Software Update iOS 9.2.1

After releasing two betas, Apple has pushed the final version of iOS 9.2.1 to the public. The update is now available to all eligible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. Simply go to Settings → General → Software Update to begin the update.

This update features the following:

  • Security updates
  • Bug fixes
  • A fix for an issue that can prevent a completion of app installation when using an MDM server

Apple has provided a list of the security-oriented changes implemented into iOS 9.2.1, and it can be found via this link. There’s a familiar name credited in the change log, Nikias Bassen, better known around the jailbreak community as pimskeks.

If you’d prefer to download the update directly from Apple, you can do so from our downloads page.

iOS 9.2.1 is a very small update, but due to the security updates and bug fixes, we recommend updating if you’re not jailbroken.

  • Ja1lBreak K1nG

    No thank you.. iOS 9.0.2 Jailbroken

    • @Orlowskii

      iOS 9.0.2 working terible

      • I’ll take whatever you say is “terible” and have a jailbreak, over a “terible” boring iOS lol

      • Tdaniels


      • @Orlowskii


      • Furrnace

        Usually, if they say it’s terrible and they’ve jailbroken, it’s because they’re doing it wrong. Too many tweaks, pirated tweaks, or just don’t not too familiar with jailbreaking in general.

      • Sam Jackson

        Not at all this is just a buggy jailbreak it’s happened before and will happen again. Why do you fanboys have to disagree with everyone when they stated a fact which is that the jailbreak is buggy for them….get over it

      • @Orlowskii

        I am also waiting for the jailbreak, but I prefer smooth and without lag

      • James Branham

        Hear! Hear!

      • :D

        I thought I’d die without my jb (having jailbroken for the past 4 or so years lol), but then came the day I had to get a replacement. It really isn’t too bad without the jb, though. I miss a few things, but Apple really have stepped up their game. It isn’t as bad as you may think.

      • Rowan09

        They did. All I need now is a file explorer on the iPhone and I’m set with less of a reason to jailbreak. I love freeing up my device with a jailbreak, so I would continue to do so.

      • Julio M.

        Terrible*? I have no issue with mine.

      • Lawrence

        Mine has no issues either and been good

      • While I agree that it’s terrible, I’d take a jailbroken iOS over a non-jailbroken iOS any day.

    • Cones1r

      I second that!!!!

  • Guilherme 

    Freaking finally! Now we’ll have our long waited jailbreak!

    • Ты такая открытая

      Not necessarily tho…

      • Guilherme 

        well, I think Taig or Pangu were only waiting for Apple to release iOS 9.2.1, so they could also release their jailbreak tool.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Guil i think they are going to wait until 9.3 unless they patch any exploit then they will do it!

      • Heitor Castro 

        If they’ll keep always waiting for Apple to release an update, then the jailbreak will never be released. Apple is clearly pushing minor updates to avoid JB teams from releasing a jailbreak tool. Maybe after the 9.2.1, which just happened, it’s the right time for a jailbreak to come.

      • Markieze Mitchell

        if I read correctly a couple of days ago, they said that 9.3 actually patched the exploits. Its only down to who ever wanted to use the known exploits now to create a jailbreak for the public for 9.2.1

      • @Orlowskii

        Maybe :))

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        Nope, if you go down that hole- Taig/pangu will always be waiting. Now, wouldn’t they wait for 9.3 since it’s a huge update?

      • Blip dude

        They don’t have to wait IF the exploits have already been patched. The same happened with iOS 9.1 hence why a JB for it wasn’t released. The only thing to do at this point is wait and see IF exploits are indeed patched in iOS 9.3 or not.

  • Ты такая открытая

    So should i wait for the 9.2 Jailbreak or update to 9.2.1

    • I suggest waiting, I am.

    • 5723alex .

      Wait for 9.3 (jail) break.

