Samsung Galaxy S7 star-studded ad image 001

Samsung’s Galaxy advertising campaigns typically are not the subtlest of digs at Apple, but the new star-studded commercial for the latest Galaxy S7 smartphones is different.

Featuring actors William Macy and Wesley Snipes, hip-hop artist Lil Wayne and other celebrities, the commercial focuses on the features that differentiate the Galaxy S7 from the iPhone 6s.

The highlighted features that the ad poses as the Galaxy S7’s competitive advantage over Apple’s smartphone include waterproofing, two times better lowlight performance, a longer-lasting battery, support for Samsung’s virtual reality headset, Samsung’s mobile payment system that works anywhere credit cards are accepted, the phone’s expandable memory and more.

Here it is.

And two more posted in the last few hours.

And for good measure, here’s Samsung’s original promotional footage for the S7.

Say what you will about Samsung but this proves that the company can in fact make commercials with humor. I like this latest ‘Why?’ ad for the Galaxy S7 and think it’s one of Samsung’s funniest anti-Apple ads they’ve made thus far.

And your thoughts on these ads?

  • Burge

    Who gives a crap. You have a device because that’s what you want. Not because it’s got this or that or what ever. You have it because you want it.

    • Morgan Freeman

      Yeah but typically people want things because of their features. That’s kind of how it works. LOL is your post serious?

      • Burge

        So you have your device because your friends what you to have it or because you want it. Forget what’s on the device you have that device because you want it and it’s as simple as that. If you don’t want it you don’t have it.

      • Morgan Freeman

        I don’t think you even understand your own brain, my friend. Is this real life?

      • Shinonuke


      • Jeffrey

        You’re an asshole, Freeman

      • Morgan Freeman

        I have been called worse, Jeffrey. 🙂

      • Burge

        So why do you have your device ???? Is it because you wanted it. I think it is.

      • Morgan Freeman

        Yes, I wanted it. I wanted it because of the features it has. May I ask your age, Burge?

      • Burge

        What it can make phone calls it can send texts/emails. You can pay games, surf the net. Just like any other smart phone. Why the iPhone ?

      • Morgan Freeman

        I guess my simple words are not making it past your thick skull, Burge. We are done here.

      • Burge

        Take it you can not give a answer to why you have a iPhone. You say features but what features? It’s not that hard is it ? You haven’t said anything about why you’ve got a iPhone over any other phone. And that’s what I’m asking you. The point is smart phones do the same things all be a bit differently. So at the end of the day its because you want it more then any other device.

        You could of said it integrates with all my other Apple products. Now that’s a feature.

      • Morgan Freeman

        You must actually be mentally handicapped. You just admitted FEATURES are a reason someone wants something, which you have up to this point denied. So perhaps you should get your story straight in the first place. I want the things I want because of the things they do differently from other things that are similar. You have denied this, insisting basically that people just want a phone and do not care about what makes them different.

        I like iOS. That’s one reason I like the iPhone. I didn’t ‘want it just because I wanted it’….that makes no sense. Of COURSE I wanted it for what makes it different from other phones. How dense are you, really?

      • Burge

        so in other word your saying other devices have these features but do it differently to the iPhone. so they all have the same features but do it differently. and thats my point you can do what you do now with a android device it doesn’t have to be a iPhone. so its what you want.

        I put one reason why i have a iPhone you haven’t said any reason why you have a iPhone that you couldn’t do with a Android device.

      • Morgan Freeman

        I never claimed the iPhone can do anything an Android can’t, or vice versa. But since you continue to ask stupid questions, I will say I prefer the way iOS is compared to Android… which means I like iOS as a separate entity, not “just because”… apparently YOU don’t care what phone you have, since they are all the same. You are an extreme minority in that regard. Now, if you want to continue to argue, you’re going to have to at least come up with a semi-coherent argument to begin with. GOOD DAY TO YOU.

      • Burge

        In the whole of this I’ve asked you one question that you have failed to answer. Why do you have a iPhone ? You say features but you can not say what those features are. I’ve said a feature that I use. But when I first got the iPhone ( original iPhone ) non of these features were on the iPhone. For me it was just because I wanted it nothing to do with features. So yes people do want stuff just because they want it and not what it can do. And I think that applies to you because you can not answer my question. Don’t bother answering now because you have had plenty of time to answer this one question.

        Enjoy your iPhone for what ever reason you have it for.


      • Morgan Freeman

        I suspected you were the type to just want something for absolutely no reason. You want to be on the bandwagon for the sake of being on it. Blind consumerism is the bane of this world. You are not even a human being anymore. Congratulations.

      • Burge

        With the first iPhone yes I just wanted it. All the features that I use came with the development on iOS. At least I can answer my question unlike you.

