From time to time I’ve been known to question the idea of jailbreaking my iOS device. I tend to waffle back in forth between loving it and being a little ho-hum on the idea.

Make no mistake, I’ll likely always be a jailbreaker as long as its possible, but using a jailbreak on my daily driver is something different altogether. Right now, my jailbreak has been relegated to my iPhone 6 Plus, my test device; but tweaks like Flash make me wish I still had Cydia on my main device.

Flash is a clever jailbreak tweak that presents a flashlight shortcut on your Lock screen when the iPhone’s Ambient Light Sensor detects you’re in a dark environment. Watch our video inside to see it in action.

Once Flash is installed there are no options or settings to configure. When you enter a dark room, you’ll notice a new flashlight shortcut button in the bottom left-hand corner of your Lock screen. The shortcut resides in the same area where Continuity shortcuts usually reside.

A simple tap in the Flash shortcut button invokes the iPhone’s LED flash. No sliding up on the shortcut is necessary like it is with Continuity shortcuts.

Flash works with the iPhone’s Ambient Light Sensor to detect when you’re in a dark environment. Since the tweak piggybacks on the existing Ambient Light Sensor functionality, it shouldn’t, in theory, add any battery drain overhead.

I do wish Flash featured a preference panel to establish light threshold levels. I find that the shortcut appears too often at its current setting, and would be better off if it only appeared in the most dark environments. That’s a small gripe though, and presents an update opportunity for the developers.

Sometimes it feels like jailbreaking hits a lull and the innovation slows down. But tweaks like this show that innovation within the jailbreak community is still alive and well. Major props to develops David Goldman and Andrew Abosh for coming up with such a good jailbreak tweak idea.

Flash is available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, try this really cool jailbreak tweak when you get an opportunity.

  • Just fixed my jailbreak, so I’m gonna give this a try 😀

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  • andiebrust

    So do I get this right? Instead of turning the phone on and swipe up to see the flashlight icon I need to turn on the phone and when dark enough there is a icon for the flashlight? So all I spare is a swipe up?
    Serious? And you miss your no-more-available-jb for THAT? Give me a break…. 😉

    • Out5poken

      I actually think it’s quite a cool and handy tweak and i haven’t seen too many in the jailbreak scene lately.

      Don’t know about you but sometimes i find the swipe up NC centre unresponsive when i want to quicky launch functions i.e the torch. Maybe things have improved with ios 9.

    • Bugs Bunnay

      Ain’t givin you nothing.

    • The only reason I have the CC on my lock screen is for the flashlight. With this tweek I can turn it off all together. My phones lockscreen functionality is extremely limited, my Notification center and Siri are off and now Control Center is too.

    • M_Hawke

      I like it. And sometimes, because of the jb, the CC sometimes doesn’t swipe up from the lock screen for me. This is nice.

    • andiebrust

      And now nominee for the tweak of the year? So either I´m wrong (which is always a possibility) or someone lost his common sense….

  • Rick Hart

    Activator action works great too. Me I have it set to double press of power button

    • mickey

      Ditto. I have long press volume up for flashlight.

  • Innes

    Isn’t there a risk this could activate whilst in your ‘dark’ pocket? If you forget to lock yourphone before putting it in your pocket all it would take is a knock for it to switch on and drain your battery.

    • Bugs Bunnay

      If and only if. Learn from it and lock it before putting it in your pocket.

    • M_Hawke

      No. Think about it–for it to activate in your pocket, you would have to somehow turn on your phone. How many times does that happen? Right–none. And then after that, the icon for the flash would have to somehow beat all odds and get pressed. No, I don’t think so.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    An ideal that will be stolen and implemented to ios 10

  • Gibran Page

    This tweak messed my phone up. Now it takes forever for some apps to load…. If they even load at all. It just stays stuck on the splash screen. My phone was fine until I installed this tweak this morning. I uninstalled it and my phone is still messed up. I’ve reboot it, and resprung it. Still messed up. It must have something todo with that ambient light sensor. All I can do now is restore the phone and loose my jailbreak

  • CryptoCoin420

    Is this in the bigboss repo? Not seeing it….