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Episode 113: A breakdown and review of Apple’s newly-released and highly polarizing Smart Battery Case. iOS 9.2 is released with lots of new features. The Apple Remote app is now compatible with the new Apple TV. Apple launches watchOS 2.1, and we talk about what we’d like to see from the rumored Apple Watch hardware refresh.

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  • iBanks

    Man, the Apple remote segment was such an crybaby rant. And yes, that car without the radio for 6 months example was horrible. They key hardware is there, the Apple TV. It’s was only missing an miscellaneous piece of software. Because it didn’t simplify your life to not have to use the Siri remote to enter certain details didn’t make it an unfinished product. The primary hardware was available and it worked. Hell, majority of the tv service apps I used required me to go to suchandsuch . com/activate on an mobile device or computer so therefore the remote app wasn’t needed. And now that I think about it, the smart glass remote has been available for Xbox for some time now but yet most people don’t even know of it or even use it. Same goes for the Apple Remote. There could be data that says that a small percentage of users use the remote app so let’s focus on xyz first and then add support down the line. But man, this episode was worst than listening to my daughter whining about wanting to play plants vs zombies on my Xbox One.

    • Merman123

      Nah man. The remote app is kind of a big deal. And it is for Apple as well.

      What about the fact that they touted being able to control your Apple TV with your Apple Watch using the remote app for so long , and the second the NEW Apple TV is released, this functionality is completely broken… Yet the icon is still there in your Apple Watch.

      It’s the little details that count as well, and this was one of those that mattered. Especially when they knew they were introducing a new typing method.

      • iBanks

        I don’t recall any touting other than Tim Cook saying he enjoyed controlling his Apple TV via his watch prior to its launch. And outside of an small banner shown in the AppStore of the remote app majority of the people have no idea it exists and probably don’t even use it if they do have it. Every person in my immediate family has an Apple TV and My brother and I are the only two that uses the app. So Apple may have looked at statistics to gain an idea on its importance. There would be no need for them to remove the app or its icon from the watch due to the other millions of Gen 2 and 3 Apple TV’s out there. The Apple Watch app is on every iOS device with later softwares but not everyone has an Apple Watch so the app being available doesn’t mean everyone uses it.

      • Merman123

        It doesn’t matter if not everyone uses it. The fact that even a small percentage of people use it should be enough of a reason for them to have an update ready by release. I dont use the stocks app at all but I wouldn’t be ok with the app being broken in an update for months.

      • iBanks

        There’s a difference here. The app wasn’t broken, it still worked on the generations of Apple TV’s it was intended for and then later updated to support the current gen device that was later released. The uproar of cry babying about the app only came from people within the tech community such as us. Not the typical person. I believe it was Cody that mentioned his mom asked “well can’t I just use my fingerprint for it?” Which would be a great feature, but not something supported. So I’m assuming that she wasn’t an user of the remote app and probably relied on the hardware remote just as most people do. The app isn’t essential to the Apple TV. It’s an commodity. And people get too caught up in that difference.