      • Morgan Freeman

        Jesus christ. I have answered your question, but you refuse to understand how to communicate logically. You will not win this. You do realize everyone can see what idiocy you are typing, don’t you? Just go away already.

      • Burge

        I asked you one question and your answer was features that really didn’t answer the question at all.

        I didn’t know I was trying to win anything.

        I don’t care who reads this they just see that you didn’t answer the question on why you have a iPhone.

        Like I said enjoy your device for what ever reason you have it for. And enjoy those features. What ever they are that make you want a iPhone.

      • Morgan Freeman

        Right, the things that make it an iPhone. Not ‘just because’ it is an iPhone like you.

      • Burge

        Your avoidance of the question of why do you have a iPhone and not even saying one feature of the iPhone is providing my point of the first post I made. You have a device because you want it. You can not ague with that because you haven’t said any feature of the iPhone at all.

        If you think I only have it because it’s a iPhone your wrong. With the original iPhone it was. After that it’s not. I even said one feature that’s one more than you.

        It integrates with my other Apple device so I can pick up where I left off on a different device.

        I can plan a trip from my MacBook and get that information on my iPhone when I’m out.

        I can check a store for a item and them go to a store and before I purchase it I can quickly look at my iPhone to make sure I have the right item.

        I can use the calendar on my iPad to enter birthday days or days out and if need be ill get a reminder on my iPhone.

        I use the wunderlist app at work with 8 others so we can enter things that need to be done/bought or needs fixing.

        I can name a few features on why I have a iPhone you haven’t said one feature and saying features is not answering the question I asked you.

        It seems you don’t know why you have a iPhone at all. But for what ever reason you have it you enjoy it.

      • Morgan Freeman

        k. You still lose though, you dense shit.

      • Burge

        So you don’t need a iPhone you need features so why don’t you have a Andriod device ?. It’s because you want a iPhone. You live with the features it gives you.

        You can not answer the question of why do you have a iPhone it’s because you have convinced yourself you need the features it gives you. When in fact you don’t know you need them till you have them.

        And my god you are abusive aren’t you.

      • Morgan Freeman

        Ok buddy, I am not going to give you what you want so just shut your trap already. YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY SIR!

      • Burge

        I loose because you can not answer. Ok.

      • Morgan Freeman

        You LOSE because you are a troll.

      • Burge

        What makes you say that ? I’ve only asked you one question and you can not answer it. If I’m a troll why are you the abusive one ? If not been abusive in fact I’ve not said anything about you so in fact you are the troll by your own standards.

      • Morgan Freeman

        Listen, turd… your original comment said:

        “Who gives a crap. You have a device because that’s what you want. Not because it’s got this or that or what ever. You have it because you want it.”

        To which I replied:

        “Yeah but typically people want things because of their features. That’s kind of how it works. LOL is your post serious?”

        And all you have done thus far is go on and on about details that are not pertinent to the argument really. You seriously cannot understand the original argument or what?

        However, you did finally say that since your very first iPhone, you do in fact now care about the features it has over other phones, but you still want to deny that apparently. Make up your mind, or shut the F up.

        I have simply tried to get you to explain your clearly faulty logic, which you cannot do, because either your brain is broken, or you are a troll.

        Now, any further comment from you beyond this point will be you talking to yourself as I will no longer reply to you. My comments will be upvoted and yours will not, because everyone else on earth has more than two braincells and knows I am right and you are wrong. GOODBYE ALREADY.

      • Burge

        I take it you have a iPhone, Why ?

      • Morgan Freeman

        Answered below.

  • Daniel Waske

    I’d maybe even buy an S7 if it was running iOS – but Android? No thank you… The ads are not bad though 😀

    • or maybe stock android. Touch Wiz is still disgusting.

    • Jeffrey


  • iPhoneWINS

    Most celebs use iPhones fact .. most A list celebs use iPhones

    • True, they paid them a lot for these but these are pretty good.

      • Shinonuke

        Not like Samsung can’t afford to pay the celeb to use their product. I just think that people look at iPhone as a luxury item more than they would with a Samsung phone.

  • See Samsung? You don’t need to bash Apple every time to get attention. I actually like these commercials.

    • Fanboy 

      Totally agree lol, Fanboy approves of these ads lol. The dark ad was pretty weird…. But the water ad was super clever! Definitely am jealous my iPhone isn’t waterproof!

      • Shinonuke

        Maybe I am brave? I submerge my iPhone in the tub and it’s still functional

  • nonchalont

    Now those were great commercials by Samsung! By far the best commercials they ever made. Good job Sammy. Kinda hypes me up to get a S7 lol …but probably won’t get one.

  • Tim smith

    You have “anywhere where credit cards are accepter.” Shouldn’t it be “accepted”?

  • Samsung pay is a win. Why didn’t apple do this?

