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Our own Jeff Benjamin told you about an Apple Script for exporting your Spotify playlists into Apple Music. Now there’s now an even easier method to migrate your music to Apple Music as someone has built a dedicated app to transfer Spotify and Rdio playlists to Apple Music with a single click.

Created by two guys from California who call themselves Move To Apple, their new app aptly named Move to Apple Music automates the process of migrating all your music and playlists from Spotify or Rdio to Apple Music, in exchange for $4.99.

Beyond importing your songs, this Mac-exclusive software also produces your Rdio and Spotify playlists in the format iTunes accepts. “We don’t block your computer while transferring your songs, feel free to use it,” says the blurb.

The app uses the official login API from all services so it won’t access your data directly.

“We use this great library called mitproxy in order to intercept the data iTunes sends to Apple’s server,“ their FAQ explains. “In that way we can replicate exactly the same request as iTunes would do when you click on ‘Add to My Music’ button.”

Note that there is a 30 second delay between each import ”to keep the iTunes API happy“. Paying for the license allows you to install the app on no more than two computers.

And here it is in action.

I haven’t tried Move to Apple Music yet as neither Rdio nor Spotify are available in my country. For what it’s worth, developers claim their app has imported nearly 150,000 songs over the course of eight days.

The $4.99 app can be downloaded straight from MoveToApple, but you’ll be out of luck unless you have a PayPal account as that’s the only payment method they’re accepting for the time being.

Source: Move To Apple via RazorianFly

  • It should be free with ads. I am sure this is in infringements of iTunes License of Products.

  • Manuel Molina

    Still I wait for a flex tweak for free apple music. 🙂

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      Flex is impossible. We need an actual tweak.

      • Manuel Molina

        I’m not sure about that. Flex has a tweak to give you unlimited free Rhapsody, unlimited skips and scrub with Apple Music, and unlimited stuff with Pandora. I think it’s possible unless you know a little bit more.

  • BloodDiamond

    I bought this app and it doesn’t work AT ALL, emailed the developers, no response. It gets hung up on “capture session”. You follow the instructions and it locks up iTunes. Kinda pissed.

    • Hi BloodDiamond,

      We are trying to reply to as much users as we can, sorry to hear that we didn’t reply you yet. The app is being super popular and we have to choose between get some sleep and reply e-mails.

      Also we had some problems with version 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 so please use Software Update and update to the newest one 1.1.3 as we released this morning.


      • BloodDiamond

        I already updated it that was the first thing I did when I opened the program. I’m still getting hung up on “capture session”. And thanks for your efforts.

      • Let me work for a day or 2 on that and if the update doesn’t solve your problem we will give you a refund. Thanks for the support!

      • Turnt Jones

        Won’t even let me log into spotify to transfer files to apple music. Doesn’t work at all….Should’ve known something when it said “here’s the tricky part” smh

      • Please send an e-mail to so we can have a closer look at your case. Thanks

      • Hi Turnt, did you try to update to version 1.1.4? We did some fixes on that one. Let me know!

      • Woodsings

        Spent 18 hours converting playlists and now when I try to add them to iTunes “some (ALL) songs could not be found”. I don’t think this is working in the least.

      • We just released version 1.3 that has a lot of improvements. Have a look

    • nouseforaname

      I can also vouch that this app doesn’t work at all and is a waste of 5 bucks.

      It also somehow scrambled all my current music on my iphone making my extensive library go temporarily blank on my phone; this – after waiting 20 hours to transfer a slew of songs from Rdio, that “could not be found” in the end.

      It also made .txt copies of playlists when added to iTunes could not be uploaded to my iCloud music library.

      It’s a waste. A frustrating, 5 dollar waste.

      • Hi, you can always ask for a refund if you are not happy. We keep improving on a daily basis. Maybe update your app and run the importer again?

  • ilikeiphone

    I used applefy and its free

  • Guy

    Lol! Apple will let “Movie to Apple” go through the App Store with minimal verifications. If this was a Nest App they might have a problem.

  • techfreak23

    Already over Apple Music. Definitely not worth killing my Spotify subscription, which I get at half price because I am a student. Spotify is way ahead of the game with the features and integration throughout the platforms (Spotify Connect). Love being able to listen to music in the shower on my phone through bluetooth speakers, then seamlessly continue the song on my desktop when I walk into my room. Also, Apple needs to move away from UITabViewControllers. There is WAY too much going on for 5 tabs. Apple is usually about simplicity, but there is nothing simple about the UI on the iOS app. Having to completely update the OS to implement any bug fixes or changes in general that aren’t backend related is a HUGE pain in the ass.

    Apple Music definitely has a long way to go before it can pull me away from Spotify.

  • arrianadavis

    Thanks for the article, Christian. For those who live outside US and want to access Spotify, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.