Set Clock Ahead Apple Watch 2

It’s a little strange to me, but some people prefer setting their watches a few minutes ahead in order to provide themselves with a mental buffer when it comes to the time. I’ve never totally understood this, but the basic psychology behind such a thing is that it makes it so that you’re always “ahead” from a timing standpoint.

One would think that such an ability would not be easily doable on Apple Watch, since the time is set automatically, but that isn’t the case. Apple has included a handy feature in the Apple Watch settings just for the folks that like to run a few minutes ahead.

How to set the time ahead on Apple Watch

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch

Step 2: Tap Time

Step 3: Tap the box under the Set Clock Face Display Time Ahead heading

Set Clock Ahead Apple Watch

Step 4: Use the Digital Crown to set your clock face display time ahead up to +59 minutes

Step 5: Tap the Set button to confirm your decision

Keep in mind that this setting has no bearing on alerts and notifications. These will still come in at the correct time. Only the main watch face time is affected. World clock times, alarms, etc. are not affected.

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  • kurt

    Yeah, I didn’t quite get that feature when I saw it on the watch. I just don’t understand why you would want to do that.

  • This Guy

    If you aren’t 15 minutes early, then YOU’RE LATE.


    • Marouf

      Actually, if you set the time forward by X minutes, you’d be on time or early for being up to X minutes late. That’s why people do it.

      • This Guy

        People do it because they really suck at being on time. These people, despite such crummy tactics, are still usually late. They also don’t know how to drive properly, and have no problem wearing pajamas in public.

        I want my timepieces (clock, watch, whatever) to tell me what time it IS. I am a big boy now, I am capable of showing up somewhere 15 minutes before I need to be. Because if I’m not…then I consider myself late.

        It’s simple, really. Absolutely no need for this trickery.

        Make up whatever excuses you want…they are still wrong.

  • aw81

    I had a friend that set his bedroom clock 40 mins fast.
    That was the time it took for him to get up and get to work so when he woke up he would be seeing the time he would arrive at work and know if he was late or not.
    Seemed crazy to me but it worked for him.