    • Ashy Larry

      Hindsight is always 20/20.

    • Rowan09

      Is a win where? It’s not accepted everywhere and every store I’ve been in say Google Wallet or Apple Pay. Plus how much is Samsung being paid per transaction would define a win.

      • It’s a win in that it is accepted everywhere that cards are accepted, unlike Apple Pay which doesn’t even work with my banks and doesn’t work everywhere. And I don’t k ow where you get your info but the article clearly states it’s accepted everywhere thst takes cards.

      • Rowan09

        It’s not everywhere according to the commercial, but it may be a win for consumers but not for Samsung unless they can monetize it.

      • It’s a feature specific to Samsung phones. That’s like saying 3D Touch or Live Photos isn’t a win for Apple. The more alluring features one has, the more people will gravitate towards it.

      • Rowan09

        No one I know uses or used Samsung Pay. When I say it’s not a win, I just mean if they are not able to monetize it.

      • Pedling

        Samsung isn’t getting paid per transaction, and Samsung Pay can emulate a Magnet card swype (MST), thats why Samsung Pay doesnt require a system like Android Wallet or Apple Pay..

      • shar

        it does work practically everywhere, Samsung bought “looppay” (MST technology) and added it to their already NFC enabled phone 😉

  • tskwierc

    Not a fan of Samsung but these commercials are pretty funny especially the Dark one.

  • Wesh

    apple shouldn’t shy away from copying the curved screen. i like it alot!
    If they don’t do it in the 7 I’m going Samsung!
    That’s a threat! :p

    • Elias Chao

      I’d prefer Apple to release an awesome wireless charging system and water resistant. Curved screens looks cool, but that’s it.

      • Wesh

        they could add function to. like shortcuts to favourite apps. works well (for the minute i tried it in-store)

      • Jeffrey

        Seems to me like a pretty annoying feature… But it does look cool. And you might as well go Samsung right now because I guarantee you, Apple will NOT bring out an iPhone with curved edges like on the Samsung in at LEAST the coming 2 years. I actually think Apple will NEVER go for curved edges like on the Samsung. Maybe a different kind of curve but not in at least the coming 2 years.

  • Elias Chao

    Those commercials are cools. We have to accept it’s a pretty good phone.

    • Jeffrey

      The phone seems awesome, the software however… I’d rather have an iPhone 5 with iOS than an S7 with Android.

      • Elias Chao

        Android is not the problem, TouchWiz is.

      • Jeffrey

        Well I guess that’s a matter of opinion then 🙂

  • Rowan09

    Not bad, but this commercial dumps on the S6 as well.

    • Jeffrey

      Well… The S6 is old now, so I guess Samsung doesn’t give a crap, they just want to show the really new features, old features obviously don’t matter.

      • Rowan09

        I understand but they had a water resistant S6 and it’s the Active, plus it had a 3000mAH battery as well. Some of these features aren’t new that they are bragging about.

      • Jeffrey

        True, but the ‘Active’ was kind of the uglier brother of the S6 which could do more, Samsung is now bragging about the fact that the S7 now has the features of the ugly brother of the S6 in a beautiful shell

      • Rowan09

        True, but it wasn’t that ugly.

      • Jeffrey

        Also true 😛 But relatively

  • Vince Reedy

    Cool phone and ads, terrible OS.

  • ravinigga

    So they now forget that s6 don’t exist because the s6 miss this features.

  • raulortiz318

    Saw a few of these ads during the Oscars last night. Thought they were well done, especially the “Water” spot. Very compelling, and was a stylish way to show off the water resistance feature.

  • OneBigInFiniteJoinT

    F.. the phones, who’s that girl in the blue ? kissing ?

  • embet

    The video of Galaxy S7: Water is so funny..I wonder, why that woman try to snap near the fountain using a phone that not unlocked or not in snap-mode?Or does it because of falling into the water, the phone is locked?But why does that phone’s screen is not in sleep-mode when raised from the water?And does it’s true the time is at 12:00 noon?And how could that woman snap the next picture without unlock the phone or make her phone in snap-mode?

  • Nabeel hammad

    Long story short, I would ABSOLUTELY NOT RECOMMEND this Samsung product or any other. I would suggest you save your money and Do not buy a Samsung product, it is a waste of time and money.
    Features is use less on all Samsung phones even Samsung phones not worth of money. All Samsung phones look like same.

    Apple always think different thats a reason Apple always think about own satisfaction before they release they never copy from another os Apple always uses world class materials for build it and Apple products worth of money.

    I just want say Samsung phones is waste of money. ;))

    • Bangali


  • Randi Sakihara

    Who is the Asian girl in the bathtub? She’s a very good actress. Her natural, subtle, wonderful reaction. Any guidance would be much appreciated, we want to cast her for future TV projects. Thnx!!!