ad tracking

Apple is quietly moving to prevent app developers from accessing app download data for ad targeting purposes, reports The Information. The move is part of the company’s recent, and very public, push for greater user privacy.

As most of you are probably aware, major apps like Facebook and Twitter will scan a user’s device for information on the app’s they have installed. This way, they can show users advertisements that better match their interests.

So, say you have a number of paid games installed on your iPhone. Facebook can currently see this, and then elect to show you ads for other paid games within your Feed. Targeted mobile ads are a huge part of Facebook’s business.

It sounds like the change will take effect in iOS 9, which includes at least one other change that will upset advertisers. With the new software, which will launch this fall, developers will be able to create extensions to block ads in Safari.

Apple is taking a significant stand for user privacy—particularly in regards to data scanning for ad-targeting. During a speech earlier this month, Tim Cook said Apple feels that “customers should be in control of their own information.”

Source: The Information

  • techfreak23

    If they allow ad blockers on iOS 9, that will be one less reason to jailbreak! I may never jailbreak again, and that’s saying something because I have jailbroken all of my devices up until I got my Apple Watch.

    • Endriu Andrei

      Ad blocker was the only tweak you were using ? :))

      • techfreak23

        Of course not, but most of the other tweaks I had were purely aesthetic. Only a handful had any real functionality that iOS 9 will mostly bring natively. I haven’t really been missing my jailbreak too much, especially since my battery has been killing it after I took it off.

      • Endriu Andrei

        Don’t you miss activator ?

      • techfreak23

        The only thing I used Activator for was to open up Spotify when I plugged my headphones in. iOS 9 will have that. SwipeSelection, which is probably the one I miss most right now, will also be in iOS 9.

        What I also miss are f.lux, Phantom, and statusHUD. My eyes burn at night while I use my phone not being able to use photos from my camera roll in Snapchat, and a third of my screen is taken up by the stupid volume HUD when I have to adjust the volume.

        I tried to keep my tweak list very short for stability. I realized the more I added, the more likely something was to break.