London Screen Saver Apple TV Mac

Well-known jailbreak developer John Coates (@punksomething) has created an app that lets you add the new Apple TV’s awesome-looking animated aerial screen savers to your Mac. As we saw during the Apple TV reveal, the crew behind the screen savers were meticulous in their attention to detail.

The locations of the aerial shots vary. Included are shots from San Francisco, China, New York, London, and Hawaii. In this post, we’ll show you how to add these same screen savers to your Mac by way of Coates’ easy-to-use tool.

Step 1: Download the file from Coates’ GitHub page and extract the Aerial.saver file

Apple TV Screensaver Mac

Step 2: Double-click on aerial.saver, and click Install.

Apple TV Screensaver Mac Install

Step 3: In System Preferences, click Desktop & Screen Saver and choose the new Aerial screen saver

Desktop & Screen Saver Aerial

Step 4: Click the Screen Saver Options button to select the location and time of day settings for each location that you wish to include.

Desktop & Screensaver Aerial Options

Here is what the end result looks like. Of course, these screen savers are animated, so a screenshot doesn’t do it real justice. These screen savers look amazing, and I highly recommend checking them out.

San Francisco Apple TV Screen saver Mac

What do you think about the new Apple TV screen savers? Which one is your personal favorite?

  • John

    They are actually kind of cool.

  • if you have lil snitch you have to allow connections…

    • Yes, because it’s pulling in the screensaver directly from Apple’s servers. Nothing malicious happening here. It’s open source, btw, so feel free to look through the code.

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        possible to set this as a wallpaper?

      • Would also like to know

      • Take a screenshot? 😛

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        lol, meant as an animated wallpaper

  • sorry “if” was added erroneously somehow tg what was meant to be a statement…

  • this is cool – thanks jeff!

  • Jesse Smith

    Awesome Tweek! Thanks for sharing

  • Great screen savers, however they would have looked even more special be it if they were in retina!

  • I have a new screensaver! Thanks!

  • Giel Konink

    The quality is low or is it just me ? not as hi res as i have seen on Youtube ?

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel

      It’s because it’s streaming from Apple servers, and it has adaptive resolution

      P.S I’m not the dev, just downloaded the code from github

      • Nolan I.

        You could probably override the resolution it detects with custom values.

  • Pratik Mishra

    It sucks since it has to stream i think. not for low bandwidth users 🙁

  • Pratik Mishra

    there should be an offline vrsion!!

    • Alexandre Isurugi

      Buy an apple TV

      • Pratik Mishra

        If im not wrong apple tv streams them too

      • Ángel Javier Esquivel

        Exactly, that’s why this Saver exist

  • Sokrates

    Amazing! Thank’s for the hint!

  • watsgongon

    These are great!

  • Kroffy

    Please, someone takes screenshots of those ! Especially London at sunset ! Pretty please ! I don’t own a Mac… :'(

  • Randy Perry

    You have playback controls! “J” is reverse “K” is pause, “L” is forward, you can tap each up to 6 times to increase speed, then it reverts back to normal. The Left and Right arrow keys will scroll frame by frame forwards or backwards.

    • Robert Goldberg

      Nice, thanks!

  • Alexander Sundiev

    Oh my God, Benjamin. These wallpapers are DEVINE!

  • dpacemaker

    Didn’t work for me, is there more to it?

  • Piquito

    Can i get it for Windows? =(

  • Robert Goldberg

    This is great, thanks Jeff!

  • Robert Goldberg

    Doesn’t work on 10.11

    • Humberto

      It worked for me

  • Humberto

    Thank you!! it works pretty nice!!

  • Nolan I.

    Dashboard? What’s that?

    No, seriously, it should not even exist anymore…

  • AAPL.To.Break.$115.Soon.>:-)

    This is really nice. I have my media-use MacMini hooked up to a 47″ HD TV and this screen saver is quite nice to watch. I hope Apple doesn’t break this screensaver plug-in.