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In addition to a lengthy change log of improvements, today’s iOS 8.3 release also includes several security patches. In fact, as MuscleNerd points out, the new firmware features 39 security patches, rivaling the amount found in the jump from iOS 7 to iOS 8.

Among the patches is one of particular interest, to us anyway, that is credited to the TaiG Jailbreak Team. It’s labeled CVE-2015-1087, and described as a backup bug that can allow an attacker to use the backup system to access restricted areas of the file system.

Here’s a full rundown of the exploit, as listed in Apple’s iOS 8.3 security report:


Available for: iPhone 4s and later, iPod touch (5th generation) and later, iPad 2 and later

Impact: An attacker may be able to use the backup system to access restricted areas of the file system

Description: An issue existed in the relative path evaluation logic of the backup system. This issues was addressed through improved path evaluation.


CVE-2015-1087 : TaiG Jailbreak Team

Of course, iOS 8.1.3 already killed the most recent TaiG tool. But the fact that Apple has patched another exploit used in the team’s hack is still worth mentioning, given that we have now gone through multiple major iOS releases, without any word of a jailbreak.

There’s still plenty to be hopeful about, though. Last month TaiG hosted a major jailbreak convention in China with some of the brightest minds in the community, and in a recent open letter the Pangu Team said it would continue its work exploiting iOS devices.

For more information on the current state of jailbreaking, click here.

  • Pokeh321

    While the possibility of a jailbreak has decreased it is good to see apple patching so much.

  • Manuel Molina

    I guess i should toss any hope of 8.3 jail breaking

    • Blip dude

      Uh, No

    • John

      Not the end of the world brother….just may take a little longer.

    • chris

      Einstein once said: ” Until a system will be created by humans, It will always have flaws”

      • Viktor_Zweig

        No, he did not.

      • Elias Chao

        “Always trust Internet quotes” – Abraham Linconl.

      • chris

        read its book then. are you calling me a liar??

      • chris

        on what basis are you saying I am lying? Read others articles than jailbreak and then you might get a bit more intelligent….

      • chris

        obvioulsly he didnt talk about iphone!

      • Mike Adams

        I think their point is that what you quoted makes no sense. What you’re implying is that when Einstein said it, there were no systems at all created by humans.

      • chris

        may be the SYSTEM word is not accurate. he mentioned in the book I read that: Something created by a human mind will always have flaws as human mind is not perfect. which mean, as security software is made by a human mind, it will never be perfect.

      • Mike Adams

        I understand that, but your wording made no sense, which is why they said he didn’t say that. Einstein would know how to word things correctly.

      • chris

        ok. I might have not have put it as it is. I tought it was.

      • Viktor_Zweig

        Or “may be” you don’t understand English well enough to discuss complexe opinions?

        Now, now…
        Don’t be mad, bro.

      • chris

        this is mean…. lol
        but you understand the overall thing here. Things develloped by humans cant be perfect. otherwise Hackers wouldnt exist

      • Manuel Molina

        Very true. I’m grateful to have a 8.1 jailbreak, but I really need to restore. I’ve messed up some files through iFile, yet I’m still refusing to restore back to nothing.

      • Mauricio Figueroa

        Just use semi-restore, it would help you restore to your same iOS version without losing the jailbreak.

    • hadifarnoud

      with new features, always comes new bugs than can be exploited

  • Chris

    While it may seem like hope has faded, no kernel exploits mentioned related to jailbreaking so there may still be a chance.

    • Mathew Taovsky

      Yes, but that’s only part of TaiG’s battle. Seems like the patch from Apple has to do with TaiG’s code injection techniques. Now that you think about it, why couldn’t they release an iOS 8.1.3~8.2 jailbreak? Those iOS’s didn’t have the “Backup” Patch, and now that they are useless in iOS 8.3 and the future iOS’s, why couldn’t TaiG just release a tool for those evidently vulnerable iOS’s?

  • Gabriel Anaya

    Some one has to have another trick up their sleeve. 8.3 Is too awesome of an update to skip out on. Pangu/TaiG, please surprise us soon..

  • Eikast

    Sucks to hear but thank god that iOS 8 is much Better than stock iOS 7.

    • John

      If you take bullshit, politics and ego out of it….. I’ve got to agree.

      It seems Apple may have released iOS 7 earlier then they planned, it may taken them 1.3 updates to fix their problems but I have a feeling they are listening to their users and proactively fixing their fuckups.

