Poll: do you still listen to Beats 1?

Beats 1 iPhone 6

Beats 1 launched on Apple Music nearly six months ago to much fanfare, but today, the service doesn’t seem to garner as much interest as it first did back in June. I myself listened to Beats 1 a bit, but the novelty quickly wore off, and the multiple genres played all days just didn’t sit well with my specific tastes in music.

I know I haven’t listened to Beats 1 in weeks, possibly months, and I am curious to see if more people feel the same way as I do, hence this poll.

I purposely made this a Yes/No poll. You either listen to Beats 1, or you don’t. If you listen from time to time, then it’s yes. If like me you haven’t listened in weeks, then it’s no.

I’ve made the case before that Beats needs genre-specific stations to cater to people who have specific tastes in music. I’m not sure that’s something Apple would consider doing (although the company has that option) but I know that is something that would actually get me to listen to Beats.

If Beats had genre-specific stations (i.e.. Hip hop, Pop, Rock), would it make the service more appealing to you?