on your iOS device, and you can either set your device up as new, or you can restore from the backup that you made before the jailbreak.

Wrapping up

Unfortunately, removing your jailbreak can’t be made any easier than restoring your device at this point in time. Nevertheless, your jailbreak is now removed and your device is stock once again.

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Did you have any problems removing your jailbreak? Discuss in the comments below!

  • bob singh

    1 qustion,if I update through OTA(over to air) then also I could jailbreak?

    • Alex-V

      Why not 😉

    • Sleetui

      It’s recommended to update via iTunes and not OTA.

  • Allan

    I did this but cydia is still on my phone

    • Shinonuke

      Then you messed up somewhere. Restore is usually a quick format or erasing the iPhones then reinstalling iOS. Then after that, iTune will reinstall your apps if you have it backed up

    • Elizabeth M

      Hey did u figure it out??? I did the same but thru my phone tho I did not use a computer. How did u do yours??? I even started it as a new phone and it’s still there.

  • Vince Reedy

    I remember when an article like this wouldn’t even be written. I’m afraid jailbreak glory days are long behind us now.

    • besrate hogsa

      I agree 100%

      This has to be the worst method of jailbreaking

      Looking forward to the iPhone 7 and ios 10

      like you said, jailbreak is behind us ….

      • Shinonuke

        I wouldn’t call it the worse jailbreak. It’s an unpolished version and Pangu wants to be the first in the scene with a jailbreak

      • laxman

        Disagree. This jailbreak, if you use intelligently, is one of the bests. You can be unjailbroken with no effort and reload the jb environment so easily. Jailbreak rocks! btw this article makes no sense in my opinion although I got immense respect for Anthony.

      • besrate hogsa

        then we agree to disagree

      • Tommy

        Totally agree. Haven’t been this happy about a jailbreak in so long, and yea maybe people won’t jailbreak on iOS 10 but I am totally happy on 9.3.3 and may never even update.

      • besrate hogsa

        I am gonna go ahead and disagree with you there

  • Rondog

    I wouldn’t delete my jailbreak if they paid me. I’m happy I’m finally able to get my idevices the way I like them, also I HATE the way the stock iphone and ipads look. I’ve been jailbreaking since ios 6 and the truth is that I have gotten so used to the way I can get them to look plus the so useful tweaks, like Activator, Springtomize, plus all the other great ones that I can’t have a non-jailbroken device period. Plus my jailbreak is working great and I’ve almost gotten most of my tweaks I’ve always had so, i’m just waiting for the untethered version meantime I’m enjoying my semi-tether no problems here. Great article Anthony, as always giving us something to think about if we don’t like jailbreaking, we all have the right to choose.

    • Tommy


  • Mazen Sy

    I insalled tweak and i have crashed springboard I can’t enter save mode .. I force reboot.. Open pp and same problem cracked springboard

    • Mazen Sy

      I can’t enter jailbreak mode .. I just reboot .. Enter non jailbreak mode .. Open pp wait until respring ..and it crash ..

    • Jman225

      Pp jailbreak worked fine for me on the first few days, but when I tried installing a new tweak, Springboard malfunctioned and rebooted. Now, when I try to re-jailbreak, it tries to respring, but it reboots, and gets stuck on reboot loading screen. I knew that the new iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak was a dream too good to be true.

  • Y2J

    You could download whatever firmware (9.3.2/3) and shift click update instead and that’ll work. Worked twice for me

    • Either or. I recommend recovery mode because there’s really no such thing as true DFU mode anymore and it’s just another way to prevent issues with iTunes restoring your iPhone.

  • Eclipse Modz

    What if I don’t have a back up from when Cydia was not on my phone

    • cancer89

      I would like to know this same question. I’m in the same predicament. Please post if you have an answer

    • Tony

      im waiting for an answer aswell

  • Oscar X. Diaz

    Im having problem with battery life should i follow this procedure and then rejailbreak?

  • Hasan

    I can’t launch Cydia, because my PP app is gone. What do I do?

    • Hunter

      Happened to me too. I don’t know what to do

    • If the app is gone, then you can’t reboot the semi-untether. You’ll have to re-jailbreak.

    • Sampler

      How come? Did you restore your phone or managed to Erase/Reset settings?

      Once jailbroken, it is unlikely that you PP app be gone simply.
      There’s just one possibility, after rebooting out of jb environment, you must have “un-trusted” the app from Device management.

