iCloud services down 20160602

If you needed another proof that Apple is not very good at online services, here’s one: the App Store, the Mac App Store and various other online services are currently down, according to a notice on Apple’s System Status webpage.

Other iCloud services were affected at the time of this writing and have been inaccessible to an unknown portion of Apple’s user base, including the Apple TV, iTunes in the Cloud and Volume Purchase Program.

UPDATE: The outage is more widespread than originally thought, with iCloud Drive, iCloud Backup, Mail Drop, iWork for iCloud, Photos, iCloud Web Apps and iCloud Storage Upgrades all having been affected as well.

“Users may have been unable to send or receive mail and may also have been unable to use Notes,” reads Apple’s notice on the webpage.

The outage started at about 12:30pm. Multiple store, iTunes and iCloud services have been affected. “Users are experiencing a problem with the service listed above,” wrote Apple.

iCoud outage 20160602 web screenshot 001

The company has acknowledged the issues and said it was investigating and promised to update the status “as more information becomes available”.

We’ll update the story as soon as these services have been reinstated.

Thanks, Tony!

Source: Apple

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  • 🙂 No problem guys! Love this site!

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    n LA

  • ravinigga

    When I open utube I get random iTunes purchase error

    • My mom is getting the same errors with several 3rd party apps like Words with Friends, Facebook, etc. Any apps that are linked to iCloud or the App Store could produce such errors.

  • Any updates on this Apple outage situation? Both my mom and I are surely experiencing problems on our iOS devices (my brother luckily hasn’t had any problems, though). We use U.S. Apple services. The App Store won’t load, we keep getting popup errors after opening several 3rd party apps like Words with Friends, Facebook, etc. (any apps that are linked to iCloud or the App Store could produce such errors), my e-mail won’t load in the mail app, Safari has been finicky with loading some content, among other things.

    Being that this outage has been occurring for about 6 hours, it would be really nice if Apple would at least let us know whether they’ve found a cause and how long they think it could take to resolve. Like many people, I can’t work or play until there’s a fix. Many people’s devices are essentially useless at the moment. Frustrating! Well, thank heavens for my Windows PC!

  • 5723alex .

    Can it be that Microsoft (Azure) and Amazon (AWS) deliberately cause these service outrage ?

  • techfreak23

    Services are back up and you guys haven’t updated this post…

  • M_Hawke

    Does this have anything to do with why all of a sudden my password didn’t work today for “security purposes” and was prompted to change my password?


    That’s greedy overpriced Apple for ya!! All that money and greed yuup!!