Tim Cook sent out a memo to all Apple employees today, pumping them up for their retail Apple Watch kickoff on Friday. While the device will not officially available until the 24th of this month, customers will be able to submit pre-orders and try on the wearable beginning on the 10th.

In the memo, obtained by 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, Cook tells employees that tens of millions of people have watched their Apple Watch keynotes and developers have submitted over 1000 new apps and updates with support for the device. He also announces special employee pricing.

“Starting Friday, in countries where the watch is available for pre-order, a special Employee Purchase Plan will offer a 50% discount on any Apple Watch or Apple Watch Sport for your personal use,” Cook says. “I know that many of you have been looking forward to choosing an Apple Watch for yourselves, and we want to make it easy for you.”

Note that Cook specifically mentions Apple Watch and Sport models, and says nothing about Edition. This makes sense, given that 50% off even the entry-level Edition Watch would be a discount of $5000. But Gurman notes, though, that employees will still get a hefty $550 off of top-end models.

Following the second Apple Watch event in March, Apple and its highly anticipated wearable have dominated tech headlines on a weekly basis with everything from TV specials to executive interviews. Pricing for the device starts at $349, and as previously stated, it is scheduled to launch on April 24.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • mike

    I’ve wanted to work in an Apple Store for so long. Much better than Rite Aid, considering they don’t even support Pay.

    • CaffeinePizza


  • James G

    That’s awesome. I’m sure retail employees are stoked; that’s a pretty good benefit!

  • Antzboogie

    Lol now Tim Cook is giving them away? Get a better battery in the watch and I’m all in. Also make it work with android and be able to change my television set and cable box like my Galaxy Gear Neo 2.

    • Fanboy 

      Define a “better” battery please? Do you realize how insanely TINY the battery in there is, and do you realize all the resources that will be feeding off that battery and even then it lasts an entire day. The only “better battery” that exists would be a miniature Arc Reactor and last time i checked those dont exist….

      • Victor

        Let’s make an Apple watch with a small nuclear reactor in it. The only con is that you have to refill it every month with uranium.

        P.s. Applecare won’t cover radiation sickness though…

      • Antzboogie

        I guarantee people would’ve taken less specs on the watch for a better battery.

      • Fanboy 

        I guarantee you not, I for one dont want another Pebble with an Apple logo on it. I wanted an actual smartwatch and they delivered. And if they would have put less specs, people would have cried about how the Apple Watch is useless and doesnt do anything special.

      • Antzboogie

        You must be a fake fanboy and not follow this site. Everyone in polls have show they would prefer a better battery then anything. Don’t make it with less specs then a Pebble watch but less then what they made it now. The Pebble is an awesome watch by the way.

      • Andres

        Less specs = less things to do = bigger battery is pointless beacuse people won’t use it more

      • George

        The more you use it the less it will last lmao, if you think you’re going to be on your watch all day you will charge it every 2 hours.

      • Andres

        If there’s less specs you won’t need to use it as much. Therefore a larger battery is pointless

      • Mike

        iPhones have barely any good specs and i bet you still use it…

        Andres remember that one of the main reasons people will buy a watch is to tell time. Everything else is useless. If I buy a iwatch and use it most of the day the battery should at least last a full day or more. If it can’t last the whole day then you are going to have to wear a bracelet until you get a charger.

        For me smart watches are are stupid because you are paying more money to do the same thing you can do on a phone. Its for people that are lazy to pull out their phone.

      • John

        Don’t bite, clearly someone trolling and hoping for a bite.
        Don’t be that guy.

        There’s several issues wit his statement, including how idiotic it is to try and compare apples with oranges.

        Just let them be, they’ll disappear eventually.

      • Who’s fault is it that Apple chose to use such crappy capacity battery? You do realise that pretty much everything the Apple Watch offers is doable on the galaxy gear and Android Wear smartwatches of today, yet Apple’s devices are the only ones that proudly force you to be a wall hugger. Unfortunately, with mindless zombie followers like you proudly defending their cheapass moves, there’s no reason for then to improve…

  • O_o

    They can give a 50% discount and still make a profit. Insane margins these guys have right here. Just shows that consumers are being robbed in broad daylight.