      Regardless of people’s thoughts and ideas, I honestly believe this to be the case. Apple are moving forward, learning from their mistakes and fixing them quickly.

      • chris

        its about time! 😉

  • ♋JULY 17♋

    Until then Im staying jailbroken iOS 8.1 until I see they come out with the new one then I will proceed lol !

    • L J

      Same here. Until I buy an apple watch. But I’m really thinking about skipping the first gen and keeping my jailbreak

  • Chuck Dee

    This is despicable. A war on jailbreaking, really? Well, Apple, I hope you’re happy. Because if I can’t jailbreak the iphone, i am going to stop buying your pricey little devices! Smart business move huh? Going to Android if I cannot jailbreak….so I hope your patches were well worth it! Oh boy, we wouldn’t want users to change the font or change the appearance on our phones, or make minor changes in usability, oh no!! What a crisis! I will take my money elsewhere.

    • Vijay

      I agree.

    • Dave Finkelstein

      Even if every jailbreaker stopped buying iphones, apple would still be doing very well. Sadly, we only represent maybe 5% of the iOS market. So I’m pretty sure they don’t care much.

      • Mathew Taovsky

        Agreed. They probably care about the other 95% non-tech geeks who don’t want to be attacked by worms, viruses, and trojans all day and night from the iDevices. They treat jailbreak like a real threat to the users’ security just as they would malware :/

    • Jon K

      Apple has a duty to its users to patch security holes, which is exactly what jailbreaks use. Go ahead elsewhere you’ll be back after the crappy fragmented ecosystem and waiting 8 months to get an OS update once it’s released.

      • sh1ny

        Word. People just can’t grasp that exploits used for jailbreaking are actually system-wide security flaws that can be used in one way or another.
        Apple could have provided some customization means, though. At a cost of jeopardizing its famous user experience…

      • Guest

        Most people who leave to go to Android, don’t come back. Some people on this site did come back to iPhone only to leave once again after a very short time. I for one will never buy another iPhone. It’s just to inferior. But I may stick with iPads if they get better. Otherwise I’ll switch to Windows tablets. It’s sad your so closed minded. Probably voted for obama huh?

      • John

        Interesting how “Guest” dribbles such inaccurate nonsense, then again, what else do you expect from trolls?

      • WaterTrooper

        Not to be mean, but I’m feeling the same way. Apple isn’t as innovative as they used to be. It’s a “new” iPhone with upgraded spec and maybe 1 extra feature.

      • John

        I really didn’t want to give this troll any more airtime then he deserved–and frankly, that’s none BUT since you’ve replied, I’ll address it now.

        There’s no issue with what you’ve said, hardware wise the increments Apple is moving at may not be on par with Android devices but where the hardware fails, software makes up for it in abundance and there’s been many examples and comparative tests to prove this.

        HomeKit, CarPlay, ResearchKit, HealthKit are four examples of where Apple have excelled. I’d like to see where Android has done something like this BEFORE Apple. Another example is Apple Pay, if Android is so popular and as widely received as the numbers say they are, how come it’s taken Apple and their 5-12% of worldwide market share to make NFC payments popular when these have been in Andeoid devices for at least 2-3 years.

        Trolls that come to a forum punching in responses with zero accuracy deserve to be ignored.

      • Dan

        I think the old expression ”one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure” is important to remember. People may not agree on ‘the best phone, or best OS’, but it doesn’t mean one is better than the other. It comes down to what people need/want.

      • Juan Sebastian Callejas Rodrig

        Android lets USERS and DEVELOPERS make ANY of those things. Not to mentions as a learning dev that Apple makes u pay a shitton (not to mention they get a LOT of the profit) for an app you make, which is not only untrue for Android, but also for Cydia.

      • John

        Well then, I better retract my statement… I didn’t realise the terms of service was the same for every company in the world.

        It’s not? Ahh, that must be because there’s such thing as options and choices in the world.

      • chris

        the power and speed increase but animations are still slow! IOS doesnt unleash the full power as jailbreak do

      • chris


      • Pokeh321

        I went from iPhone 5 to an M7 to an iPhone 5s to a Moto X to a M8 and back to the 6 plus and this time I have no plans to leave. Android is in a bad shape at the moment with lollipop and it doesn’t even seem google knows how to fix it.

      • John

        Of course they know how to fix it — More ads!


