iOS 9.0.2 change log

Apple just released iOS 9.0.2 for all eligible iOS devices. The update is another bug fix update that follows closely on the heels of iOS 9.0.1, which was just released last week. The update is available as an OTA update now. You can find the update by going to Settings → General → Software Update.

Here is what iOS 9.0.2 fixes:

  • Fixes an issue with the setting to toggle cellular data usage
  • Resolved an issue that prevented iMessage activation for some users
  • Resolves an issue where an iCloud Backup could be interrupted after starting a manual backup
  • Fixes an issue where the screen could incorrectly rotate when receiving notifications
  • Improves the stability of podcasts
  • Fixes Lock screen vulnerability caused by Siri

iOS 9.0.2 is available for all eligible iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches capable of running iOS 9.

Seeing that this is a releases that fixes some rather nasty bugs, it’s recommended that all update to iOS 9.0.2 at your earliest convenience. We’ll be back with more information as we dig through the update.

Download links for iOS 9.0.2 (build 13A452)

  • iPad 2 (Wi-Fi) (iPad2,1) — Download
  • iPad 2 (GSM) (iPad2,2) — Download
  • iPad 2 (CDMA) (iPad2,3) — Download
  • iPhone 4s (iPhone4,1) — Download
  • iPad 2 (Wi-Fi, 2012) (iPad2,4) — Download
  • iPad 3 (Wi-Fi) (iPad3,1) — Download
  • iPad 3 (CDMA) (iPad3,2) — Download
  • iPad 3 (GSM) (iPad3,3) — Download
  • iPhone 5 (GSM) (iPhone5,1) — Download
  • iPhone 5 (CDMA) (iPhone5,2) — Download
  • iPod touch 5G (iPod5,1) — Download
  • iPad mini (Wi-Fi) (iPad2,5) — Download
  • iPad mini (GSM) (iPad2,6) — Download
  • iPad mini (CDMA) (iPad2,7) — Download
  • iPad 4 (Wi-Fi) (iPad3,4) — Download
  • iPad 4 (GSM) (iPad3,5) — Download
  • iPad 4 (CDMA) (iPad3,6) — Download
  • iPad Air (Wi-Fi) (iPad4,1) — Download
  • iPad Air (Cellular) (iPad4,2) — Download
  • iPad Air (China) (iPad4,3) — Download
  • iPad mini 2 (Wi-Fi) (iPad4,4) — Download
  • iPad mini 2 (Cellular) (iPad4,5) — Download
  • iPad mini 2 (China) (iPad4,6) — Download
  • iPad mini 3 (Wi-Fi) (iPad4,7) — Download
  • iPad mini 3 (Cellular) (iPad4,8) — Download
  • iPad mini 3 (China) (iPad4,9) — Download
  • iPad mini 4 (Wi-Fi) (iPad5,1) — Download
  • iPad mini 4 (Cellular) (iPad5,2) — Download
  • iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi) (iPad5,3) — Download
  • iPad Air 2 (Cellular) (iPad5,4) — Download
  • iPhone 5c (GSM) (iPhone5,3) — Download
  • iPhone 5c (CDMA) (iPhone5,4) — Download
  • iPhone 5s (GSM) (iPhone6,1) — Download
  • iPhone 5s (CDMA) (iPhone6,2) — Download
  • iPhone 6 Plus (iPhone7,1) — Download
  • iPhone 6 (iPhone7,2) — Download
  • iPhone 6s (iPhone8,1) — Download
  • iPhone 6s Plus (iPhone8,2) — Download
  • iPod touch 6G (iPod7,1) — Download
  • OneBigInFiniteJoinT

    My iPhone download size is 27.8MB. well may be cuz i got an iPhone 5.

    • Gerardo Castro

      Lol k.

  • Newgunnerr

    We need iOS 9.1 so someone can jailbreak ..

  • Dany Quirion

    iOS 9.1 beta 3 too

  • Murat Özakat

    9.1 beta 3 for developer too.

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    66.6 MB for 6plus

  • OneBigInFiniteJoinT

    Apple also released Safari 9.0 but i ain’t upgrading as i will be doing a clean install of el capitan !

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    OSX 10.11 is still not here

  • illy

    what about the email bug though?

  • Commythug

    What if my cell data toggle isn’t working and I want to downgrade from iOS 9.1 public beta 2 to 9.0.2? Is that possible?

    • Anmol Malhotra

      Makes no sense in downgrading. As the fixes made in 9.0.2 are also made in 9.1. So what’s the point of downgrading and losing all data? Just stay where you are.

  • Commythug

    Or should I update to iOS 9.1 public beta 3? Will that fix my cell data toggle on my iPhone 5?

