apple watch ad

Apple has spent $38 million on its “Watch Reimagined” television campaign, according to US ad-tracking firm Reuters points to the report, and notes that the company spent just under $42 million on TV ads for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus over the past 5 months. says that there has been more than 300 airings of the Apple Watch commercial within the last month, almost half of which have been in primetime spots. The ad played during the NCAA Championship game, AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” and other hit TV shows.

It’s not hard to guess why Apple decided to beef up ad spending for the Apple Watch. The Watch is a brand new product for them, built for a relatively new category of devices (wearables), which many consumers outside of the tech world likely know little or nothing about.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to find out if the blitzing pays off. The Apple Watch goes up for pre-order tonight, at 12:01am Pacific time, and it’ll be available in stores later this month.

Source: Reuters

  • Max Delsid

    Dang! Makes you wonder what the production costs were for the ads…

  • Guest

    Apple probably make more than 38 million dollars a day

  • Logan

    Wow, so much hype for a product that will crash and burn like EVERY OTHER OVERPRICED SMART MWATCH.

    • Mark

      Yep just like everything else they’ve released huh

      • Mike

        People are stupid… Apple makes you over pay for a product that has barely anything in it… while other companies give you as much as they can for a cheaper price.

      • Rowan09

        All products are overpriced that’s how a business survive. If you don’t like Apple products don’t buy them. I own a Note 2 and an iPhone 6+ and my Note 2 which I barely use (just on wifi) is slow and can’t get 5.0. I’ve never seen any Apple product that was inferior in performance to anything on the market (phone, computer and now watch).

      • Max Delsid

        Mike, you don’t understand. Technology isn’t about the sum of the parts, it’s about the experience while using the device.

  • Guest

    Unparalleled marketing, I can guarantee anything they advertise will sell in millions! Even for a product like this, some people will still be standing in line for it…

  • JulianZH

    $38 million… you meant their pocket pennies?

  • Jeffrey

    Sick. I understand that ads cost a lot but with 38 million I could buy a really really nice house, some nice cars and live the rest of my life without working a day.