      • Ryan

        I had an m8 last year as well and couldn’t stand it. I was happy to be able to return it and go back to my iPhone 5 until the 6 plus came out. Guess I have a hard time understanding the android hype.

      • Moltakfire

        Your grammar is ‘to’ inferior.

      • Xee

        Apple should provide each user the opportunity to access everything via some kind of password / iTouch security gateway. Therefore exploits are not needed and not looked for unless you are some rogue government organisation like the CIA etc…

      • John


        And don’t you mean ‘it would nice if Apple provided the opportunity…’ rather than ‘Apple should’? I mean, shit, Apple SHOULD also give away their phones and SHOULD never sue Samsung or anyone else but that ain’t ever gonna happen.

        At least in the Cook era, we are seeing more of the OS being opened up…and f you don’t think exploits should be found and patched, well yeah, security and shit but that’s for another day.

      • Juan Sebastian Callejas Rodrig

        Jee, sorry people deserve to have control over the device they paid for an own. It is theirs, and as long as it is hurting nobody, people should be able to do whatever they want with their property.

      • John

        People are paying for the operating system, really?
        You buy hardwear, you’re not buying software/the operating system.

        It is not their property, it belongs to Apple.

        Really… This is an old arguement that’s been proven wrong in the past, time for someone new.

      • Dan

        While I agree that Apple has a duty to patch the security holes. I disagree that everybody that goes from iOS to android comes back. If you take into account all of Google’s services, android benefits from a great ecosystem.

    • John

      I reckon Apple is pretty damn chuffed.

      How big do you think the jailbreak community actually is?
      20% of all sales, 10%? Imagine if they ALL adopted the same selfishly stupid attitude you did, that they are ONLY out to stop people jailbreaking their iOS devices.

      If you hated it so much, you would have pissed off ages ago, if you have the intelligence you claim, you would realise at ANY stage, Apple could kill off jailbreaking with ANY update and besides what the bloody hell makes you think you’re FORCED to update your device anyway?

      This is about as despicable as you are intelligent.

      • Chuck Dee

        Well I guess this stupid thing wont let me reply without cursing…whatever

      • Rowan09

        People really think those that go to Android actually mod their phones. Everyone I know that went to Android has their phones stock and wouldn’t even know how to mod it.

      • George

        Mainly because there is no reason to mod an android phone. You can pretty much do anything you want.

      • Rowan09

        Not true or else people wouldn’t root

      • 90% or more of what I did on my Jailbroken iPhone is possible via Android on my OnePlus, from custom lockscreen/springboard to system-wide gesture toggles, to centralized file managemebt, all possible without rooting on Android. Only thing not possible is stuff like making status snapshot backups of apps without a separate computer.

      • Rowan09

        Your One plus is a forked version which allows a lot Android doesn’t. Cynagenmod is actually working on its own phone OS as well, since Android is not open enough,

      • Dan

        Actually all of the features he mentionned, I can do on my stock Note 4 which has android 4.4.4 with touchwiz skin. I am rooted, but it’s not needed for those features.

      • Rowan09

        Your right I read into what he actual wrote but those are all basic functions. Remapping keys, choosing default apps, file management system, etc. Rooting is what Jailbreaking is for Android so they both have limitations.

      • Dan

        True, but I think he was saying iOS stock has more limitations than android stock, there can be no doubt about that. Anyways, to each his own 🙂

      • Rowan09

        That’s not debatable because both companies have different business models. It’s just the statement Android can do whatever you want stock is not true. Most techies I know would take a rooted device any day over a non-rooted device.

      • “It’s just the statement Android can do whatever you want stock is not true. Most techies I know would take a rooted device any day”

        George pointed out why most don’t mod their Android phone; ’cause everything they tend to want to do (personalizing their SmartPhone) is doable via stock Android. There’s barely any need for root unless you want to do those other 10% or less stuff I mentioned above, which most won’t bother with, hence why most don’t root.

      • Rowan09

        Most people don’t jailbreak either, but I understand.

      • Pretty much ALL of today’s Android phones (except Nexus) come with a forked version, so generalizing Android stuff based on stock Android makes no sense…

      • Rowan09

        Wouldn’t agree if that was the case they would all be locked out of Googles ecosystem.

      • “Wouldn’t agree if that was the case they would all be locked out of Googles ecosystem. “

        Why so? My OnePlus One is running a “forked version of Android”, yet it still has access to ALL of Google’s Services, including OTA updates, the PlayStore, etc…

      • Rowan09

        You can install it if you please but they are not stock applications on forked versions.