    • Kyle

      Yes it will.

  • steadymobbin

    i had the problem when updating to ios 9 that when id restore from backup my phone would freeze just before the “hello” screen. it would display either the black background with white apple logo or the white background with black apple logo, depending on the way i restored, and would vibrate 2 times and then pause for ~5 seconds and then vibrate 2 times again. ios 9.0.1 didnt fix the issue either. anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it? hopefully this update fixes it but i dont think it will.

    • Vic O

      I noticed this problem too on my brand new iphone 6s plus 128gb. Googled around; seemed like lots of folks were encountering similar issue. Tried the age old restart, force restart, turn off siri suggestions, tinker with spotlight search…etc None worked.

      What finally fixed the problem for me was this:

      1. Close out all apps from the app switcher

      2. Force restart iphone (hold down home+power buttons until apple logo comes up)

      3. (This is the hard part). LEAVE YOUR PHONE ALONE OVERNIGHT .I left mine alone from about 8pm till 6am following morning.

      Problem fixed! Touch ID lightning quick. Homescreen/apps buttery smooth.

      Try it. If it works for you, spread the word.

      • steadymobbin

        are you referring to leaving it alone while its on the apple logo and vibrating? so youre saying that it eventually resolves itself?

      • Vic O

        Release the keys as soon as the logo comes up. Basically you’re doing a forced restart/reset). It would appear that the the OS does some “housekeeping” at onset of first being configured with your settings/data. Thus my recommendation to leave it alone for quite a while. Couple of hours if you can. In my case the end result was buttery smoothness. No lags whatsoever.

      • steadymobbin

        Awesome! Thank you for the help. But just so I’m understanding this correctly. Once I’ve installed iOS 9.0.1 (or 9.0.2 in this case) and I restore from back up and the phone starts doing the vibrating thing… I then go ahead and give it a hard restart (by holding the buttons) and then let it just sit on the logo screen for a while (in your case, all night)? Sorry sometimes it hard to fully understand these things through comments. Lol.

      • Vic O

        I don’t know that it vibrates when you force restart it. Just so I’m clear… Hold down the power and home button simultaneously until the iPhone turns off, keep holding until the little Apple logo shows in the middle of the screen. Let go at this point… And leave it alone for a couple of hours. Preferably overnight.(You are not going to use it while sleeping anyway). 🙂

    • raulortiz318

      Had the same issue. Every time I tried to restore my new phone from iCloud backup, the same thing would happen. I eventually had to set up as new.

      I did the over the air 9.0.2 update, and once again got stuck, first on a white screen with black logo. After forcing a restart, it then got stuck on a black screen with white logo, and then was stuck in this loop every time I powered the phone down.

      I finally put the phone in recovery mode, and connected to iTunes and chose to Update (not Restore), and finally that worked.

      I’ve been having a lot of issues with my 6s Plus, from random crashes to reboots. I think I’m going to exchange for a new one this week. Good luck with your situation!

  • Anthony Aguilar

    I updated it and it feels a bit more smoother when i would go into the multitasking window on 9.0.1 it would stutter a bit but now on9.0.2 i feel it smoother:)

  • HfzD°

    I noticed that the battery charge faster than in 9.0.1… Or is it just me?

    Anyone else too?

  • Andres

    Maybe this will finally fix the calculator bug I have on an iPhone 6

  • XcodeGhost

    Will 9.0.2 make ancient devices like the iPhone 4S run magically like the iPhone 6S? LOL.

    • Andres

      Yes! This software update also brings Touch ID to older devices. lol

  • Muhammad !

    Guys, i can’t find it when I check for the new software update, i get this error “An error occurred while checking for a software update”

    • Muhammad !

      please help meeeeeeeeee

      • Andres

        try turning off wi-fi to load it up but turn it back on in control center when you’re ready to download (if you’re in wi-fi)

      • Muhammad !

        i tried that but it didn’t work :/
        i even tried resetting my iPhone then i checked for update and i couldn’t find anything neither

  • johnm

    does this or 9.1 fix the contacts and photos bypass?

  • Tylor Jackson

    If someone people still figure out bypass passcode iOS 9.0.2??

  • disqus_ANQCwlAZly

    After installed IOS 9.02 my iphone 6 plus keep hang…..

  • Kaptivator

    Still can’t back up to iCloud after upgrading from 5s to 6s. Anyone that may be able to help?

  • Jane Wood

    Just downloaded 9.0.2 and Safari still crashes, iPad is slower the whole ios9 is disastrous. Please fix Apple, we pay over the odds for your products!

  • Avinash Kumar

    In my iPhone 6, Slo mo option now does not show the option to change frame rate! Is this a change in ios9 or can I handle it elsewhere.