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Episode 129: Can sideloading replace jailbreaking? How to add a f.lux-like effect to your iOS 9 device. How to put folders within folders on iOS 9. Two new jailbreak tweak reviews.

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Show notes

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  • Tyler Smith

    How ironic is this. This always happens! lol I think this happened on iOS 8 as well if i remember correctly.

    • Yeah, that makes this episode slightly out of date, although I’d argue the conversations in there are timeless.

      • Damian

        It was funny to listen to your disappointment about no news about jailbreaking while I was jailbreaking my IOS 9 phone

      • Tyler Smith

        Oh don’t get me wrong it was a great episode as always i just found it to be comical 🙂

  • Damian

    Btw Kodi works with the latest iOS 9 non-jailbreak version

    However, I did use a bit combersome method to get it via ipastore which offers a paid subscription, but Kodi is worth the money

  • Favna

    The title of the podcast should’ve totally been “Ef O El Dee Ee Ars in Ef O El Dee Ee Ars”

  • Hey Jeff, or anyone at the iDB team, would you guys be willing to do an article about the effects of aluminum bumper cases effecting signal strength?
    I have been using the 6S Plus Ghostek Cloak case but I have read mixed opinions on the aluminum frame depleting cell/WiFi reception.
    Actually would love to hear anyone’s opinion on this. I love the case, minus the impossible to reach silent button, but wouldn’t sacrifice signal strength for cosmetics.