      • Hasan

        I reset my phone, but before that, I backed up my phone, thinking that the app would stay there, but it didn’t.

      • Sampler

        I just tested this way, Stuck with Cydia alone, cannot find PP application as you said, can’t re-install it with side-loading too.
        Only option I see feasible now is to re-update firmware/fresh iOS then repeat whole process.

        Note: This application will not be backed-up in routine backups since it is not under your account via Appstore, we side-loaded it remember?

  • Shahid Khan

    Hey guys help me out … I first install pp jailbreak through device .. and followed all procedure and done and bymistake i installed anyring n it went to safe mode and deleted pp jailbreak only and after restoring my device too the cydia app is available … Please help me out this problem and whats the solution

  • Ottawa Gamerz

    why cant apple do like android leave it open all the apple user want is play any movie with out the hassle of converting it themes and if u wish to crack a game and play for free go nuts!!! no need for jailbreaks if they did that but u know apple will never so have fun becarful but have fun i use to say buy an android all the time but i got a 6plus im liking it and i wish it had a sd slot but all and all the phone is good

  • Guilherme Serpa Bosco

    I’m stucked with an database error( could open file/var/lib/dpgkb/status- open 2…, and package list or status file couldn’t be parsed or opened) and i tried to reebot my iphone 2 times, but cydia and pp still on it. Can someone help me?

    • Joel Sanchez

      same problem let me kno if u find a solution

  • Muhammad Sajjad

    I jailbreaked my iphone 6 but unfortunately i restarted my iphone n then jailbreak was removed
    But cydia and other (chinese app) necessary for download is still in my iphone and not getting open nor getting deleted.
    Is there any way to get rid of it?

  • Devin AnDre

    Im receiving an error message on iTunes (3014) anyone know why?

  • abdul

    I have a problem, I’ve installed some tweak and it has crashed my iPhone and I can’t enter any app now, any solution ?
    I can’t enter Cydia either..

    • me too, failed to enter safe mode, I decided to restore and lose my JB

  • Lordz Of Fatman

    Yea I tried to jailbrake just because I wanted some Pokemon go hacks but then the app won’t even open and now I can’t play Pokemon go because of their anti jailbreak protocols and I can’t download the pokepatch to get around it because guess what Cydia won’t fucken open

  • Sashko Manchevski

    need help
    after jailbroke mi iphone 6plus with Pangu widow computer with one year certificate i was try to remove jailbreak and upgrade to 9.3.4 but now I have problem
    can not activate my iphone he say that incorekt Apple ID, then I downgrade to 9.3.3 but problem its same
    Now my iPhone its locked and I cantdo nothing to activte him with my aplle id
    any help please

  • Adam Watt

    I have a bad issue. After installing the jailbreak 9.3.3 English version (Impactor) on my iPod touch 6th gen, I later ended up rebooting it. I then tapped on the app that Impactor put on it to re-enable the jailbreak, but it wouldn’t re-enable. It would just reboot over and over each time I try to re-enable. I saw instructions about restoring the iPod but I found that I would end up losing the possibility to jailbreak my iPod (9.3.4 is out) again because ITunes only says restore and upgrade. I tried to reset all settings on the iPod, but now it just endlessly reboots, and shows a progress bar that only fills up about 20% or so then reboots after a while. I have tried putting it into the DFU mode and that got iTunes to see iPod, but after clicking on restore it wants me to update the device to 9.3.4 effectively killing the jailbreak that I had waited for. How do I fix this and keep my ability to jailbreak? I do have a backup done from before I jailbreaked it. How can I use it?

  • Dominic Andrei Ferent

    After I jailbroken my iPhone 5s,after a couple of weeks I wanted to unjailbreak,I did the “erase all content and settings” from the settings app but cydia and tweaks are still on the screen and I can’t remove them,any help? Thanks

  • You idiots, you should’ve warned in your article that restoring through Recovery Mode also updates iOS to the latest version. Now I lost my precious 9.3.3 and am stuck with 10.1.1.

  • AnnetteBening

    I remove iOS jailbreak via RecoveryTool Fix Recovery. It’s so convenient.

  • air naji

    This is a bullshit blog by the way. Thanks for the obvious.

  • Seif El Din Hany

    Guys if i restored my mobile does that mean i will have a new phone everything will be erased?