      • Really? Guess that’s what OnePlus does, ’cause they came installed on my OnePlus One…

      • Rowan09

        Oh I stand corrected on forked versions they usually have to be manually installed.

      • mobilemann

        can you create a tasker profile that checks what WIFI you’re connected to, and if you’re not in your home network, VPN into it, to gain access to local services? (no you can’t, even rooted! but you can do this with iOS!)

        can you do basic things like re map capacitive buttons? No.

        There’s a million useful things that are root only.

      • George

        Actually you can, time to switch back to android, looks like you’ve been gone for a while.

      • mobilemann

        Link me the tasker action or plugin that activates native Vpn. Please.

      • Simply use apps like AutomateIt (http://bit. ly/1acJTYT), readily available on the Google PlayStore…

      • mobilemann

        Again, they do not support vpn because of security policy.

    • Pokeh321

      It isn’t a war on jail breaking. Apple fixes security holes. Without doing so would destroy any trust a consumer or corporation would have in them.

    • Antzboogie

      Well said I agree without the Jailbreak I’m sorry to say I would have to turn to the dark side Samsung. Stock Apple is just too boring.

      • chris

        i will say that again. IOS doesnt unleash the full potential of the Iphone ship.

      • John

        Don’t you mean Android?

    • Rowan09

      It’s called “security patches” for a reason. Every OS will have holes, so it’s only a matter of time. Personally I believe the jailbreak community is waiting on the release of the watch first.

    • chris

      same here. One of the ONLY reason I buy Apple, is that some THEMES are really awsome. people are jaleous of my HD icons. 7 icons at bottom, wicked animations, great tools,NoSlowanimations, moviebox!

      ios stock is very boring and doesnt represent the full power of the chip

    • Kevin Chen

      I totally agree. I will hate apple and destroy their products if they are stopping the jaikbreak.

    • mobilemann

      these are exploits, i can’t even begin to comprehend how ridiculous you’re post is.

    • Juan Sebastian Callejas Rodrig

      My thoughts exACTLY!

  • Sandro Michailidis

    So , no iOS 8.3 jailbreak or what ?

    • John

      So, like no patience right?

      How about, like the rest of the world, you wait……or why don’t you try and create your own jailbreak.

      • Dexter

        Now, that’s a response I can appreciate!

      • Sandro Michailidis

        I was just asking a question , not with a sarcastic taste like your sentence lol 🙂

      • John

        My apologies if it came out scarstic, sometimes my replies can be a little dry.

        It’s hard sometimes to differentiate those who are asking the genuine “Can we” questions to those who are asking “Why can’t we, we should….dammit” (and there have been a few of those kind of replies here already.

    • iPhoneWINS

      not till after 8.3.1 fixes all the huge

  • Jon20

    Noooooooooo!!!!!! Uhhhhhhh!!!! I guess I will continue to wait. Hopefully TaiG will pull through. Fingers crossed.

  • Beginning to look like we’ll have to lose our jailbreaks in order to use the Apple Watch

    • cd d

      No you won’t developers always find a work around 🙂

      • John

        What do developers have to do with jailbreaking?

      • Chris

        Uh, everything. Developers write the exploit code used to jailbreak our devices.

      • John

        Uh, aren’t they called hackers?

      • Guest

        No, they’re called developers.

      • John

        Thanks “Will” but I’m pretty certain if people are looking for exploits in an operating system, they aren’t ‘developing’ it they are hacking it.

      • DogeCoin

        www kernel org

        often times they are

    • chris

      I guess the iwatch and the softwares to go wit it, will have some kind of flaws

  • DopamineAddicted

    TaiG is working for Apple…….

    • chris

      from where did you get this info?

    • iPhoneWINS


  • Preben Faarkrog Hansen

    The 8.3 jB is comming!!! Or Else im doing it myself god dammit!! Im going trugh The jackstick exployd.

    • John


      Would you like to try that again….this time using proper English.?

      • George


      • John

        Sorry *hangs head*

  • Dropped my jailbreak in favor of 8.3, super smooth on my 6 plus. Finally no crazy issues with flipping screen nonsense either.

  • NP92

    Jailbreak Will Always be and come.