    • Victor

      A couple of thousand of apple employees is nothing compared to the millions of customers apple is expecting. I don’t think apple goes for the profit here.

    • Sketch

      It’s probably at a loss. Doubt even Apple has profit margins THAT high. The loss will be consumed by profits elsewhere so they don’t care.

      • shar

        have you forgotten iphone has 60+% profit margins for apple, how much do you expect is the profit margin of these expensive watches, and this promotion doesn’t bring much to apple to make a loss acceptable even if it is in small numbers.

      • George

        It costs nothing to make it.

    • iShaun3.84

      They may make profit off of the actual hardware components, but R&D, the ecosystem, and lifecycle is what consumers are paying for. Basically, Apple fronted all of the time, resources, and money in hopes to recoup and make profit. All of that is wrapped into the physical product. Don’t just price out the components and figure the rest of the price is gravy.

    • Antzboogie


    • Rowan09

      You should see the mark up on makeup and food.

    • This Guy

      That’s how it works, O_o. Buy low, sell high. Same with every single thing you purchase…if you knew how much every item you buy actually cost I think your head would explode. But we can’t buy everything ‘factory direct’… it just doesn’t work that way unfortunately. Until ‘society’ changes you’d be best to just not think about these kinds of things.

  • Jordan Agaran Riley

    That adds up to a huge discount. Entry level apple watch being cheaper than the regular entry level price for a sport….I want it!….if only i could get a job at apple that quickly xD

  • Aneeq Naqvi

    Screw it I’ll wait for the second version of watch.

  • Victor

    At least Apple cares about their employees…
    Keep going this way Apple!!!

    • Gary LE

      Waht about foxxconn employees? Or whatever companies making these for apple, shouldnt they get them discounted too?

      • Andres

        So that they can use the watch on the job. Nope

      • John

        No way. It would be like saying that UPS should get the discount because they work for Apple too…in the form of delivering orders.

      • George

        Foxcon slaves don’t deserve to even see daylight. I get your point braaa.

      • Stijn

        UPS pilots get discounts at apple

      • John

        Really? I did not know that. There’s a few companies in Australia that have EPP deals with Apple but even TOLL Priority (who delivery Apple orders in Australia) do not receive the same treatment as Apple employees.

      • Victor

        It really doesn’t make sense what you are saying. They only make parts, so no.

      • You answered your own question, they’re Foxconn employees, not Apple’s therefor not their responsibility.

      • Dan

        It would probably cost those employees two years of salary, even with the discount…

  • Jonathan

    brb, getting a job.

    • 9to5Slavery


    • Gary LE

      U can hurry up and get employed by apple then purchase the watch at 50% off then quite lol.

      • Andres

        Yep all to save $175 off a sport model

  • rfow

    I hate that you all get this information to be honest, whoever is your source is extremely disloyal.

  • @dongiuj

    $550 of “top end” models? Buy one, sell it for more than retail price (because let’s face it, some idiot will buy it) then you’ll be able to buy a few “low end” versions. Keep one which means you got it for free plus probably be able to make a nice $500+ in the process.

    • Gary LE

      But it seems one watch per employee?

      • @dongiuj

        Go into a different apple and them with the cash they made. It’s not difficult to purchase one or more without Apple knowing that you’re staff.

  • Gary LE

    So they WILL get 50% off and not “UP TO 50%” as stated by the title?

    • John

      Technically it’s up to 50% off if you consider you only get $500 off the Edition models….and that’s not 50% off.

  • Does this include Apple Retail employees?

    • This Guy

      Absolutely not. Get back in your cage, Tony.

  • MacGuru96

    That’s awesome! If I end up working at the Apple Store this summer, I very well may just sell the Sport model I’m getting and buy the one I really wanted (stainless steel).

  • How much is apples profit margin on that watch..???

  • L J

    So who works for Apple. I’d like to be your friend