TaiG has commented on the “leaks” of its TaiG jailbreak tool and the untether debian package that has spread like wildfire on the Internet this evening. Earlier today, it was discovered by a reddit users that TaiG had uploaded new versions of its tool to the official TaiG server. In fact, the naming convention, which follows a naming standard, made it extremely easy to guess the exact location of the file.

On Chinese microblogging site Weibo, TaiG is advising against using these leaked files, as they are only for testing, and not official versions. It states that only the initial 2.0.0 version was an official release.

Users were understandably anxious to get their hands on these updated versions due to the fact that they packed in the much anticipated Cydia Substrate fixes. These fixes were necessary for users to be able to enjoy the many jailbreak tweaks that rely on this framework.

TaiG on Weibo (Google Translate):

Suggest that you do not download the beta package spread out, because there are application icon missing bug, the official version will be fixed. We are working with Saurik (Cydia Author) UI cache solve problems, solutions complete the new version can be released.

Whether or not it was truly a leak is up for debate, but just take this as a warning. Personally speaking, I doubt your iPhone will spontaneously combust from your usage of these tools, but at the very worst, it could cause data loss or force you to restore your device. Consider yourself warned.

  • Range

    I knew I was right in not downloading those packages.

  • Joep Maes

    The package posted on the website v2.1.1 is not safe then?

    • Hi

      No I think that’s safe, there talking about the .deb file down load and SSHed to your iPhone

      • Peter Fernandes

        idk, installed the deb file all was fine til I did a reboot and the icons vanished

        I even thought it was the AppSync from Karens repo (updated to iOS 8.3) or that it was AppAddict

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      Honestly, just wait. Some users are having issues with there app icons disappearing and iMessage not activating

    • Antzboogie

      In the Downloads section of iDownloadblog the link for TaiG v2.1.0 does not work whats going on?

  • jeez people, calm your tits. You got your jailbreak, just give em a few days to iron the kinks out.

    • Tyler Smith


      no seriously though this community is about 1/4 Screaming and yelling and there is 3/4 of the community that either don’t post and just read or post and are like you and say “really?”

  • Peter Fernandes

    I downloaded the deb file installed appsync etc etc TIL my icons buff dissapeared all out of nowhere….. was it the deb file or is the deb file trustworthy? If someone could reply Id be really appretiated

    • Digitalfeind

      Appsync probably. I installed the deb file and have been fine.

      • Peter Fernandes

        hmmm.. weird cuz I installed the Appsync Undefined from the Karens Repo and it says its compatible with iOS 8.3 it only happens if u do a few resprings (or like 20 mins later or something)

  • Eni

    I heard of the jailbreak since the first sec they released it, but didn’t jailbreaked my phone, i decidet to wait like i always do, idk what’s wrong waiting for some days people, i know it’s very exiting but wait till the final version and you’ll be safe

    • Digitalfeind

      Exactly. People jailbreaking just to jailbreak is stupid. Always wait a few days for things to be ironed out and devs to update their work.

  • Anmolrandhawa309

    Hey guys can someone please tell me how to jailbreak in 64 bit laptop? I tried to download the itune 12.1.0 version 32 bit but it says it cannot install the 32 bit version and i need to install the 64 bit version. Will the jailbreak work with 64 bit version on my windows 8? Please help!!

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      Sure try it out with 64

      • Anmolrandhawa309

        12.0.1 recognises the drivers but gets an error at around 20% while jailbreaking and 12.1.0 doesnt even recognisw the drivers. Which 64 bit works? Any help!

    • solai

      Currently taig jailbreak working only in 32 bit

  • Anmolrandhawa309

    I have been getting 502 bad gateway error for the past 2 hours, cannot download taig 2.1 and 2.1.1, anyone else having this problem?

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      They must have blocked those files, because they weren’t meant to be public

  • behnam

    i cant download taig version 2.1.1..can anyone upload it in other site?

  • Rafeh babar

    everything works perfectly for me….

    • Peter Fernandes

      Dis u install the deb file? Id so soo far disnt u get a bug that makes all of ur icons to dissapear?

  • Hossein

    So,I installed that package and everything is ok but there’s one question and that is if taig release official package,can I install it directly?!

  • Geez people, just keep your jailbroken 8.1 for now and wait till most of the issues are resolved. It’s not that serious to upgrade and potentially go through all these issues.

  • Pierric Parret

    hello, i found a way around the icon disappearance !!!!

    1- connect your iPhone on USB

    2-open iFunBox

    3- click on SSH Terminal

    4-type uicache

    5- wait 2 minutes and all of the apps magically appear again !!!!!

    • Garry

      i ca t see ssh terminal in ifunbox please help

      • Pierric Parret

        you probably don’t have a correct version of ifunbox.
        i use this version :

      • Garry

        thanks got it sorted out i and to install opens deb file before this could work after install opens deb through ifunbox all my icons came back but not organised so than after reinstalling again opens from cydia it gave me access to terminal through ifunbox and from there i just followed instruction uicache thant its thanks again

      • Antzboogie

        In the Downloads section of iDownloadblog the link for TaiG v2.1.0 does not work whats going on maybe they posted the link just to be ready Im confused.

