Those wondering what former iOS chief Scott Forstall has been up to since leaving Apple in 2013 may be interested to know that he has been helping out Snapchat. According to leaked emails from Snapchat board member Michael Lynton, Forstall has been a paid advisor for the messaging startup since January 2014.

In fact, he’s very well paid. Lynton’s email indicates that Snapchat set aside .11% of fully-diluted stock for the ex-Apple exec, with options vesting over 24 months. And given that the company was recently valued at $15 billion, that would make Forstall’s stake worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $16.5 million.

Snapchat confirmed the relationship with TechCrunch, offering up the boilerplate response of “We have a number of advisors, but we don’t comment on the specifics of their relationship with the company.” It’s likely true—tech firms often bring aboard talent in an advisor role, as a way to gain insight without obligation.

Scott Forstall joined Steve Jobs’ NeXT in 1992, and moved to Apple after their acquisition in 1997. He played a large part in the success of the iPhone and iPad, and held the title of SVP of iOS before being very publicly fired by Tim Cook in 2012. Cook cited a need for “better collaboration,” as reason for his ousting.

Source: TechCrunch

  • Nathan

    I wish he would come back to apple! I miss the skeuomorphic design he created.

    • Matt

      Hmm… No
      But that’s a matter of opinion though.

      • Jackson Grong

        Some apps like gamecenter and notes looked waaaaaay better with the previous iOS 6.0 design, now looks like shit, seriously I can’t even look at it anymore, but apps like safari look better. Just my opinion(on an iPad).
        I remember installing iOS 7 on my sisters iPhone and she didn’t talk to me for weeks, she almost sold her iPhone, lol. She hated it so much

    • N&LH

      Apple is doing a good job without him. Scott did not bring very useful features like control center, extensions, etc. It was ridiculous to unlock your iPhone to be able to access notification center, or spotlight search was not accessible from any page or if you have let us say 4 pages and you are in the last one, then you decided to access settings then you need to go back to the page where you have settings. However, now you can use Spotlight search as you know it’s accessible from any page

      • Nathan

        You do realize he wasn’t in control of EVERYTHING, right?

      • N&LH

        Sure. But he was SVP of IOS, that means he was able to do something. I am not saying he was not good SVP of IOS but IOS was in need to get new design, bring features to the platform and make improvements to the OS.

    • Agreed! iOS 7+ just looks so repelling like Windows phone, and sadly, not a single option to change that.

      Android Lollipop was going a similar route (but less repelling IMO, thanks to the little shadows), but thankfully, Google allows system-wide themes to be easily availble on the PlayStore. So, the looks are no problem on my OnePlus One.

  • Gastiz

    Scott Forstall needs to come back and save iOS and OS X. Obviously Jony Ive disliked him so much that iOS 7 and OS X Yosemite were all about throwing away as much of his design as possible, ignoring everything else. iOS 7 introduced not only this hideous, new, illogical and boring design, but also a number of bugs that made my iPhone slower and more unstable. Even though I like some of the features, iOS 8 made things even worse and I fear iOS 9 will kill my phone completely. The OS X Yosemite betas did their best to exhaust my poor old Macbook to death and even the final version introduced new bugs.

    Considering what iOS 8 has done to my phone and Yosemite did to my Macbook, I don’t think the next OS X version will be any better. So I gave up. Scott Forstall, even though I am sure your new job at Snapchat is great, I do hope you somehow return to Apple. The iOS team is clearly no longer run like clockwork and neither is the OS X team. I am prepared, I will wait a decade if I must; a few days before Yosemite was released I bought a new Macbook and I promised it that Mavericks will be the only OS X version it will ever run.

    • Jeremy

      That’s all a matter of opinion but the bugs are indeed a problem. But if the rumors about iOS 9 pulling a snow leopard then iOS 9 will pretty much be our godsend and make it stable along with a few useful features here and there.

    • Rick Hart

      Mavericks was the best that I’ve had on my MPB early ’11 battery lasted like 9 hrs on it. Where on the latest Yosemite I get 4

  • Nirvana

    I agree with Sebastien that skeumophism looks so 2007, but iOS 7 introduced a new design, but to me, still tedious lack a number of key convenient features, the old-aged one has a more realistically look! Wish Scott had tried to harmonize relationship with other Apple VPs, not being a Snapchat advisor!

  • hkgsulphate

    his design is great, iOS 7 is just better

  • leart

    He was a big part on apple success.
    The new ios interface looks very modern but so boring and ordinary.
    I would like to see him on a android project and let’s see what’s happens..

  • Kr00

    Green felt and Teak wood for everyone!!!

  • http://bit. ly/1CVVvrd

    • mp

      Very good comparison shots. Design is subjective and influenced by a lot of things, however correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Phil Schiller ‘mock’ ios6 design (and indirectly Scott Forstall at the unveilling of ios7? A low act and grossly immature considering ios6/5 et al at the time was the standard along with influence by Steve Jobs for sure.
      Or when this current design ethos changes will the next presentation mock this one with a few jabs at thise who implemented it. I’m fairly certain it was Phil and a low point but public airing of what they can be/are liike to one another in their dog eat dog positions.
      Considering the humiliation Forstall may have ‘felt’ (pardon the pun) why would he want to go back whilst the same staff still exist there?

  • jp2002

    Chief architect of the awesome mobile os we got! I hope you join apple once again sir and bring about a software revolution.

  • stylesbeyond

    iOS got so much nicer and fresh when he went thank god