    • chris

      May Jailbreak God hear you

  • swhitlow

    I went ahead and upgraded to 8.3 and lost my jailbreak. I am loving the fact that I can use Nintype third party keyboard without having to kill messages 50 times a day. That alone is worth it to lose the jailbreak. I do miss some of the tweaks I had (VirtualHome, Auxo 3, etc) but, overall I think the jail break community needs a developer to step up and offer something major again (like BiteSMS or something new) to really get the community surrounding the scene again. It seems like these past few months Cydia is filled with such small tweaks (change the color of banners? woo hoo…) and no game-changers like there used to be.

    I don’t think “this is the end” of the jailbreaking scene or anything. And don’t get me wrong – tweaks like Virtual Home and Auxo 3 and others quickly become a “Must-have”. However, I am seeing more and more reasons *not* to hold on to my jail break and just hope that it comes out soon for 8.3. Which is sad too since I would be one of the “honest” people who actually support the developers with cash. I own all my apps and I own all my tweaks. I just wish we had more compelling reasons to jailbreak again. Would love to hear Sebastien’s or Jeff B’s opinion on this.

    • John

      this was well written.

    • Chang in Charge

      I wholeheartedly disagree. I feel like the community is very alive active and “surrounding the scene.” Check out r/jailbreak check out the comments on this site on all the tweak posts. Ask IDB how strong the support is for LTJ. I think there definitely could be some more groundbreaking tweaks but some of them are still in the works. Couria, Auki, IOS Blocks. New development teams like A3Tweaks are being formed. Jailbreaks are popping out of China for minor point releases. Tiny Umbrella is back. This seems like one of the great moments in jailbreaking. I haven’t been an iPhone user forever, my first iPhone was the 4s but things seems great.

      • John

        I disagree with the way you’ve approached this comment.

        @swhitlow didn’t say there ARENT people jailbreaking, there obviously are but JB developers aren’t coming up with incentives to jailbreak anymore.

        There’s very few, if any, MUST HAVE tweaks anymore (because most of them are now incorporated into iOS in one way or another) so until someone comes up with something mind blowing, people are happy to settle for stock since it covers most of their needs.

      • Chang in Charge

        If I have misread the comment then I still disagree because the must have tweaks are still there. Springtomize 3, Callbar, Alkaline, SwipeSelection, Activator, Anchor, Forecast, GridSwitcher, iTouchSecure, MultiIconMover, NoAnnoyance, Non-StopMusic 8, PreferenceOrganizer, Couria, Tage, TinyBar. And let’s definitely not forget one of the newer tweak releases One Hand Wizard. Devs are still making it worth it to me. I don’t think a lot of people are settling. I’d be interested to see if the number of jailbreakers has gone down or up? If devs are seeing increased downloads/installs? I’d guess that the numbers are trending up.

      • John

        I’m not the OP, so I guess it’s a tad harsh for me to criticise you for what way the reply should or should not have been taken.

    • chris

      what about Themes. There are some incredible Artwork which made my Iphone 6 an piece of art. check : Arc

    • iPhoneWINS

      NO… iPhone with no jailbreak is a C grade experience at best

    • TwinSon

      Not going to lie, I’m salty about the improved 3rd-Party Keyboards improvement. But I can’t update to 8.3 until it’s JB’d. Just can’t do it. Too many JB features have become a staple to me.

  • triggerfiend

    If im not jailbroken and on iphone 6 8.1.3 should i go ahead and update to 8.3? Or wait to see if 8.1.3 will be jailbroken..?

    • Pokeh321

      I’d go to 8.3. No sense for them to release for a firmware not being signed any longer.

  • Tommy

    RIP Jailbreak.

    • Anthony Lara

      Jailbreak will never die. For it is immortal, HAIL HYDRA.

  • rfow

    I’ll keep 8.2 and my fingers crossed.

  • Alberto Espinal

    Buying an Watch and I’m going to miss lots of things from the jailbreak which are iTouchsecure, Curtains, Biolockdown!

  • Raed Maqsood

    Any Jailbrek News Ios8.2???

    wating… please reply

  • Carlos B

    I didn’t expect another jailbreak until 8.3, and it seems like there won’t be an 8.4 so hopefully TaiG sits tight on a jailbreak if they have an exploit, for maybe 8.3.1 or 8.3.2 in case of any bugs. That’d be the best move in my opinion. But who knows, they very well may not have any exploits.

