ios 9 lost mode low power
The new Low Power Mode option in iOS 9 allows users to eek out more battery life by disposing battery draining features such as parallax effects, throttling down CPU performance, and disabling background app refresh. In all, Low Power Mode can provide users with up to 3 additional hours of battery life.

In iOS 9, Apple is allowing Find My iPhone’s Lost Mode, a mode that lets you to mark your iPhone as being lost, to use Low Power Mode at the same time. By doing so, lost iPhones have an even greater chance of recovery due to being able to stay on for a longer period of time.

Lost Mode

To use Low Power Mode with Find My iPhone’s Lost Mode, there’s nothing you need to configure or change on your end. Lost Mode will automatically invoke Low Power Mode when invoked, just as you see in the screenshot above. When the iPhone is recovered and Lost Mode is turned off, the iPhone will automatically exit Low Power Mode.

This change is one of those obvious changes for the good, and it just makes sense. Why shouldn’t iOS do everything it can to extend the life of your iPhone and provide a better chance for recovery?

  • Vianett

    What about Apple android app that they copied completely? Won’t you write anything about it?

    • What are you referring to?

      • Vianett

        Look up here, but you already knew that
        goo. gl/WsF537

      • What’s the big deal? Doubtlessly, Apple paid the original developers, and probably paid them quite handsomely.

      • Vianett

        The big deal is that you all hide stuff like this from your readers which makes you nr 1 biased forum. Your response proves that you were acting like you didn’t know what I was talking about in my first post.

        How do you know they paid them, they probably did, a dollar for coffee but you are responding so confident when no one of the two companies have commented the story, and to think that you didn’t know anything about this story 42 minutes before.

        If this is apple informative blog, then you should be writing all information and not the only positive + bashing android articles. Zubrig is the king on the latter, which shows his a big Apple FANBOY.

        I don’t know why this forum is biased, probably you are all scared of Apple banning you from entering their events

      • There’s nothing to report. Apple buys companies all the time. It’s literally not a big deal. It doesn’t even look bad. It’s common practice.

      • Vianett

        It shows how Apple behaves. They take someone elses invention, put their logo and everybody loses their mind how great it’s

        If it was the other way around it would be a BIG DEAL written by everyone, Zubreg, Sebastin and Jef

      • What are you talking about? They licensed an App and put in the store. So if I use music in a video on Youtube, do I say I am reinventing that song? No.. I’m just using it.
        You are talking typical Apple-hater BS.

      • Every company does it. This is normal and not news. This site already has too many useless posts we don’t need any more.

      • coLin

        ” it could be possible that Apple acquired the rights to be able to rebrand Copy My Data into Move to iOS.” says the article
        we just have to wait for the official response

      • Rowan09

        Point is who cares it’s just an app to move info over nothing more nothing less.

      • Shingo

        i think what “applefanboyidw” means is Apple could bought anybody apps BUT apple can not Trademark it as its own. In other words, copyrighted still the creator. My Q to him/her is this “if you make an app then apple has an eye for ur app (can be great or not great) and offer to buy of u for some handsomely money will you reject it? of coz the legal document including copyrighted by Apple too.
        Think again before commenting!

  • Christopher Shaun

    Pointless until Apple no longer allows the phone to be powered down from the lock screen. Apple “acts” like they are doing a lot to make their phone theft deterrent but its smoke and mirrors.

    I purposely jailbreak to disable this ability cause what good is activation lock and low power mode combo’d with find my iPhone if all a person has to do is turn the damn phone off?

    Remove the ability from the lock screen and people will think twice about it. It gives you time to send the high pitched alert sound to the phone to determine if its around you as well as locate it on the map. Problem solved.

    Apple will never go this far because reality is the more phones stolen means the more phones purchased.

    • siddique

      agreed 😀

    • Im with you to an extant, I too jailbreak mostly because of this reason. The lock screen is completely insecure, From the stupid disabled iPhone thats still around to the phone being able to be power off. I have both disabled on my phone including the Control center to stop them from turning on airplane mode or cellular/wi-fi off.

      Unfortunately none of that matters because the sim can be removed thus defeating the purposeof.. A smart thief removes it first.. And since it most cases its already disconnected from a wi-fi connection as well.

    • Rowan09

      Activation lock has deterred people and I would know because I’m in the business of buying and selling iPhones. They should allow it to stay on like Bio-Protect does I absolutely agree with you on that one. The problem though is if someone goes to recover the phone on there own and gets killed Apple is now liable for it.

    • Alberto Espinal

      Man i was just thinking the exact same thing this morning without even reading this post, why they don’t put the password in the Slide to power off, cause once the thieft has it they can just turn off the phone!!

  • siddique

    ” bulshit ” totally bulshit , how about if the iphone stolen? the thief will turn off the iphone immediately ,,

    • coLin

      this is useful if you loose your phone! it gives time until someone finds it

    • Even if it is turned off, sooner or later it will be turned on. Otherwise why stealing it?

      • siddique

        a lot phones of like this on ebay bid listed as selling for parts

      • Most valuable part—the logic board is locked and traceable. Touch ID is paired with processor. So the only things to sell are screen, battery, camera, and outer shell. Perfect screen worth $20-$50, other parts are worthless. It should be able to discourage theft of iPhones.

      • siddique

        after all what ? i wont be abale to see my iphone again 😛 Thanks for Find my iphone for good service

      • applefanboyidw

        so if the phone hadn’t enabled power mode t wouldn’t ever be turned on? omfg people can be dumb

      • Shingo

        and even they stole it and try to restore it they still needs apple id and passw of last user

    • Shingo

      for all Andromeda phone once u LOST it u LOST it for GOOD, for apple product once you LOST it you could LOST it many times again and again without buying new one !

  • johnsm

    great feature