MCX (the Merchant Consortium Exchange) has notified testers that it will be ending its CurrentC beta test soon. The Consumerist on Tuesday shared an email sent by the company, telling users that it’s going to shut down the mobile payment service on June 28.

On that day, all active accounts will be disabled and beta testers will not be able to access their accounts through the CurrentC app. Worse than that, the email also says that MCX is postponing further releases of CurrentC, and there are no plans for an official launch.


CurrentC is a mobile payment system developed by MCX—a consortium of large merchants including Best Buy, Walmart and Target. It’s their version of Apple Pay, but it offers more favorable transactions fees for them, and a far less convenient app for users.

Source: Consumerist

  • Chris

    They created their demise by using an app instead of NFC. I said years ago that they were dead before they started and to no surprise, I and others were right.

    • I think they had less of a chance of surviving when Walmart dropped them

  • We all knew this was dead on arrival.

    • Anonymous

      I didnt know walmart drop them, i new best buy did because ive been using apple pay there… I think for a year.

  • Gabriel Anaya


  • The_Kingfish

    The app is gone from the App Store too. Shame. I enjoyed reading the thousands of negative reviews.

    • Jamessmooth

      haha same here!

  • Douglas L. Warren

    Walmart is using their own app for a very similar product called Walmart Pay

  • Bugs Bunnay

    You know what the C stands for in CurrentC? Crap.

  • edwilk55

    Not only was it crap, but forced users to tie their checking accounts to the app as the only method of payment. No credit cards allowed. And it was insecure as well as a pita to use. CVS lost my business forever because, in their infinite wisdom, locked Apple Pay users out of their NFC system because they signed up for this crap app!

    • itsjustme

      Does this mean CVS might finally get onboard with Apple Pay now?

      • edwilk55

        One would think, who knows.

      • Kaptivator

        They need to. In addition, maybe they can somehow tie their rewards card to apple pay as well.