Apple Watch event wallpapers: Spring Forward

March 9 Apple Media Event splash

Last week, Apple sent media invitations to an event on March 9. It is widely expected the main subject will be the forthcoming Apple Watch, which Tim Cook announced will be available in April 2015. With the invitation reading “Spring Forward,” it is much less cryptic than previous invite wording. “Spring forward” is a common phrase to help people remember to set their clocks forward, ending daylight savings timeThe key here being the overt reference to a device telling time. Further, March 9 is the day after the end of daylight savings time.

Per usual, iDownloadBlog wants to help everyone celebrate the moment by highlighting event inspired wallpapers. Inside, you will find versions of the invitation for iPhone, iPad, and desktop.

Apple Watch Event Wallpapers

The iPhone wallpapers are original artwork, inspired by the invitation. These wallpapers were downloaded from the AR7 wallpaper application for iPhone. The artist @AR72014, constantly updates the application with new, original creations.

AR7 March 9 Event Wallpaper Splash

Download iPhone: logo; no logo

The following images for iPad and desktop were sourced from a Reddit thread. If you are looking for extremely specific image resolutions or to join the conversation, hop over to the see details.

March 9 Apple Event iPad Splash

Download iPad: logo; no logo

March 9 Apple Event Desktop Wallpaper splash

Download Desktop: logo; no logo

Previous Event Wallpapers

Event wallpapers are extremely popular among the iDownloadBlog community. Take a trip down memory lane and deck out your devices with a full library of event inspired imagery.


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The Wallpapers of the Week section is made possible by readers, like you! If you stumble across any new inspired wallpapers for the March 9 event this week, make sure you hit me on Twitter @jim_gresham, with the details and a link! I am always looking for a great lead on excellent images.

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