Using a bright screen in a dark environment isn’t doing any favor to your eyes, and that’s why some apps incorporate a so-called night-mode for dark settings. But night mode features within apps have a big limitation, and that’s that they only work within specific apps.

Wouldn’t it be better if iOS had a true system-wide night mode that worked in apps as well as the iOS interface as a whole? That’s the basic idea behind Nightmode9, a recently released jailbreak tweak that adds tons of user-configurable night mode features to iOS 9.

In the past, I’ve been a bit down on tweaks like this, because they were unreliable, and they didn’t work well across the entire interface. Understandably, pulling off such a feat is very difficult, because not every app is the same, or employs the same assets. Along with that, you have the general iOS 9 interface to contend with, which can be much different than stock apps or apps found in the App Store.

That’s not to say that Nightmode9 is perfect, but it does a much better job of maintaining consistency, which was a flaw that I’ve seen time and again with tweaks of this nature in the past. Some apps, such as Cydia, and the Calendar app still have some issues displaying a true night mode, where every portion of the interface is dark, but for the most part all of the stock apps that I’ve tried work well enough.

What I like about Nightmode 9, is that it’s pretty much set up to work immediately upon installation. You can choose to go in and fine tune some of the settings, but that’s not an absolute necessity to have the general night mode features working right after installation.

Nightmode9 features a Global Settings panel for configuring how existing and newly installated applications will look across the board. There are also individual application settings that allow you to do things like force a dark statusbar, change UIView color, and more.


The tweak doesn’t just stop at providing users with a bland night mode, but it features several themes for tweaking the look and feel of the interface as well. For example, there’s High Contrast, Amethyst, Celestial, Sunset, Rainforest, and other color schemes available to choose from.

Developer @nin9tyfour has obviously gone above and beyond to create a tweak that’s jammed packed with features, and that works well enough so that it’s usable on a daily basis. Nightmode9 can be enabled via a quick Activator gesture, which is handy for quickly switching between modes on the fly when needed.

Are you often frustrated by the bright interface of iOS when viewing your iPhone in a dark setting? If so, then you should definitely check out Nightmode9, which is only $0.99 on the BigBoss repo. It’s a tweak that’s bound to bring you lots of use if you’re a big user of your iPhone in less than ideal lighting conditions.

  • Unknow Unknow

    So what color kills the battery white background or black I think it should be white

    • Bradley Hines

      Brighter colors drain battery faster. Darker colors tend to save more battery.

    • Romi

      On an LCD screen, both are backside illuminated and that is what kills the battery. Black or white you won’t see much of a difference (even if YES, black theoretically uses less energy since the pixels are not on (if the black is perfect ie #000000 in hex).
      That being said, an oled/amoled display would not consume any power displaying this #000000 hex code. I can’t wait for Apple to release an OLED iPhone and the proper dark mode that should come with it !!

    • rockdude094

      Even tho I’m not a LCD wizard, I think black background would cause people to crank up the brightness to see better, where as white background would cause people to reduce brightness on the other hand. Just my opinion I don’t think colours matter in case of energy usage when they are used in the same level of brightness.

    • Damian

      just brightness of the screen kills it, overall even if you have black color screen it will still drain really fast

  • Romi

    I find Eclipse to be a better choice because of the color panel and the deeper black that comes with some theme. That being said, it’s WAY too buggy on iOS 9 so I’m using Nightmode9 on my iPad.

    • antpaul311

      ive always used eclipse too BUT I havent found it to be buggy in iOS 9; whats a common thing that would happen if you dont mind so i know what to look for

  • Anonymous

    I just use the invert colors as a night mode. Its free, stock, and three click of the home button away. (Plus a tap on the screen).

    • Rohit

      Thanks… never knew about this

      • Anonymous

        Yeah play ground in the accessibility fetures. They can make ios alot more powerful

  • theapple99

    I know this is very random but should I upgrade my iPod touch 5g to ios9 from 8.3 is it laggy?

    • Not if you’re jailbroken and would like to keep it

      • theapple99

        will it slow down my device ?

  • Unknow Unknow

    I prefer background black

  • Adam

    This tweak killed my phone, it won’t open anymore

    • neale

      Same here. It froze if I tried to unlock it. But I was able to launch apps if there were notifications. So I launched camera from lock screen and used “hey, siri” to launch Cydia and uninstall this crap.

  • Collin

    Is there a way to side load this to my 9.2 device?

    • Firedomain


  • M2

    What is libspex? It requires this to be installed. A few other websites suggest this is a battery killer? Any one know without speculation?

  • JayDee917

    One of my favorite tweaks. Just make sure you disable it for most, if not all, 3rd party apps.

  • Diego

    Developer should add a feature that let you set a time to nightmore being enabled. Like flux, that get it on when the sun is going away.