SemiRestore is now (sort of) available for Mac OS X

Three days after the release of SemiRestore for Windows and Linux, the tool is also now supporting Mac OS X. Well, sort of, as the developer notes in the ReadMe file that "SemiRestore for OS X is provided on a 'works for me' basis." So our initial warning about using this tool still applies here, as you might do this at your own risks.

SemiRestore tool lets you restore your device without losing your jailbreak

SemiRestore, a tool that allows you to restore your jailbroken devices to a clean state without losing your jailbreak, has been recently updated to support devices running iOS 5.0 all the way up to iOS 9.1. SemiRestore is currently available for Windows and Linux only, with Mac support apparently coming in the future.

If the news may sound exciting at first for jailbreak users who've been waiting for such a solution, it must be noted that initial feedback from users who've tried the tool is very much mixed, with many reporting getting stuck during the process, and even one person reporting he had no other option of restoring his device to iOS 9.3.2.

Semi-Restore now available for Mac and PC

Over the past month or so, we've been bringing you coverage on Semi-Restore, a new utility that allows you to restore your iOS device back to nearly stock status without losing your jailbreak. It can remove everything from settings to jailbreak tweaks, and even App Store apps.

The last time we mentioned the software, it was still in beta, and the developers said that it was only about 85% complete. Well we have some good news for you today: it was finished this weekend, and is now available. You can now download Semi-Restore for the Mac or PC...

SemiRestore brings an easy one-click restore to jailbroken iOS devices

SemiRestore is a restore solution for jailbroken iOS devices. It allows you to restore your device to almost stock levels, removing everything from settings to jailbreak apps and tweaks, to even App Store apps. It's probably as close as you can get to a stock iOS device without actually restoring using iTunes.

We've reviewed an early version of SemiRestore before, and while it showed promised, we had mixed feelings about it. This was namely because the app forced you to go through a lot of steps in order to achieve the desired result — a clean iOS device that allows you to maintain the current firmware and jailbreak.

But we've got some very good news: SemiRestore has come a long way since that early preview. In fact, on the beta 4 version that I tested, it's a true one-click solution. Yes, literally, all you have to do is plug in your iOS device, open the SemiRestore app, and click the SemiRestore button.

I once praised iLEX RAT for its ease of use, but this is probably about as easy as it gets. Check inside for our very own video walkthrough of SemiRestore beta 4 in action.

This is how SemiRestore allows you to restore without losing your jailbreak

Recently there has been a pretty big buzz about an upcoming release dubbed SemiRestore. We posted about it a few days ago. It's not out yet, you can check its progress here, but I wanted to use this post to prove to you that it does indeed work as described.

SemiRestore claims to be able to let you restore your device without necessitating the need to upgrade your iOS device's firmware. This is extremely appealing for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason of them all is that it would allow you to restore your device without losing your precious jailbreak.

As you know, Apple stopped signing iOS 6.1.2 after iOS 6.1.3 was released. iOS 6.1.2 was the last firmware susceptible to the evasi0n jailbreak, so it's a precious firmware in the eyes of those who like to tinker with their phones. From Apple's standpoint, it's obvious why they opted to fix the exploits used to make evasi0n function. Apple owes it to its users to ensure that iOS is the most secure platform that it can be. Nonetheless, that doesn't make the jailbreak community any less disappointed at the loss of an untethered jailbreak

To make matters even more grim, Apple has rendered downgrading virtually impossible, and that includes simply restoring your iOS 6.1.2 firmware back to iOS 6.1.2. So what if your iPhone or iPad starts running really slow? What if you genuinely needed to restore your device? If so, then kiss your jailbreak goodbye. That pretty much sums up the predicament that we find ourselves in. For that reason we're always extra careful not to install any tweaks or apps on our devices that might cause problems.

And that, folks, is where SemiRestore has come in to save the day. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I've tested it out myself, and I can assure you that it works pretty well. It's not a genuine full restore — hence its name — but it's probably the next best thing to a legitimate restore, and will help you regain the stock feeling of a fresh installation of iOS. The best thing about it? You won't need to upgrade your firmware, and because of this, you won't lose your jailbreak. Full demonstration inside.