Keyboard improvements

Apple has said that people using iOS 9 on their iPads will be more productive thanks to an improved QuickType virtual keyboard. The suggestion bar introduced in iOS 8 now has all-new handy shortcuts to format your content, move between apps quickly, position the cursor and even multitask like a pro with an OS X-style task switcher translucent UI with active app icons.

Located right at the top of the QuickType keyboard, the all-new bar provides access to handy shortcuts to cut, copy and paste text. You also get shortcuts for rich text formatting, accessing attachments and your photos and much more.

Probably the coolest feature of the improved QuickType keyboard is the ability to move a cursor by dragging: just put two fingers on the keyboard and it essentially turns it into a virtual trackpad of sorts, allowing you to position the cursor more precisely and easily than before, no need to use the copy-paste loupe whatsoever.

How do you like QuickType in iOS 9 so far?

  • Ios9 seems like a really good update. Apple is on their shiz lately.

  • Hot12345

    Seems they listen / look to the jailbreak comminity.

  • Chris Tangler

    i’m liking the way they implemented swipeselection

  • Sjoerd Bozon

    Was the cursor moving not for iphone aswell? I thought I heard something like that….

    • Liam Merlyn

      It is, but it’s only a jailbreak tweak.

      • M L

        Seriously it is but as a jailbreak? That is NOT what he is asking.

        The answer is no. It is not available for the iPhone with ios9.

  • JohannASSburg

    wish this was on iPhone….especially the cursor feature.
    also does iOS 9 address some of the features developers have had with the third party keyboards in iOS 8?

  • techfreak23

    Wow… bringing SwipeSelection over to the iPad only? Because people don’t use the keyboards on their as much, if not more often than on the iPad… I hope they bring it to iPhones as well because that is where it would be more useful.