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It looks as if iOS 9.3 beta 1 has already been jailbroken, which lends hope that a public version of an iOS 9.3.x jailbreak may be possible. But don’t hold your breath; this is the same hacker/developer—Luca Todesco—that recently shared a screenshot of a jailbroken iPhone 6 running iOS 9.2.1. He previously made it clear that he has no intention of sharing, and it doesn’t look like that’s changing anytime soon.

In the video, Todesco shows off some of the new iOS 9.3 beta 1 features that Apple released earlier today, including the new Night Shift mode for changing the gamma values of the iPhone’s screen.

Like I said, the likelihood of this ever arriving on public iPhones is slim to none, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Let’s hope that someone else will be kind enough to provide us with a future jailbreak.

What do you think?

  • Mike M. Powell


  • iannleon

    Jeff you should check out iCloud for iBooks

  • Ds

    I’m sure at the rate of Apple updates and jailbreaks being shown we’ll likely never see another jailbreak.

    • JaeM1llz

      You realize there’s someone like you who says this every time Apple releases a new update and we ALWAYS end up getting another one, right?

    • Robert McCoy

      I feel the same way. I check the IOS 9 jailbreak status far more frequently than the next guy, and I swear all I ever see is this “a-jailbreak-is-imminent-but-not-for-the-public” crap, and hundreds of sites with reviews on “ground-breaking” information that I see in the headlines every-freaking-day!!!! “A jailbreak is close!” , “It’s coming!”, “Oh, maybe not as soon as we thought :)”. and “Ohhhh we have one but not for public :))))))”. It’s so fudging annoying. One step forward and two steps back; we’ve waited an excruciating amount of time for a jailbreak and no-one has supplied. I give up for now because OHHOHOHOHOHO NOWWW there’s fudging “rumors” (FROM WHERE???) that, oh so clearly, state Taig, or whoever, is waiting for the IOS 9.3 release date!!! SAME SHIT EVERY TIME. “Let’s wait. Let’s wait. Let’s wait. Oh let’s get things rolling. No wait…. let’s wait.”!! And I’m only SO ANGRY because I had the jailbreak but got the freakin Bl00d thingy, that I forgot the details on, with IOS 9.0.2 so that forced me to get IOS 9.1. So I said screw it and signed up for pre-betas. Now I regrettably stay updated all the TIME. 🙂

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    I dont know about you guys but I’m getting tired of these “So and so shows off jailbreak” stuff. Who the hell cares?? I’ll give you a cookie! We know that none of these ever become public, so to me its nothing. I literally made a face when I got this Twitter notification on my phone. It means nothing to me.

    • Paymon John Vafa

      I’ve been thinking: maybe they Do this so apple/anyone can contact and pay $$$ for the exploit.

      • Anonymous

        Now that good sir is the million dollar answer!

      • NotTodayThx

        spot on, you get ten times as much selling via an exploit broker tho, or sell the sploits to someone such as TaiG. if I remember correctly, the bounty that apple offer is embarrassingly small in comparison. Even the donations from a jb far exceed their silly non-Bounty.
        another thing that crosses my mind is how this enhances ones CV, especially when you are a security researcher.
        etc etc

      • Paymon John Vafa

        Valid point

    • NotTodayThx

      bet you have no jb

    • Mr Y

      Who cares? Let me think…..his peers, other security analysts, other jailbreakers, there are many (including Apple). Shame you are so small minded that you can’t think of anyone who cares. If you did something with your life, maybe you could be bringing the jailbreak to us, but alas, no, you sit there waiting for other skilled beings to do it. So you can use it, for free, with no positive input whatsoever. GTFOH

  • Trey

    What the hell is the point really? (Claps) Bravo! You can jailbreak 9.2.1 and 9.3… You might as well figure out how to travel through time, but never use it. Some people have nothing else better to do than waste their own time and ours letting us know there’s something they’ve done that will never be utilized. Dumb. Just dumb. #rantover #sorryjeff

    • Joaquim N.

      He is just a loser dying for attention.

    • ravinigga

      I think they want now money. With their show off. Good free jailbreak 🙁

    • Steviant

      The point is that oppressive regimes like the US and Saudi Arabia pay good money to be able to spy on people’s private communications and track their movements. At least one drone assassination has been targeted using a hacked cellphone as a homing device.

  • Chelu

    In my opinion the guy suffer from lack of attention so he have to show off to compensate somethings missing in his life!

  • Luke Per

    He posts these videos to get more popularity and to make people angry. Then people go and post about how mad they are about it and more people see it. We’re feeding the flame

  • Chris

    Cool, you got a jailbreak working on a _beta_.

