Samsung’s celebrity-studded Galaxy S7 ad is smart and subtle with anti-Apple digs

Samsung Galaxy S7 star-studded ad image 001

Samsung’s Galaxy advertising campaigns typically are not the subtlest of digs at Apple, but the new star-studded commercial for the latest Galaxy S7 smartphones is different.

Featuring actors William Macy and Wesley Snipes, hip-hop artist Lil Wayne and other celebrities, the commercial focuses on the features that differentiate the Galaxy S7 from the iPhone 6s.

The highlighted features that the ad poses as the Galaxy S7’s competitive advantage over Apple’s smartphone include waterproofing, two times better lowlight performance, a longer-lasting battery, support for Samsung’s virtual reality headset, Samsung’s mobile payment system that works anywhere credit cards are accepted, the phone’s expandable memory and more.

Here it is.

And two more posted in the last few hours.

And for good measure, here’s Samsung’s original promotional footage for the S7.

Say what you will about Samsung but this proves that the company can in fact make commercials with humor. I like this latest ‘Why?’ ad for the Galaxy S7 and think it’s one of Samsung’s funniest anti-Apple ads they’ve made thus far.

And your thoughts on these ads?