French website Nowehereelse has posted alleged photos of the unannounced “iPad mini 4” chassis, packing a design that brings it closer to the iPad Air 2, after the iPad mini’s humble refresh in the fall of 2014

In a push to be more like the iPad Air 2, the photos show an iPad mini 4 with a removed orientation lock/mute switch from the right side of the device that’s been above the volume buttons on previous versions of the smaller tablet. There’s now a tiny microphone hole, like on the iPad mini’s big sister, in its place.

The rest of the alleged iPad mini 4 chassis is nothing too surprising: a cut-out at the top where a cellular LTE modem would go, a Lightning connector on the bottom, and 10 holes on each side for stereo speakers. Presumably it will keep its 7.9-inch Retina display, and may even pack a slimmer profile.

The leak on Tuesday makes a bit of sense. In early-March, Japan-based publication Macotakara reported the iPad mini 4 will feature an A8 processor and 802.11ac Wi-Fi – the same specifications found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but a step down from the speedier A8X chip found in the iPad Air 2.

The new iPad mini 4 may launch to much fanfare. In fall 2014, the iPad mini 3 disappointed many do to its lackluster. It kept the same internals and design, however added a Touch ID fingerprint scanner for added security.

There’s no word on when Apple may announced the new iPad mini.

Source: Nowhereelse

  • ClaudieX X

    Waiting for It since the iPad mini 3 (Apple’s Joke edition)

  • Bass Head

    glad that they’re not discontinuing the pad mini, I’m also glad that they’re actually updating it this time

  • I want iOS 9 leaks :<

    • Liam Harris

      Me to 🙁

  • Iliyan

    So Apple is basically saying: “Sorry dear customer, if you want a powerful tablet, you’ll have to buy the bulkier iPad Air. Not that we can’t put the same hardware in both, as we did with the mini 2 and the Air 1. We just feel we don’t need to, because we assume that if you want more power, you also want a larger screen.”

    • Gary le

      Actually their sales arnt doing that good with the mini’s and so theyve decided to use less resourceses on the mini and more on others that sells better. Sources was from here or imore dont remeber.

      • Iliyan

        Which sucks, because I love my retina iPad Mini 2 and I’m not at all interested in a larger one 🙁

  • I purchased the iPad air 2 because mini 3 wasn’t an upgrade from mini 2. If 4 has the same power as my iPhone 6 plus then I’ll gladly sell the air 2 and move to the new mini. That’s the perfect size for tablet for me, air 2 is just to big for my liking.

    • Gary le

      Agreed i gotten the air 2 but using it while laying down is a choir. Too heavy and holding it with one hand laying down results to a pillow on taop of my chest.

    • kron1k 

      Hopefully the mini 4 has 2 gigs. That’s the only thing really holding the 6 plus back 🙁