Cydia Online

“Cydia Online” is the name of a new website that provides direct links to Cydia packages, repos, and information. The website, created by SwiftCracker, has no official affiliation with Cydia. We think it’s only a matter of time before the name is changed, as it’s blatantly infringing on saurik’s trademark.

That said, the premise behind the so-called Cydia online is pretty cool. It’s a fast online searchable vault of apps and tweaks found on Cydia’s default repos and even popular third-party repos.

It’s probably not going to last much longer under its current name, but the idea is, admittedly, an interesting one…

Cydia Online 2

Users can search for apps and tweaks across a variety of repos, read information about tweaks, and even add needed repos using specially formatted links provided on the website.

I’ve not yet digested the full benefits of using a third-party website like this over the native and first-party Cydia app itself, especially at this early stage in the game. Right now, the website is sort of buggy, but I guess the argument can be made that it can potentially be faster than Cydia, and that ads from repos can be ignored.

I think that, ultimately, this would be a good idea if it was created by saurik himself, or if it at least took into account his feedback. Though I doubt saurik is keen on the idea of this website, especially since it uses his trademark. In fact, saurik has already commented about the blatant naming offense in the official reddit thread.

What do you think about Cydia Online? What benefits, if any, do you see something like this providing?

  • Chris

    It ‘could’ provide an easy-to-navigate database, but the information it displays mostly repeats itself and offers no real advantage over Cydia. As an end-user I would expect the Depends property to link directly to the respective tweaks/libraries/frameworks, and have other details such as the maintainer/author clickable links along with other changes.

    For me, and this is a personal judgement as a web developer – it just feels like I’m reading a more visual version of the Packages structure for a repo. If this is to really take off, a lot more polish is needed to take it from being a simple APT UI; to a full blown package database with 100% transparency and clarity for searches.

  • Morgan Freeman

    Jeez. I should not have clicked the link to that horrible reddit website. What a bunch of crybabies and brown nosers. Seriously, the very few times I have had the displeasure of visiting that garbage can that’s all it is. The same lot who frequent the fourth Chan and YouTube comments, I’m sure. Goodbye, internet. Maybe you’ll be good for people in a hundred years or so.

    • Will Mason Moses

      Nice trolling.

      • Morgan Freeman

        It’s not trolling. It’s the truth.

    • Chuck Finley

      You make a very fair point, but as if iFanboyBlog is any better most of the time.

  • Tarek Al Shawi


  • M_Hawke

    The website leaves much to be desired.

  • “Trademark” LOOOOL

  • saurik will reject this idea

  • Just a question. What can Saurik actually do about this?

    • Liggerstuxin

      He probably doesn’t want to waste the time and money. He has stated though he’s not pleased with the copyright infringement.

      • Good point. I’m just confused on how its copyright infringement. It’s a valid domain that he could buy and do with what he pleases or is it different with having a copyright on the word cydia.

      • Chris

        Not ‘copyright’, ‘trademark’.

    • Chris

      Nothing, he has already tried going after people in the past and lost. I do agree with saurik that a more creative name could have being thought of, but in this day and age – there’s no point in trying to stop something that is freely promoting a product.

      Especially a product that is free to download and use.

      • Good point. It could be thought of as free advertisement.

      • Liggerstuxin

        Exactly. He unfortunately though cannot have a say on the quality control.

  • Luis Finke

    why is this article so focused on the fact that it’s named after Cydia? That’s not infringing on anything and I doubt Saurik even cares. CydiaCrawler did a similar thing and nobody cared about the “trademark”