Apple Watch faces

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of websites and apps dedicated to providing a variety of background wallpaper designs for the iPhone and iPad. Now that watchOS 2 allows us to use our own images as custom watch faces, the Apple Watch wallpaper market is sure to take off.

We found a Tumblr blog that already has nearly four-dozen specially designed wallpapers that you can use to make your Apple Watch as stylish as you want.

Apple Faces is a website with nothing but wallpapers for Apple Watch. You can scroll through all of them (there are only 44 at the moment) on the main page. Or, you can filter a specific style by selecting a hastag, like “metal” or “dots.”

Watch Faces wallpaper 1

Visit the website on your iPhone and scroll down to the wallpaper you would like to use. Once you’ve chosen one, tap the “download” button. You will be redirected to a public Dropbox folder where you can then open Safari Extensions and save the image to your Photo Library.

Then, open the Photos app on your iPhone and move the new image to the album you use to store images on Apple Watch.

On your Apple Watch, select the Photo watch face and customize it. Scroll to the new wallpaper and set it. Even better, you can download several of these wallpapers and put them in an album that will rotate them every time you raise your wrist.

The creator of these attractive wallpapers, Stefan Poulos, appears to be producing them as part of his “latest design experiment.” Lets hope his project catches on. We’d love to see more specially designed Apple Watch wallpapers.

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  • Fanboy 

    I knew this was coming lol, I’ve been waiting. Good stuff

  • Joonyaboy

    I use a Live Photo as my background. It’s awesome. My son takes a step every time I raise my wrist.

  • Robert A. Petersen

    Trek’d myself.

  • DC_KM


  • pauleebe

    Would be better if we could modify the colors using RBG slider, because there are a lot more bands now.

  • Sergius W

    Does someone maybe now when Apple going to release their next gen Apple Watch will it be this year or next someone? iDownloadblog?

    • Anonymous

      Nope, its hard to say if they’ll relase one even next year. There’s only so much you can pack into a watch. Granted im sure you could conjure a large list. But i dont think apple will have a yearly cycle. My guess is every other year for the watch. But thats just a guess.

      • f1ght3r

        I hope not. I dropped a grand on my watch on launch.

  • Ángel Javier Esquivel

    such design. many congrats. much awesoem

  • diggitydang

    I can’t stand only seeing the date and time on the custom picture watch face. The whole reason I got a smart watch was so I can see various bits of information at once. I can’t seem to switch away from modular because of that. When I’m feeling fancy, Utility one works too because it still gives a lot of info. Is it just me???

    • Mark

      Nope. I do the same thing I will never have a custom face until I can have complications and such on it. I hate just having a clock

  • Promising; but I can’t yet say I see anything great here yet; and why won’t Apple let the Modular Face have a different background too?

    • Jake Platt

      Yeah, most of the wallpapers are fairly average on there at the moment. It’s a good idea however and I’m sure we will see better wallpapers arrive as time goes on.

      • Stefan Poulos

        Hey – Any suggestions?

      • Jake Platt

        Hey Stefan. Well done on being the first to create a website dedicated to watch wallpapers. In terms of wallpaper design I think Apple has always favoured space based images for its phones as they compliment the device well, so anything to do with the universe would look stunning. Your Casio imitation faces look awesome and some more along those lines, maybe replicating a few different watch brand faces, would be well received.

  • ilikeiphone

    Sold mine

    • nyangejr

      how much?

      • ilikeiphone

        $441, a space gray sport 42

  • Lakers Fan

    This is off topic and I’m sorry but I’m just wondering if anyone has managed to keep their unlimited plan on Verizon while paying
    the 2 year upgrade price for either of the new 6s phones?

    • JayDee917

      Off topic, GO LAKERS!

      • x392781

        Off topic… Not a basketball fan. :/

  • John Paul Tangalin Mañoza

    Check the app ‘Watch Faces’ for more awesome wallpapers.

  • habsrulz

    They are all Paid downloads now to a paid App!!!!

  • sergio reyes