semirestore ios 9

Three days after the release of SemiRestore for Windows and Linux, the tool is also now supporting Mac OS X. Well, sort of, as the developer notes in the ReadMe file that “SemiRestore for OS X is provided on a ‘works for me’ basis.” So our initial warning about using this tool still applies here, as you might do this at your own risks.

For those unfamiliar with the tool, it is supposed to help you restore your jailbroken device to a fresh state while still preserving the jailbreak. This is particularly helpful if your jailbroken device is becoming unstable and you want to start fresh.

Apparently, SemiRestore has been tested on two iOS devices using hackinstosh setups running OS X 10.11.4 and 10.11.5. Although this tool is available for OS X, the developer makes it clear that support is not provided for that operating system, and that he “provides no warranty or support whatsoever for this OS X version.”

All this makes me wonder: why even bother to begin with then?

SemiRestore for Windows, Linux, or Mac can be downloaded from the tool’s dedicated website. Considering initial feedback from users, and the lack of proper support for OS X, we don’t feel comfortable recommending SemiRestore at this time.

  • Ariel Okhtenberg

    So you recommend not using the OSX version of this app?

  • Burge

    This has been made on a hackintosh !!! Ill pass on this.

  • Burge

    With this being the first OSX version is there a limit on what iOS version it can do ?

    • MikeDeezy100

      If you find out how please share. I’d like to get this working.

  • MikeDeezy100

    The application won’t even launch on my Mac. It’s a shame because I would like to restore my device…

    • Burge

      Read the READ ME FILE. You will find you need to download more software to get it to work.

  • igobythisname

    I’ve been using Cydia Impactor lately.. why would someone use Semi Restore over Cydia Impactor?

    • Chris Ryan

      not 100% sure either, but apparently cydia impactor removes your jailbreak as well, but who cares, just re-jailbreak right ? you are still on the same iOS after using impactor still

      • Andrew

        The issue isn’t that Cydia Impactor removes your jailbreak; the issue is that it’s still in beta for iOS 9, and is known for causing a lot of problems on the 6S and 6S Plus.

    • Andrew

      Because Cydia Impactor is still in beta for iOS 9, and is known for causing a lot of problems on the 6S and 6S Plus.

      • Rick Hart

        How do you know this?

  • james098

    would this reset cydia so that i would have to recomplete the file system setup?