TaiG issues a statement regarding “leaked” jailbreak packages


TaiG has commented on the “leaks” of its TaiG jailbreak tool and the untether debian package that has spread like wildfire on the Internet this evening. Earlier today, it was discovered by a reddit users that TaiG had uploaded new versions of its tool to the official TaiG server. In fact, the naming convention, which follows a naming standard, made it extremely easy to guess the exact location of the file.

On Chinese microblogging site Weibo, TaiG is advising against using these leaked files, as they are only for testing, and not official versions. It states that only the initial 2.0.0 version was an official release.

Users were understandably anxious to get their hands on these updated versions due to the fact that they packed in the much anticipated Cydia Substrate fixes. These fixes were necessary for users to be able to enjoy the many jailbreak tweaks that rely on this framework.

TaiG on Weibo (Google Translate):

Suggest that you do not download the beta package spread out, because there are application icon missing bug, the official version will be fixed. We are working with Saurik (Cydia Author) UI cache solve problems, solutions complete the new version can be released.

Whether or not it was truly a leak is up for debate, but just take this as a warning. Personally speaking, I doubt your iPhone will spontaneously combust from your usage of these tools, but at the very worst, it could cause data loss or force you to restore your device. Consider yourself warned.