iOS 9.2 lets you import photos and videos directly to iPhone via USB

iPhone support for the USB Camera Adapter to import photos and videos

The just released iOS 9.2 brings with it something that iPhone users have been wanting for quite some time now: the ability to import photos directly from a USB source via Apple’s USB Camera Adapter. Data transfer is still going to operate at USB 2.0 speeds, but having the option to work on videos and photos shot on traditional cameras is a nice new perk for iPhone users.

Here is a video showcasing the new functionality on my iPhone 6s when connected to my Panasonic GH4 via USB:

It works just like it does on the iPad, which of course, is totally new for iPhone users. Previously, when trying to connect a camera to the iPhone, you’d be met with the following error message:

Camera Connection Error iPhone

If you’ve updated to iOS 9.2, that should no longer be the case. This update comes right on the heels of Apple’s release of a new Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader, which is specifically geared towards the iPad Pro. That device does support USB 3.0 speeds (iPad Pro only), which is much more appropriate for today’s high quality videos.