  • Joaquim N.

    “Look at me people, please notice me, I’m a “hacker”, I can jailbreak my iPhone, yay!”

    Seriously? Nobody cares unless you release it. Didn’t get it yet? So get a life instead.

    • John

      He’s not a hacker… He’s a developer 😉

      • Joaquim N.

        Oh well, I guess you didn’t get it at all.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t this the guy making the failbreaks where you need a Dev account to accomplish them?

    • Mike M. Powell



    I agree..who cares..this is becoming a Kardashian story on something that matters

    • Mike M. Powell


  • Blip dude

    Actually, my problem isn’t these people like this guy asking for attention that is my issue (the cold shoulder exists for situations like this). But rather, why the hell blogs and YouTubers and bragging about this to us like it even benefits us in anyway. Please stop posting and vlogging about **** like this. Really, it’s not actually benefiting anyone except maybe Apple for their benefit.

    • aw81

      I once dared to suggest that idb were clickbaiting for a similar article and got jumped on by fanboys.

  • Ernie Marin

    Is this website really that desperate for clicks?

  • J™

    Just ignore him and stop writing on him.
    If he sees all the negative comments about him online then he’s achieved his goal… to make ppl angry while he laughs and gloats over it.
    Besides… I’m good with my 9.0.2 public jailbreak

  • Hotrod

    I didn’t even giggle until the last part when Jeff says..”What do you think?” And then I’m thinking I’ll tell you Mr. Benjamin exactly what the freak I’m thinking… I think this its a tease! and when I start thinking of that word, tease… I start thinking about your mom… And then I start thinking about turtles because I really like turtles, and then I wondered if your mom likes turtles, and then I think I wonder if Jeff’s mom bought him ninja turtles when he was a kid like my mom, and then I snap out of it and Just wish someone would hurry up and release a Jailbreak so I can stop thinking about ninja turtles and apparently Jeff’s mother, whom I don’t even know

    • J™

      I think u should shut your mouth and stop talking about other people’s mother

      • Hotrod

        Agreed & apologies….too much apple pie moonshine last night

  • Charles Dean

    Lol nobody cares about who “achieves” any jailbreaks until it’s released to us. It’s pointless to gloat

  • Satyam Panchal

    Come on Jeff he just chance iOS version using Ifile (plist) … And that night shift he show it he make deb of it

  • Sujan Khatri

    The year is 2155
    World war 3 has slowed down the development of ios 9.1 jailbreak .
    But pangu is working really hard to achieve a jailbreak .
    It is estimated that a jailbreak will arrive in 3111

  • Ram4ever

    I am sure the hacker is not trying to show off. He is just making a point that his exploit has not been patched by apple in 9.3 beta.
    As a user my take away from this post is I cannot expect a JB anytime soon as it make No sense to release one now and get it patched by Apple before the final version of 9.3 releases.

    Thanks for the post Jeff

  • John

    Jeff, I believe a large portion of the community here would appreciate it if posts like this were disregarded. As a jailbreaker, they bring little hope, since these displays tend to just taunt us. Yes, they of course do provide a greater chance for a public release, but then again when people such as Luca, who later tweet “I lied… No releases”, it ends up aggravating many of us.

  • Tikimaker

    I didn’t even wast the time it takes to watch his JB video.

  • suttonmontreal

    My question is : where is @pod2g it’s been a while no ?

  • Micke på taket

    Well this Guy want money ,,he dont care about some ungrateful wining teenagers here..

  • John

    I simply LOVE how you’re referring to this fool as a developer JUST because he’s using a developer build… Common folks, I’m happy to give credit where credit is due, but in this case, he’s just an attention seeking dick.

  • Release it, or it didn’t happen.

  • Xee

    I think we need to try and see the positive side of this:

    1. It shows that a jailbreak is possible.
    2. This might give Taig etc extra incentive to get a working jailbreak.
    3. Someone might steal his jailbreak.
    4. Hopefully someone will hack him and pinch it.
    5. … :/

  • Alejandro Valladares

    It was Joshua Hill who uploaded the video @p0sixninja

  • Henry Ly

    Wow, I couldn’t give two fucks at all if you aren’t releasing your tool. Nice job with the jailbreak, but if you aren’t going to release it, shut up, and keep it.

  • So he used his same exploit he doesn’t plan to share on this one too? I’ll give a sh.. when he gets past trying to be popular on the internet…

  • Horai

    Since he never wanted to release than why give him new coverage to feed his attention seeking antics.