Mimoji tweak lets you establish favorite emojis and default skin color


Mimoji is a well-designed jailbreak tweak that affords users several customization options related to emoji. First and foremost, users are allowed to establish favorite emoji, which can be selected from all available emoji. Secondly, Mimoji lets users select a default skin color for ‘human’ emojis. If you’re a frequent emoji user and you happen to have a jailbroken iPhone, then Mimoji is certainly worth checking out.

Once Mimoji is installed, you’ll find a preference section in the stock Settings app for configuring the tweak. Inside Mimoji’s preferences, there’s a kill switch, and a section for configuring the tweak’s options.

Mimoji prefs

The configure section lets you establish favorite emoji, while the skin tones area of the preferences allows you to set a default skin tone for all of the aforementioned human-style emojis.

Default Skin Tones

Favorite emojis, once established, will replace the frequently used section of the emoji keyboard. Each favorite added will supplant a frequently used emoji, allowing you to quickly access emoji that you deem as favorites, even if rarely used.

Mimoji settings

For only $0.99, Mimoji can make it easier to use emoji on your jailbroken iOS device. If you decide to try it out, be sure to sound off in our comment section with your thoughts on the tweak.