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It’s iPhone rumor season again as Cody and Sebastien discuss what may come with the new iPhone 7 later this year, including features such as Smart Connector, the disappearance of headphone jack and more. And because it’s never too soon to speculate, the guys also address a recent note from KGI about the material that may be used in next year’s iPhone. The two co-hosts then talk about rumored paid search results in the App Store, the possible MacOS rebranding, Project Titan, and more

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  • Martynet

    hey, you mentioned the true tone function… which is the new feature of iPad Pro and maybe future iPhones. I’m trying to understand this feature but it doesn’t make any sense to me. Night shift, yes, totally makes sense and works great. But why would I want to emulate a paper behaviour on my digital device? To me, the biggest adantage of iPad or any digital device’s display is that I see the contect in it’s right, true colours, ALL the time, anywhere. But true tone display downgrades this experience, changing the colours etc… making my digital display analog?? Why? Any ideas? Thanks

  • nicholas damien tunnell

    @Cody Lee Hey Cody, nick here. I wanted to just comment really quick regarding your comments about the NightShift feature in iOS. In past episodes of LTiOs and also LTJ you mentioned that you were not really a fan of f.lux because it would turn your screen a terrible, distracting, and displeasing orange color and hue. When I first downloaded f.lux, I also had the same sentiment, and said the same thing, “get this orange mess off my phone!” This was until I realized that I could decrease the intensity of the temperature change. Once I realized that I saw that not only was it not so glaring and off putting, but I liked it! Now this comment is not one that is meant to change your mind about f.lux, for that all one would have to do is look at the temperature of street lights at night, they’re yellow/orange. But rather, this it is specifically in reference to you on multiple occasions saying that the NightShift feature turns the screen “orange.” While that may be true at first use, this isn’t where the buck stops, because that same user can then turn the intensity down, and the screen will then be a pale, subtle, warm yellow. This is not dissimilar to the screen brightness being set set to a certain level when someone first gets an iPhone, and then if they want it brighter or dimmer, they can do that in either settings or control center. Is there a “candle light” like hue within the NightShift feature? Yes there is, and to tell you the truth, I don’t like that intensity either, so we agree on that note, however, as stated before, it doesn’t stop at “orange.” There is a slider in the NightShift, and for that matter, in the f.lux settings that can make the temperature less intense and less jarring at first glance. Just wanted to put that out there, there’s not just one set color temperature to NightShift and f.lux. That’s all. 🙂 Thanks for all the podcasts and posts. And hope I didn’t come off as angry or any other feeling of the like. Just didn’t think potential users of the feature were getting a full and fair depiction of its capabilities. Have a great and blessed day!