Ryan Petrich has been on a roll as of late when it comes to updates to his most popular jailbreak releases. Not only has Activator received a monster update earlier today, but Display Recorder has received an update that makes it more compatible with iOS 9.

Display Recorder is a popular jailbreak app, because it allows you to capture your iPhone’s screen and showcase on screen taps so that viewers of the exported video will know where you’re tapping on screen. I’ve used Display Recorder for many years now, and in my opinion, it remains the best way to directly capture your iPhone’s screen on video.

You can expect the following changes to be present in Display Recorder 1.3.19:

  • Fix camera roll permissions error on iOS 9
  • Fix iFile integration on iOS 9
  • Fix tapper settings to applying immediately in some cases
  • Fix landscape recording resulting in cropped videos on iPad
  • Allow assigning an Activator action to launch the Display Recorder app

True, Display Recorder was already compatible with iOS 9 thanks to a previous update, but this update makes the app more stable when running the latest version of iOS on your jailbroken device.


All jailbroken users who are running Display Recorder right now are advised to take advantage of this free update. For those of you new to Display Recorder, the app is yours for only $4.99, which basically makes it a steal considering how useful it can be.

  • Chris

    […] it remains the best way to directly capture your iPhone’s screen on video

    As an OS X user too, I would say QuickTime is just as good if not better considering it captures audio too. Yes, it doesn’t offer the ability to show touches – but if you need audio, it’s a better option.

    • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

      Reflector allows you to record via AirPlay to a Mac or Windows computer. But that’s not the point. Display Recorder allows you to record right on the device, no computer needed. A jailbroken device should be able to function without a computer and do any task, such as recording on screen content.

      You can run Display Recorder and Audio Recorder 2 at the same time to record both video and audio.

    • n00b

      Alternatively you can record with Mobcrush (though it will become livestreamed) as it can record just system audio, or both sys audio and microphone or just microphone without computer and later recording (livestreaming…) you can download your recordings through mobcrush website. Just my opinion…

  • Tarek Al Shawi

    I’m already on 9.1 , where is the ‘latest iOS’?

    • Chris

      9.2 adds Arabic, coming soon!