  • revivalstore

    Siri now spreaks swedish and with a Apple watch im happy. . Jailbreak is not a big deal anymore for me..boom

  • singhay559

    Dagnabit. I could’ve waited. But 8.2 was so dam buggy

    • iPhoneWINS

      they are all buggy.. so just JB when you can

  • chris

    Go boyz!!! courage! dont give up!
    Einstein once said: ” Until a system will be created by humans, It will always have flaws”
    If no more Jailbreak, I wont buy Iphone anymore…. IOS stock is sooo boring

  • Macy Palacio

    Emoji section looks sh*t…

    • iPhoneWINS

      did you see all the gay related emojis that they added…lol?

      • Jesse Turner

        got a problem with that?

  • please add a VirtualHome-like feature and i can live without a jailbreak

    • iPhoneWINS

      no i need ad blocker movie box and pandora downloader at all damn times .. and speed intensify

  • I always wondered, is jail breaking always a possibility but not easy enough for the teams to find or will there come a point when there’s no possible way to create a jailbreak? Are vulnerabilities always present in an iOS version?

    • iPhoneWINS

      based on the amount of bugs that apple leaves in IOS in every version am thinking there will always be jailbreak opportunities

  • John Smith

    So if someone was on iOS 8.2 they could jailbreak using the exploit that Apple described?

    • iPhoneWINS

      umm yes but many have updated and can’t

  • iKhalil

    Is there a tweak for bring the iOS 8.3’s emojis to a jailbroken iPhone?

  • zombiebot

    I’m hoping someone releases the new emoji keyboard, so those of us on 8.1 that are waiting for a jailbreak can check it out.

  • John

    Hey folks, from a non-jail breaker to an intelligent JB community……….. It seems that some of you folks are split over whether you should bite the bullet and run stock if you’re buying an Apple Watch, so, my question: Is it possible to KEEP your JB 8.1.x device and still somehow run the Apple Watch apps?

  • NeftyCorrea

    Sad but taig will come out with a new jailbreak tool ! There’s no end to jailbreaking so saying this I am going to unjailbreak and wait till the new tool comes out 🙂

  • Donovan

    does this mean I should update to 8.2 instead of 8.3? I’m on 8.1.3 now.

    Edit: iTunes keeps giving me error (-10) when updating to 8.2 🙁

  • NeftyCorrea

    apple need to fix keyboard freezing asap i should of never update to 8.3

  • Juan Sebastian Callejas Rodrig

    In my opinion, sell two versions of the device:
    One that has not security guarantee with guaranteed access to anything, and one with all the (ahem crap ahem) that apple currently restricts.

    Not that this statement would actually happen, but it seems to be the solution here.

  • Lethalcalifornia1

    Black emojis tho

  • Lethalcalifornia1

    When jailbraking ends Apple ends

  • hmmmm

    pretty much… if Taig has it (which i do not believe they do), they should just release the 8.2 jailbreak….. apple will find and patch any exploits as they continue examining their own product. Could even be a mole working for apple at the security conference. Bottom line, if Taig has an exploit, they need to go ahead and release it and stop holding back for fear apple will find it out…. apple will find it out regardless.

  • Miguel Rodriguez

    No JAILBRAKE FOR 8.3 I Am Still 8.1.2 SO I GUESS I WILL HAVE TO USE THE APPLE WATCH Without the the 8.3 update sucks

  • Vince Reedy

    Careful with this, I used it on my iPad mini 8.1.2 and afterwards, my wifi was greyed out. Could not find a way to fix it other than full restore.

    • Viktor_Zweig

      Yep, semi-restore is safer.

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Ya, we can all rest easy now. My god I’ve lost countless hours of sleep in lieu of these open exploits. Thanks for quelling my concerns. Phew, very relieving.

  • TaiG is sold to apple. How can every exploit gets patched.

  • gene washington

    All I ever heard was how great apple products were. I have had my iPad for over 2 years. Not impressed. Many bugs that never get fixed. I open my bookmarks and it doesn’t close after I pick a site. Was told by Apple genius that this was how it is supposed to work.

  • Midou35000

    Its done.
    Just update to IOS 8.3 and enjoy the new features and forget about jailbreak.

  • Sarah Reid

    Hi, are you interested in paying for vulnerabilities with RCE exploits for an iphone you are meaning to hack, the latest version Apple iOS10?

    All exploits allow to embed and remote execute custom payloads and demonstrate modern techniques for bypassing ASLR[address space layout randomization] and DEP [data execution prevention]-like protection without using of unreliable ROP and heap sprays. Email :