    • @Orlowskii

      Should wait

  • Shakur Ali

    Come on jailbreak

  • justme

    waiting for iOS9.2 VS iOS9.2.1 in all devices tests
    before update…
    I’m downgrade from iOS9.3 because is slow as hell!
    I know it’s beta but, years ago the betas was better than this in performance.
    if you remeber iOS7.1, do you know what I’m talking about

    • leart

      from what I have watched on YouTube 9.2.1 looks very snappy and they fixed fully the lag when staring apps

      • justme

        thanks! I already updated and works smooth 😉

  • leart

    omg they killed the ota door to the 8.4.1 from older firmwares, now the ota is offering the option directly to the latest firmware I guess now that ota downgrade will not work anymore at last for iphone 5/5s 🙁

    • Tommy

      damn is that ios 6? ipad 2? lol

      • iPhoneWINS

        OG shit

    • andy

      I mean i would love to return home back to my BABY LAND of ios 6! but whats negative is the apps wont be supported and all :(!!!!!
      so what do u think in ur honest opinion!????

      • leart

        it depends what device you want to downgrade. so far you know is possible easy just for 4s/ipad2 and those two devices are just very snappy on iOS 6. all my apps are working on iOS 6, fully. if you have a newer device well you can’t probably and you should not downgrade . it’s up tu you.
        short, iPhone 4S should be up to iOS 7.1.2, same ipad 2, other devices are doing fine even on iOS 9 so…

      • andy

        Well im on an iphone 4s running ios 9.2 atm waiting for jailbreak…..
        So that picture u shown here, if i downgrade to ios 6.1.3….i cant ota to ios 8.4.1 since they closed signing the ota software or?

      • leart

        yeah, you got my point, till iOS 9.2 my non jailbroken ipad mini in 6.1.3 was showing ota for 8.4.1, now is showing directly 9.2.1. apple must did something in silent and they killed ota to iOS 8 from older firmwares …
        in you i would keep this in mind, but we must wait till developers of ota downgrade say something.. so far no one is saying nothing…

      • leart

        dude, the 4s is dead on ios 8 or 9 … 100 times better to be on the good, old, beautiful ios 6 for that device

      • andy

        YEAH IT IS HAHAHA :p

    • Aman kapoor

      how do i downgrade my ipad 2 or iphone 4 ?

      • leart

        iPad 2 can downgrade easily to 6.1.3, iphone 4 very easy if you have shsh blobs saved, google it and will find tons of easy tutorials on youtube

    • andy

      Man i honestly don’t know now. I seriously want to update to ios 9.2.1 cuz its so much better….well pretty much i have the IPSW already but i downgraded back incase of a jailbreak that comes out…..ios 9.2.1 actually made me so happy but whats pissing me off is jailbreaking? idk for sure if its legit or not happening……

      • leart

        did you updated to 9.2.1? what I have seen on YouTube it looks fastest than any other ios 9, almost like 8.4.1 especially one day after the installation when the device will finish to index it’s files..

      • andy

        Yes i updated to ios 9.2.1 a week ago but i went back because i don’t wanna risk losing a jailbreak opportunity in which i have been waiting for since last year……

        IDK im getting pissed and annoyed, i understand its so hard and all for developers to crack the codes and etc!

        I guess i might as well update to ios 9.2.1 then, screw downgrading and all! i had enough of it now then.

        I’m getting an Iphone 5s very soon so im happy about that! i had get iphone 6 and further but nah not my type because the size isnt perfect for my hands so honestly the 5s is still pretty fast, powerful and all 🙂

      • leart

        it looks like apple fixed a lot of bugs on 9.2.1 but I’m pretty sure that if will be a new jailbreak for ios 9, will support 9.2.1.. personally I’m done with jailbreaking, my next device will never be jailbroken

      • andy

        Well honestly if jailbreakers who are gonna play smart then yes they would needa wait then….. i mean ios 9.2.1 is the best for me and jailbreaking on ios 9- 9.2.1 would be a lovely gift but idk.

        I’m starting to not care about jailbreaking anymore, i only need jailbreak so i can downgrade and all 🙂 otherwise nothing.

