Swipe Selection Fixed

Whenever you see a top jailbreak tweak list, it pretty much goes without saying that Kyle Howells’ SwipeSelection will be appearing on said list. SwipeSelection allows you to swipe on the keyboard to move the iOS cursor in a precise location. The tweak was so good that Apple basically took its functionality and baked it into iOS 9.

Praise aside, users and fans of SwipeSelection have always known that the tweak has one glaring flaw: its inability to play nice with text boxes in Safari. Try swiping in a search box with SwipeSelection installed, and you’ll see what I mean.

One developer (@pw5a29) has apparently had enough, and has modified the open source project and created his own Safari-compatible version of SwipeSelection. Does it work?

SwipeSelection Patch

Yes, it works. It works very well.

If you’d like to get this modified version of SwipeSelection, add the following repo to your list of Cydia sources:


The original developer of SwipeSelection, Kyle Howells, has commented on r/jailbreak about the update. He states that while he doesn’t mind the improvements—SwipeSelection is open source after all—the new developer should have adopted a new bundle ID and perhaps a new name for his version of the tweak. Not doing so will surely raise issues when the original SwipeSelection is updated, which Howells says he plans on doing this week.

What do you think about this improvement to one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks? Is this fix important to you?

  • Luke Per

    I honestly wonder if there are a group of people that are jailbroken that work in apples “thinking of ideas for the new IOS’s” department. Maybe apple isnt even totally against jailbreaking

    • Shingo

      they dont against but for the sake of less trouble for complaint for the company they dont recommended it

  • trace

    that would be sneaky but awesome

  • M L

    So if we use this version, do we need to uninstall the original version to stop conflicts?

    • Philip

      Not needed, I’ve took the suggestions and fixed the issues

      • Hot12345

        Why don’t you replace your version with version in big boss repo?

  • baddestsammaritan

    What do you need to do after you add the repo? I reinstalled swipeselection but still can’t swipe in Safari ?

    • Vygoss

      No need uninstall previous version.
      Just instal one new swipselection from new Philip pw5… repo 😉

      • baddestsammaritan

        Cool, yup got it

  • Saar

    Whats the difference with “SwipeSelection” and “SwipeSelectionPro”?

    • Vygoss

      Pro – more function 😉
      Find video on idb web 😉

  • hatim86

    i have swipeSelection Pro paid tweaks whats a difference between swipeSelection free and swipeSelection Pro ? this update it’s like selection on ios 9?? ( when you select you see the blur effect on keyboard like ios 9 ) ???

  • Shingo

    so is this tweak a separate one with swipeselectionpro? or it will be updated too /?

  • Kominimatchen

    This tweak was the only reason ive jailbreak … Top shiit

  • port87

    good find Jeff =)

  • jebelius

    Any1 know solution to my problem about not being able to refresh changes page? Cant get the new updates last ones i can see is from 3/6/! I dont get any error messages when refreshing but cant see the new stuff

    • FL430

      I suspect it’s another tweak that’s preventing Cydia updates…something like Protect My Privacy.

      • jebelius

        I dont have that installed from cydia

      • FL430

        Uninstall Substrate then try to update…might not be PMP that was a guess but it’s something installed that will be removed by uninstalling then reinstalling Substrate & whatever tweaks you got installed.

  • johnsm

    Cant believe apple didnt make this stock in ios9 for iphone… Stupid

    • starstar2301

      On the contrary, they did make SS stock in iOS9 for iPad & iPhone.

  • Hot12345

    Wil this automatically update/replace the original swipeselection?

    • Manuel Molina

      No. Both will work together.

  • tunutsaigon

    I rather wait for the official one from Kyle. I’ve even bought the Pro one just to support him even though I only use the free one for my need… 🙂

    • Manuel Molina

      I have both the pro and this one; no issues to report and it works as I type. This is the biggest feature I missed and pissed me off the most.

    • iky1e

      Thanks 🙂 I have an update ready. Expect it released tomorrow.

      • moe

        Hey, what version would that upgrade be? (I have the 1.4.2-1)

  • v1ru3

    Is a Mac version in the works?

  • David Ruiz

    bad thing this doesnt work with SwiftKey =/

    • Mattias Nilsson

      Agree, SwiftKey should consider an own edit feature.

      Anyone know if Apple’s new swipeselection-copied text edit feature in ios 9 also will work with (or etablerade the feature in) third-party keyboards as SwiftKey?

  • The downside of this twaek is, the tap on the status bar to jump to the top in Safari does not work anymore…