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You will find yourself using your iPhone a lot less, once you’ve purchased an Apple Watch, according to TechCrunch. The publication has spoken with a number of people who have used the new wearable extensively, and one person even said they “nearly stopped” using their iPhone.

This is because the Apple Watch is built to handle alerts and other matters much more efficiently than your smartphone. Notifications are seen right away and acted on quickly, so they don’t pile up, and apparently they’re auto-disabled when the Watch is removed or reaches 10% battery life.

The website’s sources also heap praise on the overall Apple Watch user experience, saying that the display is sharp and easy-to-read, the Digital Crown feels weighty and precise, and the voice commands work incredibly well. “You’re going to want to do more [on the Watch] than you think.”

The good news is that the Watch should have the power to fuel all of this usage. Apple has worked hard to improve the battery life, and it’s believed that with normal day of on-and-off use, it’ll end up at around 25%. Once fully depleted, sources say the device will take around two hours to charge.

The Apple Watch will start at $349, and come in 3 models: Sport, Standard and Edition and 2 sizes: 38mm 42mm. Apple has thus far been quiet about a lot of features and other details, but some of them were revealed in a report earlier today, and we expect to hear much more at Monday’s event.

Source: TechCrunch

  • Eikast

    If only they could bring down the charge time to 1-1.5 hours then that limited battery life won’t be an issue. I wish that they would give another estimate of charge time (e.g. how long to go from 0% to 25%). But I’m sure that Apple will talk about it on Monday.

    I’m so god damn conflicted. Apple Watch vs Pebble Time….Pebble Time Steel = 10 days battery life, opened to developers, smart straps….
    Apple Watch = sexier, native integration with iOS. and a beautiful screen.

    • CollegiateLad

      You get the Pebble and I’ll get the apple watch. Let’s report back after a week!!

      • Eikast

        Well the Apple Watch comes out first, Pebble Time out in April, Pebble Time Steel in July.

        I’ll decide after this Monday. Apple better win me over or else…no Apple Watch until Gen III

    • Fanboy 

      Look at it this way, the Apple Watch WILL last you all day. From the moment you wake up until you’re finally ready to go to bed, at which point you can plug it in and leave it charging over night.

      Pebble is cool, but a totally different kind of product. If you want to actually be able to interact with your notifications, such as replying to messages, getting awesome Map directions on your wrist, and even being able to actually take a phone call from the Watch (it has a speaker and microphone), along with all the awesome 3rd party applications that are coming very soon then I suggest you get the Apple Watch 🙂

      • Eikast

        TLDR: I’m like a fat kid trying to decide if I want to eat cake or if I want to eat delicious brownies.

        I use my Pebble for sleep tracking. It looks like I wouldn’t be able to do that with the Apple Watch unless I charge it when I get home from work/school then again in the morning while getting ready for work.

        The thing is Pebble thousands of 3rd party applications (since SDK 2.0). It gives more access to developers and opens up for hardware makers with the new Pebbles. Plus the Pebble’s screen is always on.

        The only reason why the Pebble cannot interact with notifications is because Apple doesn’t let them. If you jailbreak then you can do that with the Pebble (custom messages for SMS reply).

        I just wish that the Apple Watch had a 0 to 80% charge time of one hour. That way the battery life wouldn’t be a big deal for me.

        At the end of the day it just comes down to the following:

        Pebble: Want a smart watch that is displaying content 24/7, has 7-10 day battery life, opens up more to developers (hardware/software wise), can be used on android and iOS devices, can be blindly operated (easily control music while driving), can easily be seen in direct sunlight, and cheaper.

        Sexy device, beautiful screen, native iOS support with Siri and Dictation, amazing warranty, pretty much you get what you get (don’t expect add on hardware etc.)

        P.S. taking a phone call over the Apple Watch is something that I would never do unless I’m in the car and I forgot to hook my phone up to my car (never happens) because first it’ll drain the battery, and second there’s no privacy.

      • @dongiuj

        “Look at it this way, the Apple Watch WILL last you all day”

        And you can confirm that from EVERYBODY’S usage on something that hasn’t been released to the general public yet?

        Wow! I wish I had your clairvoyant ability. Is it genuinely a natural ability you have or is it something a tech company tells you that you have possessed it after becoming a fanboy and you truly believe it?

    • Chang in Charge

      Pebble is dead.

    • JulianZH

      it’s two different thing….

      • BoardDWorld

        Yep, here’s a third, a band that monitors your health & sleep for 60 days on a single charge no matter where you are. $10.

  • Matt

    Give me at least two days of normal usage without having to charge it and you’ll have my money.

    • Franklin Richards

      You might have to wait for Apple Watch 2 then

      • ericesque

        More likely he’ll have to wait for the Apple Watch 6 Plus. To my knowledge the iPhone has always gotten around a days worth of battery. Apple has consistently chosen to make the phone thinner instead of increasing the battery size as components have shrunk. They’ll certainly do the same with the watch for the foreseeable future.

      • Thoughts

        I don’t know if they will be able to make the internals much smaller and add new features. The battery tech needs to improve which I’m sure will happen eventually.

  • Franklin Richards

    $349 isn’t that bad. Just need to know what the price will be like in the UK after all the tax is added to it.

  • PersianHawkes

    I’ll pass on the CrApple Watch. Its fugly, overpriced, and battery life is horrible. You’ll have it on a charger before lunch break. They keep following Androidish trends. Fanboys rejoice brainwashed again.

    • Thanks for saying what I have been thinking

    • Shadowelite123

      Ill never understand why no life android fanboys feel the need to visit other site regarding products they claim are terrible. If you don’t like Apple or its products, get the freak out and do something productive, you psychopathic idiot. Go live your life and stop annoying everyone.

  • Dante Arellano

    I tho was stupid have a smart phone that only has 5 hrs of battery life iphone 4 and 5 but now a watch the only can hold 5 or less of battery come on apple its another fuccking line of products and next year it will be better with 6 hrs please,that fuckking game only works with the iphone

    • Shadowelite123

      my iPhone lasts me pretty much the whole day. What are you actually talking about.

  • iPodDroid

    Frankly, I will not be using my iPhone less because I won’t be purchasing a Apple Watch.

  • Expect the watch to be a hit

  • Chindavon


  • Stefano

    There absolutly needs to be an official report on water and its involvement with the watch. As a nurse washing my hands countless times, it’s going to get wet. Am I going to break it?

  • Dante Arellano

    Apple watch = apple fan boy= ill buy anything than Apple realese even if it’s something totally useless”
    Like car without breaks or
    Like dryer than drys only little bit or beer without alcohol