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Ending weeks of speculation, Apple on Thursday at last gave us a number: Apple Music has signed up eleven million people for its three-month free trial, one month after the new music service debuted. The number was officially revealed by Eddy Cue, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services in a statement to USA Today, who said “We’re thrilled with the numbers so far.”

The number is roughly in line with the ten million estimate that HITS Daily Double revealed last week, based on Apple’s streaming statistics shared with rights holders.

By comparison, Spotify has 75 million total users but only 25 million paying customers so assuming all current Apple Music accounts are converted into paying customers after the trial expires in October, Apple would have half the paid memberships of Spotify.

That, of course, won’t be the case but it’s worth mentioning that Apple Music has only been on the market for a month while Spotify has been operating for nearly a decade now.

Apple Music costs $9.99 per month after the trial period, or $14.99 for families of six. If our non-scientific poll is anything to go by, one out of each four users who signed up for free trial plan on continuing to pay for Apple Music once their trial expires.

An additional one-third of respondents said they have yet to make up their mind about keeping Apple Music after the trial.

Source: USA Today

  • Hi

    After the trial there will e about 3m customers…

    • Toukale

      That would actually be quite impressive. Google Play have not even cracked 1 million paid users yet. Look, most people will not be paying for music, there is simply no need to do so now for the most part. I subscribed and paid for spotify for 6 months until I cancelled it a year ago. It was not because there was anything wrong with the service, I simply was not getting much value out of it for my use. I am much more of a podcast and audiobook person, I was not using it enough to justify the subscription fee.

      A few friends and I have joined Apple music, the family plan is simply a no brainer at this point. You simply can’t beat having access to most of the world music for $30 a year when splitted between us. Unless spotify can match or best that price we will all be Apple music convert.

    • S.Curry

      Took the words right out of my mouth, even though its a great deal I dont use it all that much and my trial ends right when college starts back up again… #poorcollegestudent

  • Fredric Kanngard

    Not really sure what to say about Apple Music, it feels so unpolished. A missed opportunity for Apple IMO.

    • Vic O

      If Spotify feels so polished, its probably because they have been polishing, constantly, and almost on a weekly basis, for about a decade.

      • Micrones

        The more reason why Apple should have released a better product. it doesnt matter if Spotify has been polishing for a decade.
        Apple is renowned for reinventing a product category no matter how late to the party, presently Apple music is not reinventing anything which is a shame

      • Toukale

        Not when it comes to software. In the software world, you ship then quickly update and update some more. That’s the best and easiest way to improve software. You can’t do much about software in a lab. You have to ship it to discover most of the bugs. If Apple maps taught us anything most of those issues will be ironed out in due time.

        What most here are forgetting, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Over 75% of ios users are using Apple maps compare to a much better Google maps version after 2 years. I will look for the same with Apple Music, I expect Apple Music to take the steaming in 18-24 months. Those early issues will be dealt with.

      • Vic O

        I’m willing to bet that Apple music subscription base will surpass Spotify by this time next year. Any takers?

      • WonkieInc

        Issue with that is that they baked it into the firmware and now it can’t be updated as an individual app

      • Vic O


  • Micrones

    On a side note, isn’t it funny when Apple is quick to release the subscription numbers for Apple Music which is a new category for then but refuse to release any for Apple watch sales………….citing competition as a reason not for doing so

    • They’ve released numbers before. Fym?

      • Micrones

        FYI! Apple releases numbers of units/metrics for all products apart from apple watch,
        They release figures for all manners of earnings calls, quarterly reports or even whenever a new iPhone launches, the only figure that they have refused to release is for Applewatch sales

      • Toukale

        Which they told the world they would not 6 months before the launch of the product. No one and I repeat no one else in mobile space releases numbers. Samsung, HTC, Sony etc… none of them release numbers and I don’t see anyone demanding for them to do so. Folks for some reason have a different standard when it comes to Apple, I wonder why?

      • Micrones

        You seem to have missed the point…… even though this apple watch issue is off topic

        When you set a standard, you maintain it and Apple has set itself to be superior and about transparency and setting standards.

        Amazon never releases figures and we have all come to accept that,same as other product manufacturers, some releases piecemeal info as it suits them.

        The fact is Apple releases numbers for ALL PRODUCTS, i repeat ALL PRODUCTS at any earning calls, product launches etc,even they released for a product on trial but refuses to release for AppleWatch.