        I’m sure when i get my new Iphone 5s i will def stay on whatever IOS it is unless the next update is good!

      • leart

        yeah the 5s still look awsome.. im not a fan of updates to.. now that I’m thinking i have update just once in all those years when I messed the 6.0.1 jb and went to the latest 7.1.1 for the time… remember software updates are number one factor of destroying the devices 🙂

      • andy

        Indeed they are surely!!!!!!
        Yeah for sure bro! 5s is <3

      • leart

        did you tried the new assistive touch? it seems like it could be used like home button just taping it at the first

      • andy

        Yeah man i sure did! its good hahahaa

      • leart

        how it is 9.2.1 one day after??
        it looks faster than any other ios 8 release for iPhone 4S….

      • andy

        All i can say so far!!!! ios 9.2.1 is the best IOS i have used…so far better than ios 8.4.1, battery life is great now :)! 100% legit, no bullshit, if i was to bullshit i wouldnt be typing all this up right now 😛

  • Paul Edmund

    I really think the Jailbreak will come out with the release of 9.3.

    • Jerry

      so in the spring? lol

  • Jerry

    Thank the Lort!

  • Blip dude

    Still on iOS 9.3 but will probably restore to iOS 9.2 when I get home. So at this point, I’ll wait a bit and see what happens. I will miss night shift though, but knowing I can have f.lux possibly any day now is a (somewhat) good feeling.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    That 3rd item in the update log. Sorry, but how many people here are trying to install an app through a “MDM server”? And how many of you have problems where an iPhone 6S Plus / 6S will lockup/hang/freeze when trying to wake/unlock with TouchID about half the time you try to wake the €900+ device? Or how many of you have an equally pressing issue where the battery % won’t update requiring a reboot/restart??

    Please fix issues that MATTER / plague the vast majority of users, Apple.

    • covertash

      At my last job, I supervised just shy of 1,000 iPod Touch’s (4th through 6th gen), through an MDM environment. My corporate counterpart at that same job supervised over 1,500 devices in his environment – comprised of iPad Air’s and iPhone 6/6 Plus’s. My current job? Again, just shy of 1,000 mixed iOS devices, and growing. And all this is just from my own personal experiences, between two different companies.

      There are tons of other companies out there, who use anywhere from a handful to a full barrage of Apple devices, and need to manage all of them through an MDM environment – otherwise, it becomes utter chaos to manually configure/setup each and every device, one by one. If I cannot properly install an app/update remotely through the MDM server, then my deployment plans and schedules are completely useless. (Keep in mind, not all apps that businesses use are publically available through the Apple App Store. So how else can you install them?)

      Since the debut of iOS 9, I’ve had to utilize Apple’s support a lot more than I ever have in the past (including iOS 6 through 8, combined). I can tell you first hand that it gets very tiring when I have to keep switching back and forth between Apple and the MDM vendor to figure who dropped the ball, and where. Once you’ve experienced the majority of your devices working fine, but a significant chunk DO NOT behave the same, you would understand how frustrating it can be, considering the devices are theoretically identical, otherwise. Today’s update is a welcome relief, as was the 9.0.1 update which fixed a setup/activation issue that I had with select serial numbers, shortly after the debut of the 6th gen iPod Touch’s.

      So it might not matter to you, but to my thousands of end users, and to the companies I work for (and may work for in the future), it absolutely does matter. 😉

  • iPhoneWINS

    Another weak another IOS version update…lol

  • Jerry

    Siri stopped recognizing my contacts on 9.2 and a upgrade to 9.2.1 didn’t fix it. Guess i need a restore? 🙁

    • Vinnie

      I have the same problem on 9.2, was hoping 9.2.1 would fix, darn.

      My biggest annoyance with this is that Siri won’t create reminders unless I action it from my watch.

  • Martynet

    My 6s plus feels a bit faster… after the update

  • andy


  • zoLa siWisa

    Today I got this, the site look fake.

    I didn’t log on due to have suspicion. Is there a place I can report?

  • justme

    thank you!!