    • Peter Fernandes

      Can I do this without ifunbox instead with mobile terminal on the iphone?

      • Garry

        yes but strange you can see terminal on phone where as i can’t see any icon..

      • Peter Fernandes

        I ask this becuz I had that problem which well forced me to restore

        I can find terminal through the spotlight thank god gonna re install that deb file (even tho it is said its still in beta) since its what caused the icons to vanish

        Thanks for the work around man

      • Peter Fernandes

        The moment i was typping the reply I did a restore, and havent installed the deb

        Gonna install the deb to see if the problem comes again, ill access throu spotlight to terminal and do what u said uicache

        Hope it works

  • Adrian

    Gee, thx idownloadblog for posting a previous article giving us the green light on 2.1 deb leaked beta.

    • Jose

      seriously, I went ahead and did it through ifile, now were being “warned”

    • Mark S

      And that folks is the rush by all media to be first in breaking news. It happens in the main stream press, I’d expect it on much smaller eclectic news sites like this too. RP is also pushing the leaks claiming they are official releases. Everyone drinks the kool aid.

  • nonchalont

    Simply put, just wait until the official version by TaiG. While waiting, the Devs are updating their tweaks for compatibility. Patience young grasshoppers.

  • filter351

    I restored my 6 plus and used the 2.1 jailbreak tool and everything work great. I tested just about everything on my phone. I’m only running about 6-7 tweaks at this time though.

  • Bradley Hines

    Everything works fine for me, I haven’t encountered any of the issues any of you guys are talking about… I have an iPhone 5s iOS 8.3 and everything works fine

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      health app, isnt working on my iPhone 6 .

      • Bradley Hines

        All of my apps work fine too including settings and my jailbroken tweaks I have running on my iPhone…

  • Peter Fernandes

    Removing that Deb file from the download page would be a good idea lol since it has the bug of making your home screen icons dissapear (and if U dont got ifunbox next to ya u re screwed

    Just saying

  • TaiG posted a new message to their Weibo. They thanked Saurik for pulling an all-nighter working with them, and said that the new update to their jailbreak utility is almost ready for release.

    Looks like launch time is just around the corner!

    • urrl

      Gr8 news. I should not have upgraded my jailbreak so soon but hopefully this will all work out.

    • iPhoneWINS

      when will the Mac version be out?

      • They didn’t mention anything about a Mac version, unfortunately.

    • Andres

      Maybe today ?

  • Mukund Bhatla

    Hey Guys, I jailbroke my iPhone 5s as soon as the jailbreak was released, and waited patiently for the taig team and saurik to release an update so that i could get my hands on my fav tweaks and the 1st time i did it was on the v2.0.0 which is available on the official website and installed this tweak called “Dimmer” which caused a restart loop on my phone, so i went ahead and entered my phone into safe mode which helped me to remove the tweak, and when i restarted my springboard all my icons were vanished, i dont know what exactly had caused this problem, so i just did a fresh restore on my phone, just be careful on what tweaks you install cause that can cause some serious damage to your data.

    • Peter Fernandes

      Did you downloaded the debfile in the download page?

      If yes I think that was the problem man, if you connect your ihpone (when the apps dissapear) to ifunbox go to SSH and type uicache the icons re appear (thanks to the user above us) but idk, gonna stay away from the tweaks UNTIL a good substrate is released

  • Huntz

    I jailbroke my 5S with Taig 2.1.0 but lots of tweaks in Cydia say they aren’t supported for 8.3 yet. I thought 2.1.0 fixed substrate or am I missing something?

  • Bugs Bunnay

    “it was discovered by a reddit users that.” What r english?!

  • William Melendez

    hmmm,well I installed the deb file and haven’t had any issues whats so ever yet.

    • Peter Fernandes

      Did u installed also the appsync from karens repo? Just asking

      There might be a conflit somewhere for what i read here and on redpie

      • William Melendez

        No I haven’t.

      • Peter Fernandes

        hmmm so like Appfiend said it might be the darn appsync but its weird cuz its said to be compatible with iOS 8.3

        Thanks for the reply man, it would be a fuckin pain in the neck if the same happened again

  • Sohail Wahab

    I want a substrate fix plus a stable windows software to jailbreak my iPad real soon please!

  • Peter Fernandes

    Icons dissapear? There is a way to make them appear again go into ifunbox -> SSH and type uicache they reapear again but RAAH!! i f* knew it it had somethin to do with it damn it

    Maybe soo far u and I are the only ones suspecting of the deb file

  • Peter Fernandes

    Just saw on r/edit through cydia the deb is in beta stage do not download although there is a “fix” for the icon missing glitch

    Easyspring 2

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