        I am not stating that it is an issue but simply shows that company releases numbers when it makes them looks good.. if Apple watch had shipped 10M units instead of the assumed 2-3M units, they would have touted those numbers.
        FYI, i am not an android fan, rather device agnostic as i own 3 apple products including a 6plus and also use a nexus 6, so i am not Apple bashing
        Just saying…

      • Toukale

        That’s nothing new. Companies have been doing what’s in their best interest forever, and to expect otherwise from Apple would be foolish. My response had nothing to do with whether you were an android user or not. At this point the only ones who are calling for Apple to release the watch numbers are folks that have some kind of hidden agenda to use those numbers to bolster whatever narrative they see fit.

        I even think Apple needs to stop releasing all their other sales/shipping numbers. Those numbers are currently being used to paint them in a negative way. That’s the main reason Samsung stopped reporting theirs a few years ago. They were constantly comparing them to Apple numbers. Apple I feel at this point should do the same. There is no benefit to Apple in releasing those numbers.

      • Micrones

        Do you know why companies release numbers?

        Numbers are released because it drives market perceptions and affects stock prices…..and thus the reason why apple releases numbers…

        Apple stocks has been overpriced lately due to market perception on the company’s performance, the recent drop in apple stock price within last two weeks wiping over $100bn off the company’s value is due to the market correcting itself based on the expectations of apple future earnings and numbers. which is related to the lackluster performance or position in the Chinese market including the perception that apple is simply a one product company i.e iPhone ( iPhone sales contributes over 65% to apple profit)
        Compared to other companies, Yes apple is doing well sales wise and has billions saved but investors perception is what drives the market and that is partly related to figures
        So to re frame your point, Apple has a lot to gain by releasing numbers

  • Xee

    Important number is after the trial has ended. All these type of services are about £10. I will be intrested when the drops by 50% to £5 or less per month.

  • I bet several million customers won’t use Apple Music after the three month trial period is over.

    • Toukale

      Nothing new here, that’s how every services like that work. You have a huge uptake during the free trials only to drop to 10%-20% once the trial over. This will easily put them in 3rd place after a few months, well ahead of google play music and others. Some people are under the impression Apple music needs to match spotify numbers now or it’s a failure. This is not a sprint folks and Apple music is going nowhere.

      • Micrones

        I agree with you on Apple Music not going anywhere and nor do they have to match or beat Spotify but to assume that Apple Music will be the dominant streaming platform anytime soon or the future is wishful thinking.
        Spotify etc is not resting on their laurels and this is not about comparing Android to Ios.

        Apple will continue to do well overall but the day of thinking Apple will dominate every sector is gradually coming to an end.

        Presently Windows 10 is getting rare reviews that a lot of MAC users are giving it a trial and liking it.

        US smartphone market is presently saturated,same as Europe,so unless the next iphone is revolutionary and not evolutionary, A lot of people will not upgrade. Apple’s biggest market is China and presently it has fallen to no 3 and sales is below expectations due to the fact that some parts of the world wants cheap, well built and affordable products which are sprouting out from good Chinese manufacturers.

        Same principle applies to Music, having a good radio station will not lead to the dominance of music streaming as a lot of people do not listen to radio.

      • Toukale

        I think you are confusing free streaming like pandora with a paid streaming service. You are also linking Apple music to Apple iphone sales, which are wrong. Look, most people will not pay for music, that’s just a fact. There is limited number of users which will actually pay for this stuff. That’s the pool we are talking about here, the paying pool.

        We currently live in a mobile world and more stuff are going mobile one after the other. They are currently two relevant mobile os. iOS and Android. Of those two platforms, history have shown when it comes to paid apps and subscriptions, iOS is overwhelmingly in the lead by a 70/30 split. A main reason despite their 15-18% market shares in the mobile industry, everyone wants to be on that platform. In business, you always follow the money.

        With those facts in mind I will expect Apple to win over most of the users on their platform over time simply because of the power of the default. We’ve seen this movie before with Apple maps. As bad as things were for Apple, and we’ve all made fun of it at some point during its first year. Google maps by all account is a better product, still, over 75% of ios users are using Apple maps over the Google maps. That’s the power of the default apps over others. I expect the same will play out here.

        Microsoft practically gave up on mobile, so I will not even address that. While they will still make apps and things of that nature, microsoft simply can’t set the mobile agendas at this point. I expect whoever wins on the iOS platform will win the paid streaming category simply because that’s where most of the paying consumers are.

  • Jon20

    Question?? Is the 3 months trial, 3 months at any point when you start? Or are they offering 3 months (only) from the moment Apple Music started and the free trial ends completely after 3 months from that date?