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The Windows Phone keyboard Microsoft is bringing to iOS will feature a special one-handed mode, reports The Verge. Speaking with sources familiar with the company’s plans, the site says that an early version of the keyboard is currently in internal beta, and it will soon be available to public testers.

One of the more interesting things the beta has revealed thus far is that the iOS version of Microsoft’s Flow keyboard will feature a special one-handed mode. Yes, the Windows version also has a one-handed mode, but those who have tried the iPhone version say that there are a few noticeable differences.

While the Windows 10 Mobile keyboard also has a one-handed mode, Microsoft’s iOS version is different. The one-handed mode works on each side, allowing you to use either hand to swipe letters or type on the go. Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile keyboard simply shifts to the side to create a compact keyboard, instead of the fanned key layout used in the iOS version.

The Verge says Word Flow for iOS is otherwise very similar to its Windows sibling, meaning you’ll see features like word suggestions, emoji, and the ability to swipe letters (similar to Swype) to type out words. The keyboard should be available on iOS in the next few months, followed by an Android version.

Source: The Verge

  • MrShutEmDown

    Got us us all excited thinking it was coming too, only to tell us “next few months” 0_o.

  • Lt_R

    I wonder why there isn’t a jailbreak tweak for this already.

    • askep3

      Because they’d have to code the entire keyboard from scratch, you can’t just copy a windows phone keyboard to iPhone.

      • Lt_R

        I know that, but there have been tweaks such as multiplexer that never existed anywhere before, but they were coded from scratch. I’m sure making that tweak took a lot more effort than a keyboard.

      • askep3

        I see, and if you are talking about the fanning out design of the keyboard, you are right it could probably be designed

      • Vivek B

        Coding a keyboard is pretty damn easy: a bunch of buttons that send a message to the edited view. that’s it.

      • askep3

        But the autocorrect?

      • Vivek B

        autocorrect shouldn’t be *too* hard, for one experienced programmer it should take <2 months assuming they have another job too.

      • askep3

        Dang, I thought it would be complicated to make a good algorithm.

      • ericesque

        It is. Multi billion dollar companies have spent years refining their autocorrect algorithms and they still aren’t perfect. I’m sure one developer could develop _something_ in less than two months in his spare time, and they could call it autocorrect, but it would probably be wrong more often than right and would support only their native language.

      • askep3

        Thanks that makes more sense.

  • Most right-handers hold their phone with their left hand. I hope there’s an alternative layout for the left hand.

    • askep3

      There will be, probably just a mirror of the right hand mode

    • ericesque

      Is it most? I am right-handed and hold my phone with my left, but I often get questions about it…

    • Alberto Espinal

      There is!

  • Rodney Coleman

    How about the fix the issues with their App Store so I can start buying Windows phones again.

    • 5723alex .

      Windows Phone are dead. The LAST Lumia will be announced next .month.

  • Guy

    Damn when the release date

  • TechnoBuff

    Quite interesting to see IOS users very hyped up about a Microsoft product!
    Wish Microsoft can put more energy into the Windows app store.
    Having a viable alternative to IOS and Android is quite needed.

    • Rowan09

      Software is always welcomed

    • I totally agree! I totally prefer my Surface Pro 4 over my iPad and would love to see a complete overhaul to the Windows Store.
      In its current state, it’s beyond pathetic and is littered with complete bs apps. Reminds me of what the Google Play Store has always looked like! Ha

  • Joe Monteverde

    HandyKey is a great tweak from Cydia that allows me to type 1 handed on my 6plus. Couldnt live without it!
    Also a tweak called exkey to add a numbers row on top.

  • Jerry

    Wow I am really excited for this! That one hand mode looks amazing. I love that Microsoft is finally stepping it up and releasing quality stuff.

    • 5723alex .

      There is no such “quality stuff” from Microsoft. Everything isn’t even close to being mediocre. It is just crap.

  • Alberto Espinal

    I hope it supports 3D Touch because if not I’m out, can’t live without the trap pad feature!